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Malvern Wedding / Cotswolds Wedding Reception

The Wedding of Claire and Nick

This past Friday saw me photographing the wedding of Claire and Nick.  If your a regular blog stalker you will remember it was only a few weeks ago that I shot their engagement session photos and how that day started disastersly but ended up GREAT – you can see their blog post for there engagement photoshtoot here.

Well after double and triple checking everything Nikki and I (Nikki was assisting me today) headed over to Hanley Swan just outside of Malvern in Worcestershire.  We arrived a few minutes early as we like to do that way we can load batteries and double check everything one last time before the day starts.    We were greeted to a house in full flow, there were bridesmaids everywhere, mum and dad (of the bride) were milling around taking care of last minute details etc.  Claire’s dad insisted we had a cup of coffee (always welcome) and even wanted to make us sandwiches but we had already eaten so we just cracked on.  You can generally tell from the first 10 minutes your in someones house how the day was going to unfold and I knew today was going to be great.  I have never met a more gracious family or been so well looked after at a wedding.

Well since we were a bit early Claire (our bride for the day) was still having hair her first round of hair being done so rather than take the very early stage of getting ready photos which never flatter a bride we started off with the dress photos – I had not known until the day before but Claire’s dress was an Ian Stuart wedding dress, one of my favorite wedding dress designers.  So following MOB (Mother of the Bride) we headed off to mums bedroom – WOW is all I can say – the bedroom was a photographers delight – GREAT windows allowing fantastic light to spill in – light walls, light bedding, light carpet – the holy grail in terms of creating beautiful shots. – The view out the window was interesting to me as MOB’s garden looks amazing, it was very well established and beautiful.  This gave me the idea of shooting the wedding dress outside in the garden so after quickly checking with Claire (who mentioned she had a feeling I may ask after seeing some of my other blog posts with wedding dresses hanging from strange places) and watching her GULP a little she said yes.

With all the respect and reverence a beautiful wedding dress deserves on its wedding day we carefully transported it to the garden and shot a few photos.

Ian Stuart wedding dress photo

ian stuart designer wedding dress hanging in tree

beautiful ian stuart wedding dress

The flower on an ian stuart wedding dress

but we just had to shoot it in mum’s bedroom as well – it just made for a great photo

ian stuart wedding dress hanging up

and since we are talking about dresses – the bridesmaids dresses were by Ted Baker and were stunning

Ted Baker Bridesmaids Dresses

and since we are going for all the dress and detail shots, we took photos of everything

blue garter, old grandmothers ring and purfume

flowerbomb purfume

I am not a 100% sure what they are called, I call them a featherry shawl but I am guessing thats totally wrong – anyway whatever they are called, Claire had 3 of them for her bridesmaids and after seeing them I knew they would make GREAT backgrounds for photos of the rings etc.

monsoon bridal shawl

and the last of my detail shots at for the moment, every little detail of the day was perfect right the way down to the flowers.

wedding flowers malvern worcestershire

See what I mean, I could have spent all day in that room just shooting but with time ticking we went to see how our beautiful bride for the day was coming along.  I popped down stairs once again into the room being used as a make shift salon.

I have seen many many hair and makeup people over the years and there are only a few I would feel comfortable recommending but from the very first moments I met both Clare and Chris I knew they were very dedicated, highly professional and very talented – I would have no hesitation in recommending either of them.

Here Clare ( Clare Bryce – Pure Pampering – is working on Claire our bride for the day.

pure pampering makeup artist

and here is  Chris from Bridal Hair Specialists – teasing Claire’s hair into place – the photo below was actually taken after Claire had popped on her wedding dress – I just happen to pick that one as I choose photos before writing the blog stories.

fhd mobile hair dressing chris fordham

A lot of what the photographers, hair and makeup people do in the early part of the day is about putting the bride at ease, if you can work diligently but in a very friendly way its relaxing for the bridal party – the atmosphere in the make shift salon was very relaxed and this was even before the champagne had started flowing !

