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Fiona and Olly Getting married at the Druidstone Hotel

Hey guys,  Its almost 2 am and I am just getting ready to go to bed but wanted to share a few pics with you from the most amazing wedding I was lucky enough to be asked to shoot today.

The wedding is why I love winter weddings – being a wedding photographer is a hard job at the best of times but a very rewarding one – and photographing winter weddings is actually something I really love and enjoy.  A winter wedding brings with it all its own magical challenges but it often brings the best of the weather albeit a little colder than the summer !

Well this is only a SNEAK PEEK – so no story here – more will follow !

All I will say is that the wedding took place at the fantastic Druidstone Hotel in Pembrokeshire – if your planning a spectacular wedding then the Druidstone sure fits that bill 100% and its a photographers dream – combine this with the most pleasant and helpful staff you could wish to find and your on to a winner.

Well today was all about Fiona and Olly – Their wedding was AMAZING – check out just a very quick selection of photographs.  (I only got back a couple of hours ago and have been offloading cards since)

The first photo will require you to scroll to the right but it will be worth it, this shows you just what a magnificant venue The Druidstone is for weddings.


To see  the above picture but BIGGER – click here
















Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek

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Manorbier Castle Wedding – Sneak Peek – Trudi & Rob

Hey there everyone, dp here from

Today I had the pleasure of shooting a fab little wedding at Manorbier Castle.  As you know today the UK was hit by the worst storm of the year so far and it was pretty wet and pretty windy.

I managed to get a 5 minute window where the rain eased off and I managed to get outside and shoot a couple of pictures of Manorbier Castle itself.   Manorbier Castle is an amazing wedding venue for small intimate weddings and Rob & Trudi’s wedding felt very special there.

I will add a few more pics soon but I wanted to show the Castle pics quickly as I thought myself fortunate to manage to grab them and I have a couple of brides who are planning on getting married at Manorbier Castle and I wanted to show come rain or shine its one amazing venue.



Hope you like, more pic’s coming really soon,

*** UPDATE – Here are a few more pix *** – please note since this is a sneak peek I will not post a whole wedding story at this time just image tags really !

The guys had their rings specially made.


Trudi hunted high and low for this necklace














I will post a full story in the fullness of time but for the time being I wanted to congratulate Rob and Trudi and thank them for choosing me to be a part of their wedding.  I had a blast guys,  thanks much xx


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Quick wedding album preivew – Lisa and Liam

Hey there, dp here, just wanted to share something with you.

Earlier this summer I shot a fabulous little wedding, it was the wedding of Liam and Lisa and it was an intimate wedding with around 20 people only.

The whole day was a fairly relaxed event and I created an easy on the eye, nice flowing wedding album to tell the story.

I got a lovely little email from Lisa after she saw the final version and Lisa and Liam are over the moon with it.

I thought you might like to see it, so here it is. The album itself is a 10 inch x 10 inch Square album and looks amazing.

I should also point out that the first two pages are for the web benifit only and are not part of the printed album

Thanks Liam & Lisa for choosing me to be part of our big day.

Hope you enjoyed this,

Although I am based in West Wales and am classed as a west wales wedding photographer or south wales wedding photographer I just wanted to let you know I cover the whole of the UK – This year I have been up to Scotland, The Midlands, London etc.

take care,



David Purslow
Wedding and Portrait Photographer
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Going the extra mile to get the shot ! Italian Suit or Tesco’s Pants (trousers)

Hello there, dp here from  when this started it was going to be a quick onliner about the following photo


but it turned into a much longer post !

The above picture was taken during one of my weddings this weekend.  I had just (as you will see in a minute) gut up from laying on the floor in a muddy puddle and as we walked back towards the car, I noticed this tree that had fallen over, the leaves and a puddle of water had formed in a knot, so I posed the bride and groom and shot them via the reflection.  The photo was actually taken upside down meaning that the couple were on the other side of the tree and in the reflection were upside down.  I rotated the pic in photoshop.

Kevin seemed really pleased with this pic when it appeared in the slideshow that evening.

So onto the longer post

The backgorund.

