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Pet Photography Worcestershire

Hello there

Again another post to make best bird happy !

One of the reasons we have been so busy over the past few months is that we have been catching up from last year, I know that sounds strange but last year I was diagnosed with Cancer – the good news is that I am now totally free and clear and have been given the all clear from my consultant so its happy days ! – I lost 3 months of work however and it happened at the worst possible time of year for a wedding photographer with my operation taking place in August 2011 – that threw me out and its taken almost a whole year to recover and catch up with I am happy to say is almost totally complete.

So what does that have to do with pet photography I hear you ask, well as luck would have it, I signed for a new studio on the Friday and found out about my illness on the following Monday, so after having a studio I was not using for 3 months I ended up with a great space and over the past 6 months or so we have totally transformed it into the new home for David Purslow Photography.

This is what it looks like inside.

Photography studio kidderminster, stourport, bewdley, worcester

The studio is set up for

  • Family Portrait Photography
  • Baby Portrait Photography
  • Pet Photography
  • Boudoir photography
  • Glam the dress – after wedding photo shoots
  • Make over / Glamour Portrait Photography
  • Model Portfolio Photo shoots

Well a few months back I managed to spend a day photographing a fantastic couple whos wedding I was shooting a few weeks later, (their wedding photos will be online soon)  This was a amazing day as I shot their engagement photos, some pet portraits and a bridal boudoir shoot all in the same day – the first time I have shot all three for one client back to back.

I got an amazing photograph of Ruby, the most adorable cute little Jack Russel you can imagine.

As with all my photography I am not totally contented with just shooting the same old boring photos, so we combined a little boudoir with a little pet photography and ended up with this fab portrait.

pet photography west midlands

I have been waiting to share it with you and think its the perfect image to use for the first day I start posting again, hope you like it !

Thanks to Miss C for allowing me to use her legs !!!! thanks to Ruby for being such a star.




Pet Portrait Photography

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Hello there,

Something very different from me today – normally I keep my portrait stuff off my wedding website however I am thinking of bringing the two sites together.

Pet portraits or pet photography is something I LOVE doing – People love their pets and often people want beautiful photos of their pets.

The beauty of pet photography is that as long as I have a car and a camera it can pretty much be done anywhere, we go to where the pets are.

This weekend saw me photographing Solly Dog – the biggest softest black Lab you ever did see.

A few months back I had posted photos of my mums dog which I shot on a black background, well Helen asked if I would shoot Solly, her pooch – so this weekend we took a portable studio on the road, and took a few shots of Solly.

These photos were actually taken in Helens Kitchen – once we were all setup we less than 5 minutes in total taking the photos.

Here are the results.

The brief:  Make Solly look majestic, black dog on black background – moody.

Here you go.  hope you like.

I should point out that you may want to view these in the dark, depending on your screen they may appear too dark, but trust me, play with your birghtness and they will jump right out at you.

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