Here is another shot of Clare working on one of the bridesmaids (actually shot later in the morning but will pop it here)

pure pampering mobile make up gloucestershire

Then it was on upstairs for the getting ready shots.

bride getting dressed

and the looks from the girls once Claire had slipped into her dress said it all

crying bridesmaids

There are always very poinient moments at a wedding, in the next two shots taken just after Claire had put on her dress she reaches over to mum and gives her a big kiss to say thanks for all the help that went into making the day perfect.  These moments are real, you cannot fake that kind of emotion and its photos like this that really capture the essence of a wedding in my humble opinion

meanwhile down stairs dad (FOB – Father of the Bride) was having a little trouble with this tie – in the end assistance came the rescue

black and white wedding photography worcestershire

At around this time Nikki popped off to grab a few shots of the boys at the church – it was now 12:00 (midday) and the wedding was due to start at 12:30

Nick and the boys at St Gabriels in Hanley Swan, Malvern  – Worcestershire

worcestershire wedding photos

If your planning a church wedding and are thinking of St Gabriels nr Malvern it really is a beautiful little church

saint gabriels church hanley swan malvern

malvern wedding photographer

Claire and her dad outside the church just a few minutes before walking down the aisle

getting married at st gabriels malvern

and I love this photo – This is a shot of Claire peeking into the church just seconds before she starts her last walk as a single girl

getting married at st gabriels hanley swan

st gabriels church weddings

and a very unusual carpet for our bride to walk down

worcestershire wedding photographers

bridesmaids in church

I love the happiness that this image captures – Claire was beaming from ear to ear

church wedding photography

and here during the singing I caught a shot of Nick grinning at his best man

beautiful reportage wedding photography

and then as the happy couple went off to sign the register, the guests were treated to some truly amazing cello playing from “A special and close family friend

cello playing at wedding

and following that the happy couple came out and went up to the high alter for prayers

wedding photos at st gabriels malvern

I actually shot the next photo a little later but it fits nicely here so have popped it in

portrait of couple getting married at st gabriels worcestershire

then it was outside for a few photos and Confetti 🙂

wedding confetti photographs

At this point we all loaded into our cars for a 45 minute dash down to The Cotswolds.  Claire and Nick’s wedding reception was held at the amazingly beautiful Manor House Hotel in the village of Morton on Marsh in the Cotswolds (Gloucestershire)

Manor House Hotel Cotswolds Wedding Reception

manor house hotel wedding photography

morton on marsh wedding venues - the manor house

little did I know at this stage that the theme for the whole wedding was White.  We (Nikki and I) were greeted at the hotel by Tom the Manor House’s Wedding Coordinator and he took great care of  us.  Tom led us to the room that was set up for Claire and Nick’s Wedding reception.  It was beautiful and we set about taking a few photos.

wedding reception at the manor house hotel morton in marsh

wedding photos manor house hotel

manor house hotel cotswolds wedding photos

Keeping with the white theme was the wedding cake (s)

wedding cake and cupcakes

white wedding cup cakes

right about this time I head the door open behind me, I looked over and saw Claire and Nick walking into the room to have a sneak peek before the guests.  This is a bit of an outtake photo but it captured the reaction from Claire when she saw her cakes set up – The cakes were made by one of Nicks good friends. – again I love the real moment capture !

so after a few minutes we take an artistic cutting of the cake photo – as it turns out it was a very good job as the wedding breakfast ran on a little and the couple skipped the official cutting of the cake so this was the only cutting photo taken.

cake cutting photos from manor house hotel morton

Then it was outside and while the guests were being entertained by a fab sax player I ran around looking for the good places for taking photos.  For the group photo (with the hotels permission) I climbed onto the room of the hotel and grabbed this

wedding group photo at manor house hotel cotswolds

Claire and Nick with Mum’s and Dad’s

then we shot a few formals and a few not so formals of which I will share this one with you – again a bit of an out take but a cracking shot IMHO

gloucestershire wedding photographers

and then as the guests were being led into the room to get ready for the wedding breakfast I took Claire and Nick away for a few nice romantic shots.

the gardens at manor house hotel cotswolds

wedding photos in the garden of the monor house hotel

private gardens at manor house hotel morton in marsh

then it was just gone 4pm and time for the happy couple to go into the wedding breakfast.

We retired to the bar area where Claire and Nick had set up a tab for us and had our lunch while we worked on putting the slide show together for the evening session and then it was back into the room for the speeches photos of which I will share a couple with you.

and the best man trying to have a hair do like Nick’s

then it was just about time to get ready for the first dance – during this time I spotted one of the Engagement photos next to a well places sign.

Then it was time to grab a few first dance photos before it would be time for us to leave

first dance wedding photos

Just before leaving we grabbed a shot of Claire’s mum and dad using the hotel as a backdrop

Then as we were leaving I grabbed one last photo of The Manor House Hotel – a really beautiful place to hold your wedding / wedding recpetion

the manor house hotel - morton on marsh - cotswolds

On behalf of Nikki and myself can I just wish Claire and Nick all the best – as I finish typing this they are probably on a plane half way around the world getting close to their honeymoon destination.

