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Venice here I come

taM9AF_cNeYHello there, David here from

I am off to Venice today for a training course – thats right a course.

Here is a link to a video from a previous course, this is what I will be doing – 5 days of intensive training from a guys who is widely believed to be the best wedding photographer in the world.

Yervant shooting a Venice workshop. This will be me next week!

I feel very honored and lucky to be going, Yervant only holds this 5 day course in Venice twice a year and its limited to 20 photographers only !

Yervants website can be found at

I will be ‘trying to post blog entries via my IPHONE while I am away, I have tested it and it seems possible so stay tuened for updates !!!!!!!

I will let you know how I get on when I get back,

ciao for now,


David Purslow
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Edward came visiting

Hello there, David here from

As you  will know if your a regular visitor to my website and my blog, Nikki, Joshua and I recently moved (about 10 days not at date of posting)  Well today was the first day’s rest we have really had so Nikki invited Gale and Edward over for lunch.  Today was fantastic, really nice and sunny !  Thats something you have not heard much this summer here in the UK.

Well since we had visitors I decided to take a quick 20 minute break from processing images from yesterdays wedding and had a mad 10 minutes in the garden with the girls and the boys.

Naturally once Edward grabbed the Bob the builder hat and Hi Viz vest and sat on the Bob the Builders truck I had to take a couple of photos.

Here are 3 from a 5 minute session that was more about RnR than working.

The first image, the vignette is naturally caused by the lens on the camera – its the Nikon 70-200 VR on a Nikon D3.

and here is one where Joshua looks like he is wondering why daddy is not pointing his camera at him but at someone else – JD Loves to get in on the photos !

All I would say is these are quick snapshots, I was in the garden for less than 5 minutes from start to finish and in that time, I had to stir dinner twice so actual shooting time was around 3 minutes.  The reaon for I say this is that it only takes a few seconds to take a few pictures and the kids grow up so quickly that you want to make sure you dont miss out, so get your cameras out and snap away – in years to come you will be happy you did !



David Purslow
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Family Portrait Photography in Pembrokeshire

Hello there, David here from

Today was a good fun day.  One of the best parts of my job is getting to photograph babies, toddlers and little kids.  The reason its so fun is kids really do the funniest things when you pull out a camera and try to photograph them.  I was shooting baby portraits in Pembrokeshire today, well I guess they were really toddler portraits.  We have had to pospone this shoot a couple of weeks due to the weather recently however I have been looking forward to this shoot for a while.  The reason simple, not just one baby, not twins but triplets ! – thats right I was shooting portraits of triplets today and it was a blast.

Its not really a secret, but what you HAVE to do is get the kids used to you being there before you can really start taking photos.  So while mum and dad played with the kids, I sat around on the grass with a long lens just following the action and letting the kids get used to me pointing a lens at them.  It took about 30 minutes before the kids stopped worrying about my camera equipment and then we had a  window of about  10 minutes before their attention span was gone.  All in all I am very please with the outcome however I am not the customer so will leave final judgment up to mum and dad who I will be checking with tomorrow !

In the meantime, here are a few from today.

Remember, I am available for baby portraits and family portraits not only in Pembrokeshire but anywhere within Wales and the rest of the UK.

Take care, thanks for checking out the blog,

More soon.


David Purslow
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01437 779412






Hope you like them !

Canvas Art or Canvas Wrap ?

Hi there, David here from

Today I was cleaning out my office 🙁 not a pleasant task ! so I took a little break and went into the living room. Of of things I love about being a photographer is being able to enjoy my own work – what I mean by that is Photos bring back fantastic memories for me and this week arrived a new canvas for our walls.

I have been slowly building up a collection of different sized canvas art print from photos, these large canvas images are samples to show clients when they come over. In the photos here, I just grabbed a camera and took a few pics of the canvas photos prints on the walls of our living room – I included the chairs etc for scale.

There are many places online that can turn your photos into canvas art prints however I like to use the professional labs I deal with, they may charge a little bit more but I feel the attention to detail and the quality of the product is worth it.

So why not spoil your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or your self and get one of your own photos made up as a large canvas art print for your walls. Photos look SO MUCH better when they are seen big.

Naturally I would love to shoot a professional canvas wrap portrait for your canvas or have you choose me for your wedding photography and use one of them but (and this is aimed at the guys really) choose your partners favorite photo and have that printed HUGE on canvas – your partner will think your the best partner in the world.

