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Sami & Matt Engagement Session at Saundersfoot Beach.

Hey there, this is David Purslow (dp) a Wedding and Portrait Photographer covering West Wales, Carmarthen & Carmarthenshire and South Wales – I always pop this little plug in as I know lots of you find me for the first time via the search engines – You can view my website at and if you do, make sure you check out my blog !!!!!

This is just a sneak peek of a fantastic shoot I had yesterday with Matt and Sami.

Sami and Matt are getting married Next May, they booked me way back in February or March this year when the weather was pretty crappy etc, at the meeting I mentioned shooting an engagement session for them since at that time I didnt really shoot them and wanted some cracking pictures to be able to show other couples.  Well yesterday we met down at Saundersfoot for an engagement shoot, the guys had asked me if they could bring their little one along and get a few funky family shots as well – since I love photographing kids naturally I said yes – parents and grandparents love buying pics of the kids 🙂

So we shot a few photos of the 3 of them and then headed off to shoot some nice romantic shots that can be used for a signing frame or a guest book or just some nice pics to say have of just  the two of them.

One thing I always tell couples for engagement shoots is dress samey, you dont have to wear the exact same clothes but if your in like colours etc the photos will look much more pleasing to the eye, well Matt and Sami listened and did just that – I think you have to agree it made a huge difference in the pics.

an engagement shoots is included in a lot of my packages such as the Barcelona Collection or as an  option on lots of my smaller packages starting for only £300.00

To view my wedding photography prices please visit my Prices and Products page on my website.

Anyway, here is the sneak peek at the photos.










I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek – there are over 100 photos in this series so Matt and Sami are going to have a hard time choosing the ones they want !!!!

If you like what you see, why not make a comment in the box below

Take care,



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Courtney’s Bridal in St Clears – My Gallery stage 1

Hello everyone, just quick little update, Today (Sunday) I will be putting up Martin & Kayleights wedding blog story, this will be a little later tonight.  But for now I wanted to share a few pictures with you of how my Gallery Room is looking at Courtney’s Bridal in St Clears close to Carmarthen.

Courtney’s if a fantastic wedding dress / prom dress / bridesmaids dress shop run by Natalie and I have taken one of the rooms there to use as a Gallery.  I wont be there all the time but the plan is that one day  a week I will be there (and will keep you updated on those days here)

The Gallery currently is not finished but this will give you an idea of what its going to look like.  The room is pretty small so to shoot the pictures I used a wide angle lens which has distorted a couple of the pictures but there is no way round that.

The idea of the Gallery is that I am starting to get lots of brides looking for wedding photographers in Carmarthen or wedding photographers in Carmarthenshire and the gallery allows me to meet prospective brides at the shop which is much closer to Carmarthen than Haverfordwest.  Its also great for brides looking for wedding photographers in Pembrokeshire but who live in Central or East Pembrokeshire also.

I will have a few portraits up on the walls also so if your looking for a pembrokeshire or carmarthenshire portrait photographer why not stop by.

Natalie has kindly offered to hold an open evening so watch this space, if you would be interested in coming along just to be nosy and have a good look at a fabulous selection of ball gowns, wedding dresses and accessories or to peek at my photos and albums leave a comment in the box below and we will let you know when it is !

Anyway here it is so far,  I just started to put a few pictures on the walls.





Dont forget to leave your details in the comments box if your interested in coming along to the open night !


Haverfordwest County Show photos – not a lot of people know that…….

Hey guys,

Just thought I would update you a little on my week, this week the Haverfordwest County Show is on at the Withybush showground in Haverfordwest.  Radio Pembrokeshire have asked me to be their official photographer and cover the show for them for the whole 3 days so this week I am going back to my old roots – A press photographer !!!!!

This is my second round of being a Wedding and Portrait photographer, years ago I shot weddings for about 6 years  back in the 90’s but gave it up to concentrate on becoming a press photographer, I covered mainly sports, spot news (breaking stories) and concerts.  Since moving to West Wales I have formed a strong relationship with Radio Pembrokeshire mainly covering Charity events for them.  Radio Pembrokeshire is a very strong local station and is all about the community and does lots of charity events or charity sponsored events which I am always willing to help out with at no cost, its one of the  ways I can give back something using the skills I am lucky enough to have.

Since my love is weddings and portraits the press side is something I have been keeping to a minimum  (I do get a lot of requests to cover various press events as I am still listed as a freelance press photographer covering south wales and west wales however unless its a high ranking royal visit or something else very special I prefer to decline the work and concentrate on my love – Weddings and Portraits.

So when a few weeks ago I was asked to cover the show for them, I surprised myself by saying yes – I decided why the hell not, after all I would get to shoot show jumping and the Radio Pembrokeshire Talent Show – two areas that I really  enjoyed as a press photographer, sports and concert  photography.   It’s only a 3 day gig and is a little bit of an escape from weddings which is CRAZY each and every August,  for example this year I am shooting 11 weddings this month ! – Next year is filling up fast for August already.

