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Photo of the week 25th March 2012

Manor House Wedding Photography Morton on Marsh

Hello there,

This weeks Photo of the week is less than 12 hours old, shot last night just before the first dance and before I left, its a shot of the bride and groom at the back of The Manor House, Morton on Marsh.

I have a similar photo in my slideshow I show prospective brides and groom without a couple in it, as soon as Hannah saw the photo she said she wanted to do the same thing but with the two of them in it.

This is a 10 second exposure so the couple had to stay very still, the couple are lit by off camera flash.


manor house hotel, morton on marsh wedding photography

Photo of the Week – March 18th 2012

Hello there,

This weeks photo of the week comes from a wedding I shot last summer, the wedding took place at the Amazing Gosfield Hall in Essex and was the wedding of Alex and Lisa.

The couple had wanted some of my off camera flash images, ones where you create a little bit of magic by mixing flash light with sun light and take a photo that normally would not be captured.

I have also included another one from when the bridesmaids walked down the aisle just because I love the lighting on that one also, often those kinds of photos are overlooked but so important.

gosfield hall wedding photographer

essex wedding photography

Hampton Manor Wedding Photography

Warwickshire Wedding Photography

Hello there,

For one reason or another I have had a bit of a lost day, site issues and total lost of communications with the outside world let me working on images and albums – I am currently putting the finishing touches to a spectacular wedding album from a wedding at Hampton Manor, and that reminded me that I also worked with another photographer at a wedding just before Christmas.  I was second shooting (its what we photographers call it when your just helping out really)  for a good friend and great photographer called Paul Goode – I was lighting assistance for this one, with it being a winter wedding and my penchant for off camera flash lighting etc I was there just in case Paul needed any help – I had a rare weekend off so just went along for a bit of a relax really – its funny but when not shooting weddings for clients, lots of photographers will go along with other photographer just to pratice something they cant really do at a paid wedding – if it works out well the couple get some great photos, if not, they were not really expecting them.

My goals for the day were to

1.  Assist Paul however he needed em.

2.  Pratice Panorama’s – this is where you take several photos and join them together to make one seamless photo

3.  Just shoot some funky off camera flash / video light images with the B&G

4.  Pratice shooting in general in LOW light conditions.

So here is what I got.

This is a 6 shot Panno – if you look carefully you can see 3 walls in the room – this is one of the dining rooms in the Hotel

dining room at hampton manor

The hotel has the most amazing light in reception, well just behind the reception, finding something to do with it and a couple so the couple dont look miniscule in photo was a bit of a challange but I had been waiting a long time for this and had it planned out.

Chandelier at hampton manor

The couple had beautiful candles all over the place, I collected a whole bunch and used them to light this shot – I added a bit of video light just to lift the details a bit but love this one

black and white wedding photography warwickshire

and while we are talking about black and white images,

I snapped these two shots seconds apart, I did this while Paul was setting up for a photo, I just used the window light coming in, for the bride I wanted it nice and soft but for the groom I wanted something a little more edgy

getting married at hampton manor

groom at hampton manor hotel warwickshire

and here is a shot taken during the wedding itself, if this does not mean anything to you dont worry but it was VERY dark – this shot was taken at ISO 5000, 1/30th second @ F2.8  I was standing at the back of the room using a very long zoom lens to get up close and personal.  When Paul and I were discussing who would stand where, as it was his wedding I let him choose but secretly wanted the back of the room – I have shot enough weddings to know if your by yourself, the place to be is the back of the room – so when Paul said he would go up front I was jumping for joy on the inside 🙂

swapping rings at hampton manor

and last but not least, a couple of shots of the venue itself, this is a back view of the venue

hamptom manor wedding venue

and this final photo is of the amazing clock tower and grounds.

getting married at hampton manor


Warwickshire Wedding Photography – Clare and Ben


Hi there,

Yesterday saw me shooting the wedding of Clare and Ben, I had been looking forward to this wedding for weeks.  This was quite a late booking but once the couple mentioned the words Warwick Castle and Wedding then said the wedding was an intimate wedding with only a dozen guests in total I was hooked.

If you take a peek at my photo of the week for March 11th 2012 you will see a very calm bride just sitting on the dining room table chilling before the wedding, this was the feeling the whole day long.

As this is only a snake peek the photo will jump quickly.