Guys have a GREAT time, enjoy and bell me when you get back.

Thanks for choosing us to be a part of your big day,



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Holdsworth House Wedding Photography

Black and White Wedding Photography

The Wedding of Carl and Jo


Hello there, something TOTALLY different from me today !

Yesterday saw me ‘Second Shooting’ a wedding with PAUL ALEXANDER PHOTOGRAPHY –  The wedding took place at the fabulous Holdsworth House in Halifax in Yorkshire !   A second shooter is not the lead photographer and grabs shots while the key photographer does works his or her magic.

One of the reasons I second shoot if I dont have a wedding of my own on a certain day is it keeps my hand in, I get to try stuff that I would not normally do at a wedding that a client is paying me for – Yes as a Second your job is to provide the lead photographer with useable images that they can use.  Once I have the useable stuff in the bag I then try stuff – sometimes it works and sometimes it does not – This time it WORKED SO SO SO SO SO WELL !

I have always wanted to shoot an entire wedding from start to finish in Black and White – I LOVE black and white photography and especially Black and White wedding photography.  I am waiting for the day a client comes to me and asks for 100% black and white coverage on their wedding day.  Because I was shooting mainly black and white I was also able to shoot at a much higher ISO – this is term that basically means how much light you need – the higher the ISO the less light you need – Since I shot 90 % of this wedding at an iso over 1000 – I didnt need to use much flash – this is something I love playing with.

I want to thank Paul for inviting me on his wedding and offer a very special thanks to Jo and Carl for allowing me to play and practice on what is probably the biggest day of their life – thanks guys – I had a GREAT time, loved every second of it and didn’t once think the people up north spoke funny !

Enjoy the photos


The Amazing Holdsworth House, Yorkshire

Holdsworth House Halifax Wedding Venue

Jo’s Bridal Preparation Photos

Bridal Preparation Photos

getting married at Holdsworth House yorkshire

yorkshire wedding photography

black and white wedding photos

black and white wedding photography birmingham

Carl Getting Ready

black and white only wedding photography

beautiful black and white wedding photography

artistic wedding photography

A few shots of Carl with Mum and Dad

cotswolds wedding photography

classic and timeless black and white photography

Jo and Dad take a long walk to the ceremony room !

gloucestershire black and white wedding photographer

black and white wedding photos worcestershire

wedding photographers who shoot black and white

During The Wedding

halifax wedding photographers

Holdsworth House wedding photos

Some of the Guests

wedding photos shot in black and white

Holdsworth House wedding pictures

yorkshire wedding photography photographer

wedding photography photographer

The Rings

wedding dress detail shots in black and white

black and white photo of wedding rings

Carl getting a swift one in !

The bar at Holdsworth House Halifax Yorkshire

Speeches and the Reception

OOOH I got a present – What is it ?

A few more creative / artistic wedding photos

Waiting around for the first dance !

One last one !

Well I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek at the wedding photos of Jo and Carl who got married at Holdsworth House, Halifax in Yorkshire.

Thanks for visiting my blog, come back soon



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Hey Look – it’s Liz from this weekends wedding

Stunning Testimonial from a bride in her wedding dress

This weekend saw us shoot an amazing wedding – Liz and Hayden were SO UP FOR PHOTOS that we ended up having a 16 and half hour day from the time we left till we got back to Hotel Jack.

At the end of the night, Liz did a quick video testimonial for us – the video was shot in the bar at Gellifawr while the disco was in full swing and Hayden was strutting his stuff on the dance floor.

Sorry for the shaky video !

Thanks Liz – your a star x

Oh you can see a few of the photos from the day just below this post !

Bride Testimonial – untedited version from David Purslow on Vimeo.

Sneak Peek – The Wedding of Liz and Hayden

Liz and Hayden getting married at Gellifawr

Wedding Photography by David Purslow

This is just a very quick sneak peek from what turned out to be one of my favorite weddings for a very very very long time.  What made this wedding so special for me is the couple, Liz and Hayden really wanted nice photos, put the time into the day to make sure they got nice photos and allowed me to try things without knowing what the outcome would be.

Its pretty funny but when I lived in Pembrokeshire I would travel up this way often for birmingham weddings.  Well Liz and Hayden are from Birmingham and were looking for a birmingham wedding photogapher willing to travel to Pembrokeshire – how spooky

Liz and Hayden got married at Gellifawr in Pembrokeshire in West Wales –

Gellifawr is a wedding photographers dream venue, its a perfect venue for creating great wedding photos in and around.  Fred, Michael and the whole team at Gellifawr really bend over backwards to make sure the couple have a great day – they take very good care of the photographers also, so a big thanks to Fred and the gang for looking after us again.

