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Photo of the week 25th March 2012

Manor House Wedding Photography Morton on Marsh

Hello there,

This weeks Photo of the week is less than 12 hours old, shot last night just before the first dance and before I left, its a shot of the bride and groom at the back of The Manor House, Morton on Marsh.

I have a similar photo in my slideshow I show prospective brides and groom without a couple in it, as soon as Hannah saw the photo she said she wanted to do the same thing but with the two of them in it.

This is a 10 second exposure so the couple had to stay very still, the couple are lit by off camera flash.


manor house hotel, morton on marsh wedding photography

Photo of the Week – March 18th 2012

Hello there,

This weeks photo of the week comes from a wedding I shot last summer, the wedding took place at the Amazing Gosfield Hall in Essex and was the wedding of Alex and Lisa.

The couple had wanted some of my off camera flash images, ones where you create a little bit of magic by mixing flash light with sun light and take a photo that normally would not be captured.

I have also included another one from when the bridesmaids walked down the aisle just because I love the lighting on that one also, often those kinds of photos are overlooked but so important.

gosfield hall wedding photographer

essex wedding photography

Photo of the Week – March 11 2012

Hello there,

Oh, its been a really busy week for me, I missed last weeks POTW but will catch up in the next few days.

Yesterday saw me shooting the wedding of Clare and Ben in Warwickshire, followed by a reception at Warwick Castle – my photo of the week comes from this wedding.

The wedding was a very intimate affair with only 12 guests in total.  This made for a very relaxed but really nice feeling day – so my photo of the week is of Clare the bride, just chilling in the Kitchen about 30 minutes before popping on her wedding dress.

Warwickshire wedding photography

there was really a sense of calm the whole morning.

this was a simple candid shot, no flash just available light while the bride was talking to dad.

Worcestershire / Warwickshire / Birmingham Boudoir Photography

Photo of The Week – June 10th 2012

Hello there,

Todays photo of the week actually was taken about 90 minutes ago.  I had a young lady visit with Gemma and myself at the studio today for a boudoir / make over photo shoot.  Miss ‘V’ was very nervous so we let her see a couple of images directly out of the camera – she picked one she really liked and we quickly gave it the treatment and she emailed it to her boyfriend while we were still shooting ! – pretty good going.

At the end of the shoot she said ‘I cant believe thats me, I cant believe I look that good’  I told her she is gorgeous and its all her and asked if today’s shooting session had done anything to boost her self confidence or belief in herself – she said yes with a GREAT BIG SMILE on her face.

I never cease to be amazed how often I hear that and it leaves a warm feeling that you did something really good for someone.

After talking to Miss ‘V’ I asked if I could make her my photo of the week and she said I could share it with you, technically the first one is my photo of the week

The stunning and beautiful Miss ‘V’


birmingham boudoir photography



Photo of the Week 26th February 2012

Hello there,

This weeks photo of the week comes from a shoot I actually did on Thursday – I ran a 1 on 1 boudoir photography training session for Neil, we used a new model to me, Hollie.  The purpose of the one on one sessions is for photographers to get a better understanding of posing and lighting to create beautiful and dramatic high class boudoir photography images.

This shot of Hollie was simply lit by 3 lights

The first is the key or main light, this is a 70cm beauty dish with the honeycomb grid in place

The second light was a 3 x 2 white lined softbox placed to camera left about 1 1/2 stops under the key light

The third light was a kicker or rim or separation light which ever you want to call it – this again is camera left behind Hollie about 4 feet away and using a very tight grid to just accent the top of her head and pull it off the background a little.

Neil wanted the workshop to be focused around speedlights so the whole thing was list with 3 Nikon SB800 speedlights in the vein of a strobist type studio setup.

Worcestershire boudoir photography

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