During my many meetings with my clients we talk about how they would like their photographer to dress – that’s me,  I go over how I shoot weddings and how I will go to about any lengths to get the perfect, unusual, different or simply amazing shots that I like to try to capture for each and every couple.

now as many of you will know, David or dp as I am known is a little on the fat side, Okay, I am a fat bastard but I am slowly loosing weight, 6 pounds so far in 2  1/2 weeks.  When a lot of couples meet me I bet they are thinking god this guy is going to eat our whole wedding cake or help, he is never going to move around fast enough to get our shots.  Well let me deal with those two things first.  I have never eaten anyones whole cake yet 🙂 – I do get very lucky and am offered a piece from time to time and lets be honest, it would be rude to say no.  The other fact is I like to think of myself as Yoda from starwars – if you look at him he looks like a little old troll with a walking stick who just cant move very quickly – UNTIL the moment you put a light saber in his hands, then he jumps 40 ft in the air, does back flips, summersalts, runs at a million miles an hour etc – well thats me once you strap a couple of cameras on me – I climb trees, run (yep I said RUN) up hills  and will generally do whatever it takes to get the shot.

so lets go back to what is your photogrpaher going to wear to your wedding.

I generally have 2 different outfits for weddings and have multiple versions of each.  I either wear a nice black Italian suit with matching Autograph black shirt or I have some nice Tesco black trousers  and a black dress shirt – I prefer to wear the second outfit and explain to my customers that in outfit number 1, I look a lot more like  a wedding guest and blend in nicely but I am limited to what shots I can take – In outfit number 2, I will climb trees, lay in puddles, kneel in the sand on wet beaches etc and I do whatever it takes to get the shots.

It you take a peek at the following shots



In both of these pictures, it had been raining and raining hard, the ground in the first picture was muddy and really soaked, I lay down in the mud and snapped the couple walking thru the trees – It was as I was getting up that I spotted the fallen tree root and the reflection pool that I shot the first picture on the page in, and that shot would never have come about had I been in my nice suit.

In the second shot with Laugharne Castle in the background I lay in a 1 inch deep puddle on the car park floor to make sure I got the whole of the castle in the photo.  I carry towels and a change of clothes incase I get too dirty ! but when meeting my clients I point out that if they want the full ‘David Purslow Experience’ that allowing me to look smart but without wearing a suite means that I am happy to all the things I generally do in order to get the nice dramatic shots my clients seem to love.

So far in the past 3 years (since I brought the new suite)  I have only had to wear it to 2 weddings

anyway off to bed now, mrs P just brought me a cup of tea and I have a busy day tomorrow,

take care,



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We cover weddings all over the UK and do NOT charge extra for travel – If the wedding is more than a 3 hour drive from Haverfordwest we do ask to be put up in a hotel The day before the wedding and the day of the wedding to make sure we give you the very best photography available.

double quick sneak peek :-)

Hello there,  dp here from

I will post more soon as Mrs P does not know I have snuck away to quickly post a few pics from this weekend for you.

Because I had a double header, a wedding in Carmarthenshire on Friday and then a wedding in Pembrokeshire on Saturday  we are having a Halloween party for the kids at 2pm today and are expecing lots and lots of JD’s and Soukies friends over so I am ‘helping’ to get the house ready !

Both of the weddings were amazing for many different reasons, Fridays wedding was a casual and relaxed BIG wedding (civil ceremony)  and Saturdays was a more formal Church wedding but with a really chilled couple who just wanted to have fun on their big day !

I will do a blog post on each soon but here are a few from Each.

Friday’s Wedding at the Cawdor in Llandilo

(I am very happy with this photo, During the wedding the room was very dark and the couple were directly under downlights – This was shot at ISO 6400 at 60th F4)

I placed the couple in direct downlight from the hotels lights and then got my fat little body out of the reflection in the mirror !







This summed up Kevin and Sally – chilled 🙂

Well as I said before this was just a quick taste of my weekends work – hope you like – remember you can visit my website at – I shoot weddings and portraits all over the UK but limit myself to only 30 weddings each year and am already 75 % full for 2010 and 25% full for 2011

Take care, more soon