So today I was picked up by Wayne from Explosive Production on his new super duper quad bike (never been on one before) and we headed off to the show.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from day 1 – just a little bit of the robot, show jumping and the talent show – that and me following Jim from Radio Pembrokeshire around while he interviewed people live on the radio.


Naturally with my love of food I loved this stand


Here Jim is interviewing Welsh Assembly Government Minister Elin Jones,  Minister for Rural Affairs


The Robot



Show jumping







The Talent Show




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Just had to post this testimonial before I went to bed.

Hey guys, dp here just wanting to share some personal thoughts with you before I tootle off to bed.

Things are really hotting up right now for me, August is always a very busy month but its going crazy right now in a GREAT way. I have booked 4 weddings this past week, 3 for later this year and 1 for next year. I have two outstanding enquirers also that have come in today as well, 1 for later this year and 1 for early next year.

So in a rare moment of self indulgence, I took the night off and me and Mrs P had a take away and sat down together and watched the Cirque Du Solie’s Alegria DVD – Its AMAZING and if you have not seen it please look it up and watch it – its one of the things that spurred me on in my wedding photography but more about that another day.  It’s special for Nikki and I because we had the great pleasure of going to see the show at the Royal Albert Hall a few years ago and had ring side seats. I have seen shows all over the world from Phantom on Broadway to Blueman in Boston from Madonna in Madison Square Garden to Tony Bennet in Jersey but nothing compares to Cirque in my humble opinion and having seen a few of their shows Alegria is by a country mile the best bar none.

Anyway what has this to do with a testimonial ? – well after the show Mrs P when up to bed and I ‘quickly’ checked my email one last time – its a bad habbit I know, and there was the most amazing testimonial from Carrie from the Carrie and Alex wedding I blogged the other day.

I was already on a high from watching the DVD and from just chillin totally for a couple of hours but this has really humbled me and I wanted to share.

I TRULY know just how LUCKY I am to be doing the job I love and want to do more than any other.  Its  all thanks to my clients who choose me to be a part of their day and who allow me to pursue my goals, ambitions and dreams through my photography.

So to Carrie & Alex and all my other clients THANK YOU SO MUCH

Carrie really did humble me with this one xxx dp

Carrie Said the following…..

“Thank you for the fabulous photos and wonderful memories you have given us. You were a complete professional, a gentleman and a good laugh to boot! I would highly recommend you to any couple getting married! If we could do it again you would be my first phone call 🙂 “

You can see the Carrie and Alex wedding story on my blog by clicking HERE and you can read Carrie’s comments for yourself at the bottom of the blog entry in the comments.

Right off to bed now feeling very all warm and fuzzy all over.

Night night



WANTED brides to be or past with a little bit of a daring nature…..

UPDATE – To view samples of what bridal boudoir click visit this recent post of on my blog   Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot

Hey there,  David here from – I always start off my blog posts by saying this as lots of you find me by the search engines. – I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in West Wales however I COVER THE WHOLE OF WALES AND THE UK !!!!!

Recently I posted a WANTED BRIDES post for a few trash the dress shoots and I got a great response and have started shooting a few of them – so watch this blog for more images soon.

But I am now looking for brides to be, brides past or just girls who want some amazing photos done and who also have a little bit of a daring nature to themselves.

NEW for the  2010 wedding season I am going to be offering Boudoir photo shoots for brides to be – These are sexy but NON NUDE shoots aimed at giving your fiance a nice little surprise the night before you wedding, a box of sexy photos or an album of sexy photos to remind him just how luck he is to be marrying you tomorrow.  I will also offer this as a portrait shoot option as they are popular around valentines day, Christmas etc.

To see what I am talking about visit this site – Its Elementz of Foto – run by an amazing photographer based in the states – CLICK HERE TO SEE HER WORK

I am either looking for girls who want to do some great bikini shots on one of the many spectacular beaches we have in and around Pembrokeshire so this is not for the shy girls out there – or girls who would like to do lingerie shots etc.

I WILL BE USING THESE PHOTOS FOR ADVERTISING so I will require a model release be signed and they will appear on my website, in magazines and on flyers etc so again please keep this in mind.

I will PAY for professional Hair and Makeup to be carried out before the shoot.

For your hard work and for allowing me to shoot you and use your photos in this way I will offer you in return

1 x 12×18 photo
5 x 8×12 photos
10 5×7 photos
and an online gallery where you can see the photos – if you wish to buy any more of the photos I will give you a generous discount.

During the shoot your more than welcome to bring a GIRLFRIEND with you for moral support.

If  you are interested then please either………

Drop me an email to and attach a couple of RECENT photos of yourself


Call me on 01437 779412 or 0759 0076666

Because this will ultimately be aimed at my regular wedding clientele, I am looking for girls aged between 20 & 40 years of age, looks and weight is unimportant because each bride is different and each if I wanted models I would just hire them – that would be too easy 🙂

Thanks for reading, take care,


David Purslow
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0759 007 6666