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WOW what a testimonial ! – worth reading if you can get thru it

Hello there, David here from

Okay, some mad ramberlins here from me for a minute. I dont know if you have seen the movie Bicentennial man with Robin Williams – if not GO GET IT and watch it. The movie is sort of a reflection of my personal inner feelings and boils down to a ‘person’ wanting to leave a mark on the earth.

The greatest pleasure I ever get out of working is when I hand over my work to clients and see the reaction. I get phone email, letters and phone calls, as I did last night from one bride who received 4 albums in the post, she had ordered 4 coppies, I forgot one 🙁 but thats being addressed as we speak. When I work with my clients most of it is done via phone and email – I actually only get to meet about 60% before the wedding itself. The second I answered the phone I knew the bride had received her album, you can just tell in the voice ! – she was over the moon !

Because of our location, being one of the wedding photographers in Pembrokeshire lots of my brides come from the London area or the South of England. I get phone calls saying we are getting married in Pemrokeshire or I am getting married in West Wales etc, that means I do most of my previewing via slide shows and show clients album designs and invite them to make changes. I dont often get to hand over albums in person and see the reaction in person.

Yesterday a bride stopped by the house to pick up some photos, this was actually a local couple from a couple of towns away. I was in Cardiff working so Nikki my darling wife looked after Sian and Simon. Today I received a fantastic email which I will post later, they are stacking up at the moment ! which is great for me.

So back to the movie and back to my feelings – I told you this would be a ramberling! – I have had many jobs but NONE, not a single one gives you the satisfaction you get from being a wedding photographer. I dont shoot weddings because its quick cash or because there is nothing else to shoot. I actually was a pretty successful press photographer shooting concerts and sports as well as ‘spot news’ It was great but left me feeling like I was just working. As I get older I want to feel my life has touched others and other people benefit from meeting me – do you know what I mean ?

Well that’s why I choose to shoot weddings, I sought out shooting weddings and I love shooting weddings and portraits.

Its moments like these (below) that bring it all home to me why it is SO VERY IMPORTANT for me to continue to do what I do. I will honestly hand on my heart tell you that this email is worth more to me than the £1600.00 this couple paid for there wedding photography. I have all my testimonials printed out and pinned up on my wall or in folders – I look at them pretty much each time before I go shoot a wedding as it reminds me of the trust the couples put in my hands.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I dont take photos, I create memories – Photography is a passion for me, what I do comes from the heart and I get an emotional connection with my clients on there wedding day. – Its not a job, its not work, Its passion of life.

Anyway I think you get exactly what this testimonial means to me – and I know for years and years, even If I were to die tomorrow a little bit of me will live on in each album and each smile my photos invoke each time people look at them.


The testimonial – this testimonial belongs to THIS ALBUM

Hi David!

Wow! Amazing! Wonderful! are just a few words to express our joy at the album – and by the way you owe me a man size box of Kleenex! I am absolutely thrilled and overjoyed at the preview album. When I opened the slideshow up on Sunday (which also happened to be Ian’s birthday – good timing eh!) and heard our song playing with the most amzing photos, I just wept. You know we could’nt have our song played at the wedding and the reasons why and to hear it and look at the album just overwhelmed me – even Ian had a tear in his eye! I’ve lost count of how many times since then we’ve looked at it and I just can’t wait until our friends and family visit just so I can show them and get their reaction too!

I know I’ve said this before but you truely are an amazing person and photographer. You have a very unique talent and anybody who has the luck and good fortune to work with or to know you are truely blessed. Thank you so much for all your hard effort in producing what is to us wonderful memories of our special day. Keep snapping!

Love to you and your family

Angela & Ian x x x x x x x x x x x x You’re the best!!!!!!!!!!