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Photo of the week 22nd April 2012

Hello there

A few days late but working like a crazy man at the moment,

here is the photo of the week, its from the wedding of Rosie and Jason I shot last year with a photographer friend of mine, it was my first wedding back after my surgery so is kind of special.  I have been talking to Rosie this week so thought it was a good picture to choose.

I actually shot this from inside my Jeep after I drove the couple into a field.


Photo of the week – 15th April 2012

Hey peeps,

Things are super busy around here so been a bit lax in posting updates etc, but here is the photo of the week for this week.

I am going to share with you a smaller and bigger version as the smaller version does not do the image justice.

Its from a wedding 2 weeks ago, I had a mad weekend where I was in Pembrokeshire on Saturday and then Devon on the Sunday.

This photo was taken in Devon at the amazing Tunnel Beach wedding venue, unfortunately the weather was not the greatest but my bride and groom that day were amazing and went out to the rocks despite the cold and wind – this made for GREAT skys and amazing photos IMHO.

I was assisted on the day by the good looking and sickeningly fit and athletic Cris Lowis from Cris Lowis Photography, talk about making me look like an out of shape blob ! –  anyway as I often say the greatest images only come about because of the people who help you create them, Cris was my 2nd shooter and lighting assistant and for these photos he was holding the Lencarta Safari Li-on light on a 14 foot pole in the air so I could overpower the daylight, bring out all the detail in the sky and make the bride pop – he was always only seconds away from getting wet as he had to stand on the tide line but without him these images would not have been possible. – Cris is great wedding photographer and is based in Staffordshire and his website is located at

So here it is

Tunnel Beach Wedding Photography

As I said to really enjoy the photo you need to see it bigger so if you click below you will see a bigger version of the image

The technicals of the image are  200 ISO – 1/125th  F  The focal length was 55mm’s

here is a shot of Cris hard at work !

cris lowis photographer

Congrats to Sally and George, many thanks to Cris for all his help !

Photo of the Week – 8th April 2012

Hello there,

A little late this week for the photo of the week as I have had a wedding on Saturday in Pembrokeshire and then another one in Devon on Sunday.  I returned to the studio Monday for 2 photo shoots and then another this morning – so just before going home to have some quality time with Mrs P and the chillens I thought I would post a photo of the week.

My shoot this morning was a Mother and Daughter photoshoot make over – my Subject was Miss E and her mother.  Mrs E brought with her, her flute and after having a bunch of photos shot in the studio we ventured off around the ground to shoot a pic in the woods.

The second Miss E mentioned she had her Flute I got very excited,  With this beautiful young lady in a ball gown, amazing light spilling thru the trees and the silver flute I knew it would be a cracking shot.

The technicals on this one are pretty simple,  I exposed for the background and over exposed it slightly (the green bits)  – I positioned Miss E so she was backlit and hair lit by the sun and filled in the front with a 2 meter strip box powered by a Lencarter LI-on Safari portable studio light chucking out around 450 whatts of power

I shot at F8 at 1/200th of a second and this is the result

worcestershire portrait photography

Photo of The Week – April 1st 2012

Hi there,

This weeks photo of the week comes from the wedding I photographed yesterday, Mrs P saw it and said Oh, I like that one, so I thought, thats it, thats the one.

It was the last shot of the ‘formals’ – we had just wrapped up and before heading off to shoot the room setup and details, the last shot had been a shot of the boys and I figured why not do the ‘reservoir dogs shot’

wedding photography tenby, pembrokeshire


This shot was actually taken at 200 iso, 1/125th sec at F18, the ambient light was spotty and bright with dappled overcast skys (see post below) so I had Tom use off camera lighting to light the shot – it was lit with a Lencarta Safari Li-on Portable Flash unit  pumping out 600 Watt/Seconds of power into a wide reflector.  I triggered the flash with the Radio Popper JRX receiver and the PX transmitter.

Photo of the week 25th March 2012

Manor House Wedding Photography Morton on Marsh

Hello there,

This weeks Photo of the week is less than 12 hours old, shot last night just before the first dance and before I left, its a shot of the bride and groom at the back of The Manor House, Morton on Marsh.

I have a similar photo in my slideshow I show prospective brides and groom without a couple in it, as soon as Hannah saw the photo she said she wanted to do the same thing but with the two of them in it.

This is a 10 second exposure so the couple had to stay very still, the couple are lit by off camera flash.


manor house hotel, morton on marsh wedding photography