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Latest Gold Award Winning Wedding Photo

Worcestershire Wedding Photographer wins Gold Award

Reportage / Documentary Wedding Photography

Hello there,  David here from

I am very pleased to be able to announce that I recently won a Gold award.  Last month I shot a fantastic wedding at Gellifawr in Pembrokeshire West Wales.  I am pleased to say that one of the photos from this wedding won top place and received a gold award by DFP

As a professional photographer I think its important to constantly challenge yourself and there is no better way for a photographer to do this than entering competitions.  Being judged by ones piers has always been the best way for one to grow in any profession.  As a member of the PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS only Drama Free Photography Forum –  a collection of professional photographers from all over the world, whos membership is made up with members of such photography society’s as   The MPA – The Master Photographers Association, The SWPP – The Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers,  The ISPWP – The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, The AG|WPJA The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association and many many  more I enter their monthly image competitions.

Each month members are encouraged to enter two photos to be voted upon. There is a panel of judges selected from the membership of the forum (of which I am not a judge!) and who judge each entry submitted.  If an image received enough ‘points’ it will be awarded either a Bronze, Silver or Gold award.

The top image each month take center stage on the front page of the Drama Free Photography website.

This is the Gold Award image that took the top spot for January 2011

award winning wedding photographer

The image is hard to see if there is a lot of white area around your screen so I have put it up again below on a black background – the image was processed on a colour calibrated screen and if your screen is set up correctly you should be able to see the grass around the couple, the rocks etc – if you cant then your screen is off or there is too much light facing your eyes

below is a link to expand this page – there you will see a bigger version of the image on a black background.


So whats it like being photographed by me ?

Hi there,

Something a little different today.  In an effort to ‘jaz’ up the site a little, give it a bit more dynamism I have decided to add a video from one of my weddings last year.

The video is actually behind the scenes footage of me shooting, I also teach wedding photography (if you want to know more about that email me at

The video is an edited version of one that I share with my students so contains some technical data on the shots, but without putting the whole thing together again I would not have been able to add it so quickly.

This section is Fly on the wall stuff, it follows me shooting some of the Bridal Prep photos and also the Confetti shot and then onto the ‘Couples Alone Shoot’ – this was a 10 minute segment where the wedding guests left to go to the reception and The Bride, Groom and myself spent 10 minutes shooting a few more arty photo’s

What you will see is the way I shoot, I like to set the scene and then let the couple – You and your new husband have a bit of alone time while I shoot from a distance.  I am not one of those in your face photographers so use longer lenses most of the time to distance myself from you guys, this way you have intimate time together, can talk and chit chat and feel alone and all in love – I just take photos of it all.

In this short video you will see just how many great photos this alone 10 minutes produced.

I hope you like it.



David Purslow
Wedding Photographer
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Vintage Wedding Photography

Vintage Looking Wedding Photographs

Hello there, something a little different from me today.

Every few years something ‘new’ comes along, a style you may call it, a craze or just something that everyone loves and wants.  Several years ago it was what photographers call Spot Colour which is when you take a colour photograph and make it black and white.  Then you paint back parts of the photo in colour leaving a black and white image with just hints of colour.

Well 2010 saw a new trend taking off in leaps and bounds – The new look everyone is talking about is the Vintage Look.  This is where you using various Photoshop / Lightroom (the digital dark room photographers work in) tools and trick otherwise known as Actions and Presets – and using these actions & presets  you turn the photo into something more vintage looking.

There is no doubt that Vintage Wedding Photography is in high demand and vintage looking wedding photos have a dream like quality to them.

In the following examples below I show a before and after, the original image is exactly as taken and has not been touched up in Photoshop – The vintage wedding photo version has been processed in both Lightroom and then Photoshop to create the final Vintage look.

Original Photo #1 – Straight out of Camera

Vintage Wedding Photography Birmingham

The Vintage Version

West Midlands Vintage Wedding Photographers

Original Photo #2 – Straight out of Camera

vintage wedding phtographers Gloucestershire

The vintage wedding look

vintage wedding photography

One of the big advantages of modern digital wedding photography is the ability to change the look of a photograph relatively quickly and we can add the vintage look to any, all or none of the photos we take at a wedding.

Vintage wedding photography (actually its a look rather than a style) is available at the push of a button so if you are interested in having any of your photos processed this way be sure to let us know.  If you are thinking of having a Vintage themed style wedding then naturally the look of vintage wedding photos would fit you wedding perfectly.

For more information on Vintage Wedding Photography drop me an email by visiting our contact me page

Ciao for now,


David Purslow
Wedding Photographer
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We got featured on I Wed-Style

Hello there,

I just got notified that the wedding of Heather and Mike was featured on the wedding blog site I Wed Style

Heather and Mike got married at Bibury Court Hotel in the Cotswolds a few weeks ago – you can see a sneak peek of their wedding photos by visiting the original blog post:

Bibury Court Wedding Photography – The Wedding of Heather and Mike

Here is a grab shot from the I. Wed. Style website

Cotswolds Wedding Photography

Visit I.Wed.Style

Just thought I would share,

Thanks I. Wed !