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Photo of the Week – 11 December 2011

Hello there,  a little late in the day to be posing but wanted to get the photo of the week in.

This shot was actually taken around 18 months ago, I was inspired by the venue and the dress to create something a little different so what I did was turn the camera into tungsten light balance which has a side effect of turning day light into a beautiful blue colour of light.

I placed a flash inside a small folding softbox (24 inches by 24 inches) just out of camera shot and put a tungsten gel over the flash to colour balance with the camera.  I had Vicki run towards the camera lifting her dress a little – I deliberately underexposed the background by around 1 1/2 stops which made the blue all the more pronounced and took the following shot.  It took around 2 – 3 short little runs from Vicki to get the shot used here but so worth the effort.

photo of the week 11 december 2012


Ciao for now


David Purslow
Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Photo of the Week – December 4th 2011

Hello there,

Welcome to this weeks Photo of the Week – You can see more photos of the week by visiting the Photos of the Week Section

Posting this one a few hours early as I am running photography workshop tomorrow and probably wont have time to get around to posting tomorrow.

The reason I have picked this image is because it came from another teaching day of sorts.  I was lucky enough to be mentored in baby photography by Sarah Wilkes from Sarah Wilkes Photography, Sarah is a good friend of mine and one of the top baby photographers in the UK.  When baby James came into the world, I called Sarah and asked for help – she asked for help in return as Sarah only used to shoot all natural light.  So we did a trade, I spent a day teaching Sarah about lighting for baby portraits etc, and she spent the day teaching me about baby whispering.

During one such exercise Sarah had just put James into ‘The Pose’ as its called or ‘The Frog Pose’ as some others call it, I was about to start taking photos when I noticed James slipping a little so while Sarah waited to stop him lolling about I snapped this shot.

photo of the week

The reason I picked this image today is that tomorrow as I said, I am running a workshop on photography lighting for portraits and weddings.  Sarah has come along for a refresher (actually she just moved a lot closer to us so guess if it were the summer this would be a bbq weekend but she is hanging out at the workshop)  and my model for tomorrows workshop happens to be Roxanne who is baby James mum  –  so its kind of a big happy reunion !

You can find out more about the photography course I run by visiting my Wedding & Portrait photography workshops page.

You can see some of Sarah’s amazing baby portraits or find out more about the one on one mentoring sessions offered by Sarah (one of the UK’s top baby photographers) by visiting her site at

Thanks much,

see you next week !



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Photo of the week – 27 November 2011

Hello there,

This weeks photo of the week actually comes from a wedding I shot this past Friday.  The wedding of Lesely and Adrian to be exact.

I was mooching around during the lull between the speeches and the first dance for something to inspire me and as I walked around the corner I saw on the walls (of the smoking area of all places) down lighters – simple LED lights that pointed straight down the wall and lit up the back wall – they were around 15 feet apart and just put out enough light that you would see the wall.  I took a couple of test frames and decided I like this light a lot.

The lights were on swivels so I turned one of them around to create a dramatic shaft of light on the wall

this is what I got

photo of the week - creative wedding photography

In essence this was a very simple shot but it created very dramatic results.

ciao for another week !

Photo of the Week – 20th November 2011

Hi there,

Well two weeks in and its still going strong – this is this weeks photo of the week – it was taken at a recent wedding I shot for a couple who actually flew in from Australia to get Married.  The got married at Tanworth in Arden and had the reception just across the road at The Bell in Tanworth in Arden

The photo in question was taken int he space of around 2 minutes, on the day I was assisted by a good friend called Paul Goode and while he was outside shooting the guests just after the wedding, I set up a light in the church to create a dramatic portrait of the couple.

Once everthing was in place, I grabbed the couple, stood them in position and went click, click, click and the result is the photo you see below

Tanworth-in-arden wedding photography

The idea for this shot came about during the actual wedding itself.  Naturally during the wedding you cant use flash photography etc so just have to rely on natural light and your ability to capture it – well during the couples blessing at the High Alter I noticed how nice the window looked behind them but how it needed some light to make it stand out and be more dramatic – but had I exposed for the window without adding any light inside then the couple would have been in total darkness.

So once the church was empty I talked to the vicar about doing a few bridal portraits and he said no problem.  I used a battery operated studio light which is about 6 time more powerful than your average on camera flash and about 40 times more powerful than the average flash built into point and shoot cameras and with careful positioning and by balancing it with the light outside you got the photo above.

This is the photo that gave me the idea

getting married at the bell in tanworth

hope you enjoy, let me know if you want me to go into more technical stuff on the photos of the week, I still dont know who will be looking at them really.



Photo of the Week – Something New – 13/November/2011

Hello there,

Each week I will post up a new photo and a little bit about it and why I like it. – I will aim to update this section each Sunday – lets see how I do.

Okay for the first photo of the week, I am going to use a photo from the wedding I shot yesterday.  The wedding was at the Stunning Old Rectory Hotel in Redditch in Worcestershire.  The Old Rectory is an amazing wedding venue that offers the photographer an almost endless choice of photo locations.

This was the first time I had shot at the The Old Rectory so I wanted to make it count, and one of the biggest features of the venue is a collection of round windows, most photographers take photos using them but from what I have seen most of the pictures were boring so I wanted to do something different.

Why I love this photo is it took around 5 minutes to make, I had tried several different things and it was just not working, but by keeping at it and plugging away, we ended up with this – the second I saw it I knew I nailed it and that was it, it was off to the next location.

photo of the week

As you can see I was outside when this was taken and I love the feeling of intimacy you get from this picture.

Stay tuned for more photos of the week, hope you like.



David Purslow
Wedding and Portrait Photographer