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Perfect start to a Monday morning – wedding testimonial :-)

Hey guys,

If you check out the latest wedding story on my blog HERE – and scroll to the bottom you will find some amazing comments from the bride and groom – This was the perfect start to the week – knowing that your work is appreciated and loved make you feel like you did a great job and gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling all over

Here are what the couple had to say 🙂 – THANKS GUYS !!

Wow! Wow! and Wow! again!

The pics of our wedding day are all we ever hoped for and more. You captured all the special moments of our day and brought it to life through your fantastic shots. These really are photographs that we will treasure forever.

David you were a star on the day – a true professional! Many of our family, friends and Martin (owner of Buckland Hall) commented on how marvellous you were and we agree! Many, many thanks from the bottom of our hearts, we are very happy 🙂

Gareth and Louise x

Just had to post this testimonial before I went to bed.

Hey guys, dp here just wanting to share some personal thoughts with you before I tootle off to bed.

Things are really hotting up right now for me, August is always a very busy month but its going crazy right now in a GREAT way. I have booked 4 weddings this past week, 3 for later this year and 1 for next year. I have two outstanding enquirers also that have come in today as well, 1 for later this year and 1 for early next year.

So in a rare moment of self indulgence, I took the night off and me and Mrs P had a take away and sat down together and watched the Cirque Du Solie’s Alegria DVD – Its AMAZING and if you have not seen it please look it up and watch it – its one of the things that spurred me on in my wedding photography but more about that another day.  It’s special for Nikki and I because we had the great pleasure of going to see the show at the Royal Albert Hall a few years ago and had ring side seats. I have seen shows all over the world from Phantom on Broadway to Blueman in Boston from Madonna in Madison Square Garden to Tony Bennet in Jersey but nothing compares to Cirque in my humble opinion and having seen a few of their shows Alegria is by a country mile the best bar none.

Anyway what has this to do with a testimonial ? – well after the show Mrs P when up to bed and I ‘quickly’ checked my email one last time – its a bad habbit I know, and there was the most amazing testimonial from Carrie from the Carrie and Alex wedding I blogged the other day.

I was already on a high from watching the DVD and from just chillin totally for a couple of hours but this has really humbled me and I wanted to share.

I TRULY know just how LUCKY I am to be doing the job I love and want to do more than any other.  Its  all thanks to my clients who choose me to be a part of their day and who allow me to pursue my goals, ambitions and dreams through my photography.

So to Carrie & Alex and all my other clients THANK YOU SO MUCH

Carrie really did humble me with this one xxx dp

Carrie Said the following…..

“Thank you for the fabulous photos and wonderful memories you have given us. You were a complete professional, a gentleman and a good laugh to boot! I would highly recommend you to any couple getting married! If we could do it again you would be my first phone call 🙂 “

You can see the Carrie and Alex wedding story on my blog by clicking HERE and you can read Carrie’s comments for yourself at the bottom of the blog entry in the comments.

Right off to bed now feeling very all warm and fuzzy all over.

Night night



A really nice wedding testimonial from Phil and Orinda

Just a very quick note here, last night I was up till almost 3am working on getting the wedding story of Phil and Orinda online – the guys are on honeymoon and I had promised them a sneak peek but once I started looking at their photos, I found it so hard just to pick out a couple of photos so decided to do the whole wedding story – mainly because their day was pretty special and different to most of my recent weddings.

Then this morning I received this from the the guys – and hits comments like this from my clients that put a huge smile on my face

Thanks for doing a fantastic job, you’ve captured our day to perfection. We like the combination of natural and detailed shots and priceless moments, such as my eagerness to say ‘I will’!

We also like your personality and the way you put our guests at ease throughout the day, which shows through in the blog.

Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos on our return from honeymoon


Mr & Mrs R………

Now I know your thinking I wrote that myself with the ciao ending but the guys are in Italy at the moment 🙂

Thanks Phil, Thanks Orinda.

You can see the whole story of the day by clicking here if you like



A few short words that make me very happy

Hey guys,

One of the best parts of my job actually comes once the photograhy is finished, sometimes days or weeks later.  This morning I received a very short  email from one of my brides from a couple of weeks ago. – The email was short and sweet but the impact of the words was the same, my heart was lifted and I have had a smile on my face all morning.

Here is the email which by the way is from Claire from the Claire and Philip wedding at Slebech Park that I posted yesterday – you can see the actual blog post by clicking here

Amazing, awesome, fantastic, you are a genius!! Needless to say I love the photos on the blog!!

Told you it was short and sweet but the effect is still the same



Trash the Dress or Simply Stunning Bridal Portraits ?

Morning guys,

I always love to get brides or clients comments and there is no better way to start a Monday Morning with a mailbox full of them.  I woke up after finally getting to bed last night at nearly 4 AM after working on some great wedding pictures for Claire and Philip.

So bleary eyed I sat down this morning and opened my email and found this.

Hi David

everyone we have shown the photos to just love them, my friends came over for lunch today and thought id been and done a shoot for a magazine! The one on the rocks and the sexy ones seem to be the favourites they are fantastic though.
look foward to seeing the finished piccies


So as I often do I wanted to see the work thru the eyes of my clients so went back and had another look – I soon found myself playing with one of Tina’s photo’s from her Trash the Dress session in Swansea South Wales and before I knew it I had created a little poster.

I thought I would share that with you


You can see more of Tina’s pictures by clicking HERE