The pictures here have meaning. 1 this canvas wrap arrived this week, Joshua is actually only about 60 – 90 seconds old in this photo and its one of Nikki’s favorites – she cried when it was put up on the wall. (on a side line, in the West Wing when Toby has his babies, he tells the president later that he had learned that babies came with hats – its TRUE)


The next photo, has two canvas wrap’s in it, the black and white canvas is Joshua again, this time he is about an hour old, he was lying across Nikki when I took this one and its one of my favorites.


In the colour photo, thats our nephew Oliver, this was a stages portrait photo I shot about 5 or 6 years ago – I had it mounted onto canvas after it was published in a photography magazine.

In the last photo, this really shows the sizes you can print up to on canvas without loosing quality. This photo is 4 feet by 3 feet – its HUGE and as a guide the couch underneath it measures 7 foot in length. This was the first real portrait I shot of JD just after he managed to hold his head up. I will post a story on this later with a tutorial as I think everyone should have photos like these and they are so easy to shoot.


Well I hope that gives you some neat present ideas for your loved ones, or some ideas of what you can do with a portrait shoot and a canvas wrap photo.

Enjoy, and as always, comments welcome.

ta ta for now,


David Purslow

Joahua on the swing……….

Hi there,

I have to pop over to New Jersey USA for 8 days, so no news posts for the next week or so. Since today was Mothers day I asked Nikki what she would like, a new photo of Joshua was the reply.

Since I will my my honey and my boy while I am away, I thought why not ?

We went to Scolton Manor just outside of Haverfordwest on the Cardigan Road.

Nikki had gone there for the first time yesterday with Gail one of her “Boobie Group” mommy friends and it was Joshua’s first experience of sitting in a swing, and guess what – HE LOVED IT!

Shooting photos like these is pretty simple, you only need 4 things.

1. A baby or toddler
2. A park or nice setting
3 An overcast day – created nice LARGE LIGHT SOURCE – more about this later
4 A camera

Thats it, it really is that simple.


In the shot above, it may look like JD (Joshua David) is not swinging but this was taken during mid swing. What I did was choose a focus point, manually focused on that point and then every time JD came into the area I had Pre-Focused on, snapped a photo. I took about 15 shots in total to get this one, I actually got about 5 or 6 I really liked, but this is one of my favorites.

Here are a few more from the swing – another great tip here is to shoot from a kids point of view not from an adults – what that means is I positioned myself at about the same hight as JD when the swing was at its mid or resting point. That way you are not looking down on the subject, the most common mistake people make when shooting kids.






Earlier I said I used a large light source, this is what I was talking about. The way to think of light is to actually think about shadows. Unless your actually looking for very high contrasts in your images or are shooting something you want strong direct light, the “Flatter” or “broader” the light source the better. If you think about a bright sunny day with no clouds this would actually be a very small light source think of a pin prick of light, with nothing to soften or make it spread out (flatten or broaden) the light you get strong shadows and people have to squint etc. On an overcast day clouds smooth out the suns light to create an even, shadowless source of light, hence the whole sky become your light source or become a large light source. This is why fashion photographers mainly use big soft boxes, its like having your own clouds in a box to control and soften the light.

If Today had been a sunny day I would have taken a big white umbrella or a big reflector to hold over JD and put him into shadow – more on that in another post. I could have also shot him under a tree canopy that dappled the sunlight or….Yes your guessed it “softened it”

Just before the last few pics, let me just say this, if you notice all of these photos are what photographers call “Portrait” – We either talk in terms of “Portrait” or “View / Landscape”. One of the BIGGEST mistakes I see people make with there point and shoot camera’s is that they ALWAYS hold it so as to take a “View” or “landscape” image – If I had done this with these, there would have been so much wasted space around JD that he would be really small in the frame. Try turning your camera 90 Degrees and take photos upright of subjects that are upright – they look much better.

So you now know all you need to shoot shots like these – ooops I forgot.

I set the camera totally manually for these photo’s what that means is that I set the Fstop and the shutter speed and the ISO myself. I dont generally carry a light meter with me unless I am working in the studio or at a wedding so what I did was take a meter reading off the grass. The grass is generally a really good thing to meter off as its about a MID tone – more in another post about this later. I knew I wanted to shoot at F5.6 so put my camera into Aperture Priority, Centre weightted Metering and pointed it at the ground – the reading was 320/s at ISO400. I wanted to get a 500th/s so when up to ISO 640 to get the setting I wanted. I took a couple of test shots and looked at the Histogram and liked what I saw – NEVER trust 100 % just looking at the picture on your screen if you have a histogram – check it.

That was it, it was bang on the money, all the shots above and below were shot using

ISO 640
Manual Exposure
500th/Second @ F5.6

Happy shooting, hope this helps,

Here are the rest of the photos from today.