The first photos I took in the day were of the flowers, which were magnificent,

warwickshire wedding flowers

One of my favorite parts of the day is watching the boys trying to tie their cravats – This photo, one of a series of about 15 was taken while the father of the bride was tieing his, I am sure there was 2 or 3 attempts before finally getting it.

getting married at warwick castle

Since Clare was in her dress pretty early, I took the opportunity to take a few photos of the family in the back garden, here is mum and dad with Clare just before leaving for the church.

wedding photographers warwickshire

Clare and Ben had chosen to get married at St Charles Borromeo Church in Warwickshire which is a beautiful little church.  Here is a shot 1/2 way thru the wedding service itself

getting married at St Charles Borromeo church

then after the wedding was over, I added a bit of dramatic light and we get something like this

warwick wedding photographer

Following the wedding the whole wedding party went to Warwick Castle for the wedding reception.  The wedding reception at Warwick Castle started off in the Conservatory and ended up in the state dining room, talking to the couple they decided to have the formals taken in the peacock garden by the amazing fountain.

one of the things I like about intimate weddings is the fact the whole group is easy to manage and you can get thru the photos really quickly so the couple and the guests can get on and enjoy the wedding day – here is a shot of the whole wedding party.

The wedding itself took palce fairly late so by the time we got to Warwick Castle we were blessed with a beautiful sunset

getting married at warwick castle

and just before I left, I took a few shots of the State dining room at Warwick Castle – this is where the bride, groom and all their guests enjoyed the rest of the day.

state dining room

Naturally I had a few minutes where I had the bride and groom to myself, we used the sunset and the beautiful sky to create some dramatic wedding photos.

warwickshire wedding photographers

congratulations to Clare and Ben for a truly beautiful and intimate wedding



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Reportage wedding photograhy – its all about moments

Reportage Wedding Photography

I would say I class myself as a reportage wedding photographer, although I also create some stunning portraits for my clients, 80 % of day is reactionary photography rather than shots I have manipulated, I would not class myself as a pure documentary wedding photographer – a good friend of mine and one of the top documentary wedding photographers in the country – Kevin Mullins –  is a pure documentary wedding photographer – the difference is Kevin simply (but amazingly)  documents the day as it unfolds in front of him- he even told me a story of one bride that called him up after the wedding to make sure he was okay because after the service she never saw him – when he showed her, her wedding photos she was amazing and overjoyed, I do something similar but I introduce lights when I feel the need is there and I setup a few special shots for the bride and groom.

My kind of client wants a good record of the day, photos from bridal preparations all the way through to the first dance – for this I light lots of the day with portable lighting, this is very discrete battery operated lighting that 99.9% of the time the couple are completely unaware its there,  I light the speeches, the first dance, the group shots and naturally I really go to down on the bride and groom photos.   The rest of the day I simply work with the light that is there, that could be room lights, candle lights, daylight etc.

To let you know what that looks like I thought I would share just a few photos from the wedding I photographed last weekend. – I will categorize the images as I go

So this set of images are from my wedding this past weekend of Sarah and Martin, held at the stunning Walton Hall in Warwickshire.

Reportage style – Bride having a joke with dad – Natural light

wedding at walton hall warwickshire

Reportage style Wedding Photography – Dad having a chuckle with bride – Natural light

dad looking at bride

Wedding Dress photo – This is one shot that was setup – Lit with flash

wedding dress photo at walton hall in warwickshire

The boys having a good time – this shot was setup to take advantage of the reflection in the bar – Natural light

Reportage style wedding photography – Groom chilling out before getting married – Natural light

Reportage style:  Groom and Best man chatting just before the wedding – Natural light

Bridesmaids just before walking down the aisle – Natural light

Reportage Style – A moment between the bride and groom during their wedding – Natural Light

A congratulatory Kiss (real not staged) – Reportage moment – Mixed lighting flash / Available light

Reportage candid moment captured – Available light mixed with a little flash

A shot of the groom and mum 🙂  mixed lighting – natural light and flash light

During the speeches – candid moment – lit with flash

Cutting the cake – Totally lit with flashSetup Photo

Specialty photo – setup in front of the hotel – lit with hotel lights and flash light.

The bride and groom on the hotel driveway – lit with flash and available hotel light

The first dance – lit with flash but a Reportage moement

As you can see most of the day is captured as it happens, there are times when I setup certain photos or light moments to bring out the full beauty of the photo.

Hope you like,