What I found pretty funny is that Liz and Hayden are from the Birmingham area and were searching for a Birmingham wedding photographer willing to travel to Pembrokeshire to shoot the wedding – (if you dont know I lived in Pembrokeshire for 7 years until February 2009) – so when they started searching for a Birmingham wedding photographer and found me – it was a match made in heaven.

Helen and I had a blast this weekend, so without any more wasted jabbering from me, here are 10 photos from the weekend – just a quick Sneak Peek as Liz told me she had turned into a blog stalker – I said I would get a few up so she could show friends at work etc.

Liz, Hayden – you guys ROCK – thanks so much for choosing us to be a part of your day – and thanks for being such amazing people and letting us do what we love to do and try to create special photos that are a cross between romantic, reportage, dramatic and just outright stunning.

talk to you soon,



Beautiful wedding dress photo inside the cottage Liz got ready at at Gellifawr

gellifawr wedding photos

Liz putting on her dress – I should point out Liz’s mum was right there the whole time !

pembrokeshire wedding photographer

I love brides in mirror photos, here are a couple

west wales wedding photographer

gellifawr wedding photo

Just to prove I dont only take photos of girls half dressed, here is one for the ladies

wedding photos at gellifawr

This shot was taken during the reading

pembrokeshire wedding photography

A selection of bridal portraits

lake behind gellifawr wedding photo

a quick romantic cuddle – a stolen sweet moment 🙂

reportage wedding photography west wales

and I love this shot from the reception – its kind of fly on the wall stuff, not as elegant as the rest but shows the love and emotion these guys share

documentary style wedding photography

and one from the mini portrait session we sneaked off for following the dinner, this photo of pentre ifan was taken around 9:30 at night, there is no photoshop tricks or trick photography involved – this is pretty much as it was taken on the night – I am sure Liz and Hayden will back me up on this one – this is one of those shots I had wanted for a long time and thanks to this fabulous couple they gave me the time to shoot it – well worth a quick trip out from the wedding.

artistic wedding photography

Many thanks to Liz and Hayden !

hope you like



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Redhouse Barn Stoke Prior Wedding Photographer | Hannah and Dan

Hartlebury Church / Redhouse Barn Stoke Prior

The wedding of Hannah and Dan’s was probably the wedding I thought about most this year – The wedding was on the 29th of December 2010 and as you can probably remember the week before the UK got totally swamped with snow.  We had around 10 – 12 inches and 3 days before the wedding there was still 6 – 8 inches on the ground.  I am fortunate that I could walk to Hartlebury Church if needed but getting to Redhouse Barn in Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove would be a whole different story.  But the gods must have been smiling because there was a major thaw for 2 days before the wedding and the roads were just about clear !!!

So I turned up to Hannah’s mums house ready to start my day, the house was in full swing with girls getting ready everywhere you looked.  I normally start off with a nose about for locations for photos and things that are important to photograph, flowers, details etc etc and The flowers Hannah had chosen were amazing to say the least.

wedding flowers bromsgrove

While I was looking around I spotted a beautiful blue box with white ribbon on it – having lived in New York for a number of years I instantly knew what this box was – it was a Tiffany’s box and I knew it would contain a special gift for the bride on her wedding day – after checking if it was okay to open I snagged a couple of photos.

wedding gift

tiffany snowflake

as you will see later, the snowflake was a theme of the wedding.

So I went in search of the bride and her wedding dress – I found Hannah having her hair done so grabbed a couple of photos and then went dress hunting.

bridal preparations

wedding dress bromsgrove - wedding shoes

and after hearing a lot of giggling went down stairs to find Hannah about to pop the bubbly !

worcestershire wedding photographer

getting married at hartlebury church

redhouse barn wedding photos

then after a slurp slurp it was time for Hannah to pop on her wedding dress – naturally when I say pop on her wedding dress it not quite that simple – buttons buttons buttons – the back of the dress had hundreds of buttons on it 🙂

bromsgrove wedding photography

stunning wedding dress

Then it was a quick dash downstairs to get shots of Hannah coming down and shots with Mum and Dad, talking of Dad when I got downstairs, If found that Dad was having a few issues with his neck tie

then it was outside for a final photo of Hannah, Mum and Dad before I dashed to the church to to get shots of the boys and the arrival of the bride.

