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Sali and Craigs Caer Beris Wedding – quick photo !

Okay, I dont often get the chance to post an image while still at the wedding but this venue is amazing,

so I just took Sali and Craig out for 10 minutes to shoot some photos, here is one hot off the press.

Its had a very quick edit on the laptop only so might look a little bright or dark, wont be able to tell till back at the studio.

Congrats to Sali and Craig – cant wait till the see this – off to shoot the first dance !!!!!

see you soon



 Caer Beris wedding Photo

Why I love working with Video Crews

Hello there,

This past weekend saw me shooting a wedding in West Wales, it was on the Gower, the wedding was for Kay and Andi and it was an amazing day, well they had booked a video crew, the guys in question were Steve from Focus Media Productions from Llanelli in South Wales – Steve was assisted by the ever smiling and uber helpful Phill on the day.

What a pleasant surprise when I opened up my mail box yesterday and saw an email from Steve with a few snippets of me at work on the day.

So here is what I received – naturally  I have added a few amateur titles to it and a few stills

If your looking for a great company to video your wedding day then I cant recommend Focus Media Productions enough, they were great to work with, they worked well with other professional on the day including me and the couple really seemed to  enjoy having them around, they were no intrusive but from what I have seen the video is fantastic.

You can find them at

Here is a little snippet from me at work

Crazy Couple of Weeks – A week full of Firsts !

Hello there,

Well as I mentioned in my last blog post, its been pretty crazy around here recently.  Its also weeks like the past couple of weeks that keeps me shooting weddings !

I have shot well over 400 weddings to date yet in the past 2 weeks I have seen things I have never seen at a wedding before and have enjoyed the weddings so much so I thought I would share – often these pictures are not the best photos, they are not the ‘Signature Images’ or great shots of the couples getting married BUT they are shots that the couple have spent hours planning and shots which have great meaning  for the couple.

Me, I am always amazed at what I will see at my next wedding.

2 weekends ago it was Easter and on Saturday I was shooting the wedding of Tracy and Russel, well they had lots of children at their wedding and it was very obvious that family was very very important to them – just after the meal in the down time between the meal and the evening starting, a very special guest turned up to say hello to the kids, it was the Easter Bunny !

easter bunny at a wedding

at the same weddings, one set of their friends could not make it because they were also getting married so we made a quick dash for the beach and met up with them

two brides

This past Saturday just after the first dance (normally when I leave unless there are fireworks or lanterns etc) the couple (Kay and Andi) had arranged for ‘Bag’s’ the fire eater to put on a show ! – I have to tell you this was an amazing show and Bags is such a great entertainer

bags the fire eater

bags the fire eater bike trick

Kay and Andi also put on an amazing day, at one point there was a mini fish and chip supper (was going to be on the beach but it was a bit cold and raining) – then after this was some really nice ice cream from Icicle Tricylc Wales

and last but not least is probably the most amazing wedding cake I have seen – this cake was made by the grandmother of the bride and took around 6 months to make.  I have never seen such an intricate cake in my whole time shooting weddings !

amazing wedding cake

ever single grain of sand, stone, pebble, shell, starfish and the cake its self were  painstakingly made and were edible

last but not least is the venue shot from my wedding 2 weeks ago at Tunnel Beach in Devon, I have never shot a venue that looks like something from a James Bond movie before, this venue was carved into the rocks, well thats what it looked like !

tunnel beach wedding photographer

What a week – as you can see even after all this time, there is always something to make you say WOW !

ciao for now


Photo of the week – 15th April 2012

Hey peeps,

Things are super busy around here so been a bit lax in posting updates etc, but here is the photo of the week for this week.

I am going to share with you a smaller and bigger version as the smaller version does not do the image justice.

Its from a wedding 2 weeks ago, I had a mad weekend where I was in Pembrokeshire on Saturday and then Devon on the Sunday.

This photo was taken in Devon at the amazing Tunnel Beach wedding venue, unfortunately the weather was not the greatest but my bride and groom that day were amazing and went out to the rocks despite the cold and wind – this made for GREAT skys and amazing photos IMHO.

I was assisted on the day by the good looking and sickeningly fit and athletic Cris Lowis from Cris Lowis Photography, talk about making me look like an out of shape blob ! –  anyway as I often say the greatest images only come about because of the people who help you create them, Cris was my 2nd shooter and lighting assistant and for these photos he was holding the Lencarta Safari Li-on light on a 14 foot pole in the air so I could overpower the daylight, bring out all the detail in the sky and make the bride pop – he was always only seconds away from getting wet as he had to stand on the tide line but without him these images would not have been possible. – Cris is great wedding photographer and is based in Staffordshire and his website is located at

So here it is

Tunnel Beach Wedding Photography

As I said to really enjoy the photo you need to see it bigger so if you click below you will see a bigger version of the image

The technicals of the image are  200 ISO – 1/125th  F  The focal length was 55mm’s

here is a shot of Cris hard at work !

cris lowis photographer

Congrats to Sally and George, many thanks to Cris for all his help !

Pembrokeshire Wedding Photographer : Vicki & Dan’s Wedding


Yesterday saw me in Pembrokeshire shooting the wedding of Vicki and Dan, Dan is a good and long time friend of Helen, my former assistant (off to do having a baby) so this was kind of a special wedding.

The couple who’s wedding reception was at the Giltar Hotel in Tenby really wanted some special photos on the beach, one of the tricks to great beach photography is off camera flash and I was assisted yesterday by Tom Astley from Tom Astley Photography – Tom is based around Manchester and as he had a weekend off, he came to hang out with me and help out

here is a sneak peek at a few of them

The bride

pembrokeshire wedding photography

The couple

the giltar wedding photography

tenby wedding photography

beach wedding photography