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POTW – 4th August – 2013 – Julie and Michael Wedding at Plough & Harrow

Hello there folks !,

This is a bit of a cheat but through the wonders of time travel and the magic TARDIS I have hidden away in the studio, the photo of the week this week actually comes from a wedding I am shooting in a weeks time ! – confused ?????

Well I missed the post last week but slotted this one in.  I shot two weddings this weekend and on Saturday I shot the amazing wedding of Julie and Michael, I cant wait to blog the whole thing as the whole day was magical including the Mad Hatters tea party at the Plough and Harrow in Birmingham.

My photo of the week this week was taken at dusk, I have tons of great shots of Julie and Michael but this one really captures, or at least I feel it captures the couple as they really are.  The couple just like their day are so much fun and the day was filled with GREAT emotion I have never had so many hugs and kisses before and thats just from Michael, and again never before have I had a bride during her speech to a packed room say ”  Now that I am a a married woman there is only one other man I would take all my clothes off for, and thats David, our photographer………”  The room erupted  !

Anyway back to this photo, one of my last photos shot on their wedding day, so I had been with them for around 10 ish hours by this point.  The meal had been eaten, speeches had been done, evening guests had arrived and I was still stealing them away for the odd photo or two.  Not once did it seem like a bother to them to come for just one more photo ! – The joy and the happiness is evident for all to see, this is not a fake look this way and give me a giggle kind of photo, Julie and Michael were like this all day.  I could fill my photo of the week with photos from there wedding alone for the next year without any problems.

Just before their first dance I put on the slideshow for the couple and their guests, and I love watching them myself, well I have to tell you by the end of the slideshow I had a little tear myself remembering the day.  What a fabulous couple, day and bunch of friends.

Julie, Mike, You guys rock ! and you reminded me time and time again why I LOVE this just, why I do it and why its so important to get it right !

Lots of love and hugs !


The amazing Julie and Michael

julie and mike getting married at the plough and harrow birmingham uk

Photo of the Week Sunday 28th July 2013

Hello there,

The funny thing about being a wedding photographer is its a passion not really a job.  So a few weeks back I found myself without a wedding on a Saturday in June.  Eager to practice something different I asked a photographer friend and long time second shooter Clare Tebbett if she had a wedding of her own, as it happened she did so I asked if I could come along just to ‘play’

I wedding of Sharon and James took place at Salford Hall in Eversham on a glorious sunny day and both bride and groom looked amazing.  Here is a playful shot I snapped while Clare was shooting her Bride & Groom photos.

birmingham wedding photography salford hall

I will blog the whole wedding (well my portion of it) in a few weeks time but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Sharons dress, it was amazing to photograph.



Photo of the Week – Sunday 21st July 2013

Hello there, it seems like 8 month ago that I added my last ‘PHOTO of the WEEK’  well I am back in full swing and have picked up the gauntlet to try to maintain my photo of the week category and keep it active.

This weeks photo of the week comes from an amazing wedding I shot at the amazing Red House Barn wedding venue in Bromsgrove / Droitwich in Worcestershire.  The wedding was that of Sarah and Mark and took place on probably the hottest day of the year and almost the longest day of the year also.

We shot this photo at around 8pm so it was not actually dark, and we had to use studio lights to over power the ambient light and make the sky / couple look amazing.  I also used a special filter that attached to the front of the lens that let me dial down the ambient light by 4 stops to give me the look I wanted.

hope you like



Red House Barn Wedding Photography

Dumbleton Hall Wedding – Photo of the week – 25th November 2012

Hey there, my photo of the week seems to have become a bit of a photo of a few months as we have been frantically busy over the summer.

But I am back to it and over the next few weeks will post a picture of the day to update the photo of the week and bring it back up to date !

So here is this weeks first photo.

The photo was taken at my last wedding of 2012 and features the beautiful bride Katie, it was pouring with rain when she turned up to the venue and we had to keep her in the car and hide her away from the groom who was till wondering around the venue, so not to let time to by without taking a photo or two, I had the bridal party stand between the car and the building (they were under cover) so blocking the view from the windows, I then using a medium telephoto lens framed Katie in the car and had Clare stand at the front of the car with a softbox and twin Nikon SB900’s to provide soft but directional light through the front windows of the car.

Apart from the black and white conversion which I did using my favorite black and white photoshop action (Yervant’s Black and White action) its pretty much as it came out of camera – the only real airbrushing that took place was to clean up all the water drops from the pane of glass in front of Katie.

Hope you like it,

bridal portrait - bride in car



Spring Grove House Wedding Photography – Photo of the Week

Hello there,

When a couple come to see me prior to booking their wedding, I put on a slideshow for them to see, towards the end of the slideshow we show some of our so called Signature Images, these are typically the images we pull off using our portable battery operated studio lights.  Just one such example of from the wedding of Carina and James, with a fantastic night time at Spring Grove House at the West Midlands Safari Park nr Bewdley.

The image above was created using my newly purchased Nikon 16-35mm F4 lens which is a dream come true but more about that amazing lens on another post later.

The image was shot just after sunset at 400 ISO, 1/60th second at F5.6 – The couple (as you can see by the floor) were in total darkness and were lit using our portable battery operated studio lights and a Photoflex Octodome Small softboxx, this softbox is very expensive as softboxes go and added to that we had the equally expensive egg crate grids fitted to it, which brings the cost of the softbox to over £360.00 but the light it produces is beautifully focused and fantastically controllable.

Heres the image,

spring grove house wedding photo

hope you like