Worcestershire Wedding Photographer

With the weather changing so dramatically it turned out we had a foggy day, there was still a bit of snow on the ground, it was cold but I thought it looked amazing for photos as you will see shortly.  I arrived at St James Church in Hartlebury

st james church hartlebury

and went inside to find the boys already hard at work as ushers etc, I grabbed hold of Dan and the boys and grabbed a quick shot at the back of the church

groomsmen at st james hartlebury

and after talking to the vicar and getting instructions on what I could and could not shoot, I went outside to wait for Hannah to arrive.  The scene looking from the church down the drive onto the stourport (direction) road was beautiful – The weather made it all the better in my opinion.

The following shot is in both colour and black and white as I can choose which I like the most

wedding cars worcestershire

worcestershire wedding cars

bride arriving at st james church hartlebury

then it was SHOWTIME – normally I work with my assistant Helen however due to the weather conditions Helen could not make it so during the wedding itself I had to work twice as hard to cover all the angles – I am very thankful  to the officents at St James for allowing me to move around – some church’s let you some dont and its one of the reasons I like working with an assistant.

Walking down the aisle

getting married st james hartlebury

At the alter

black and white wedding photos worcestershire


a quick run upstairs

kidderminster wedding photographer

During one of the readings

wedding reading

The signing of the Register

hartlebury wedding photographers

Walking out of the church

wedding photos hartlebury

Then it was outside for the confetti shot

confetti photo

and a big beautiful kiss

wedding confetti photo

then it was into the cars for a quick dash over to Stoke Prior in Bromsgrove to the stunning Redhouse Barn wedding venue.

Redhouse Barn Wedding Venue Stoke Prior Bromsgrove

As you can see it was still pretty wet and  there was a little un-melted snow on the ground, one of the problems is the grass areas were very wet so we ended up shooting all the photos inside but this did not detract from a truly amazing wedding venue.

The inside of Redhouse Barn

inside redhouse barn bromsgrove

wedding breakfast tables at redhouse barn

The view from the top table

tables at redhouse barn stoke prior

christmas wedding photos redhouse barn bromsgrove

during the drinks reception the guests were entertained by a fabulous musician, unfortunately I didn’t get one of his cards but he has one of mine, if he drops me an email I will pop his details here as he was brilliant

wedding band redhouse barn

even the kids loved him

kids dancing at wedding

A few of the formals

wedding photos at redhouse barn

redhouse barn photographs

and a couple of the bride and groom

wedding photos inside redhouse barn bromsgrove

and since it was a wedding day and a Christmas wedding you have to have mistletoe and a quick snog !

kissing couple at redhouse barn

They also have an amazing bridal bedroom at Redhouse Barn so I took the couple up there for a few ‘nice’ photos

bridal boudoir at redhouse barn

and Hannah having a laugh during out photos

fun wedding photo

Then it was downstairs for the cutting of the cake

cutting the cake redhouse barn bromsgrove

During the wedding breakfast I put together the slideshow (we normally run a slide show for the couple just before the first dance)

Redhouse barn has the BEST equipped AV system I have seen at any wedding venue, we just had to plug a laptop into the wall and a BIG screen dropped out of the ceiling for the slideshow.

Here is a shot of the bride and groom watching the slideshow with friends and family.

redhouse barn video screen

and as I was setting up the lights for the first dance I grabbed a shot of Dan and his best man just to test them out – notice the light behind them, this is one of my lights used to make sure we get GREAT first dance photos – you will see them in a minute.

So Dan and Hannah had a band for the evening entertainment

band at redhouse barn

Then it was time for the first dance – the dance floor at Redhouse barn is a bit special 🙂

first dance at redhouse barn winter wedding

then all the kids joined in – this was very much a children friendly wedding which seemed to put great big smiles on the faces of both the bride and groom

wedding photographer

The kids were jumping for joy on the dance floor

and last but not least, the sign of any good band / dj is how he / they fill the dancfloor !

rocking dancefloor at redhouse barn

By the time I packed up it was close to 11pm, after big hugs and kisses from the bride and a smaller hug from the groom – its a guy thing 🙂 I said my goodbys and made my exit.

It just goes to prove that all you need to get married is someone who your truly and madly in love with, someone to say the magic words and friends to share the day with.  The weather did not play ball but it was no problem at all, Hannah and Dan had an amazing day, it was my last wedding of 2010 and one that i thoroughly enjoyed.

I just wish to pass along my congratulations to Hannah and Dan, wishing them all the best.

take care, hope you have enjoyed this look at their special day.



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