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Marketing Tips for Wedding Photographers

Hey there guys and gals,

This post is posted in my For Photographers section and is really aimed at both new and experienced photographers alike.


I spend about an hour several times a week scanning a bunch of other photographers websites.  Today I visited one of my all time favorites, its called Digital Pro Talk – its the site of David Ziser a very talented wedding & portrait photographer, an amazing teacher and author of some great photography books.  There are two kinds of photographers in the world in my humble opinion – Photographers who are sponges and who suck up all the information they can and don’t share and then the ones who give back to the larger photography community.  David runs courses, gives away truly amazing photography tips and tutorials and spend hour upon hour on his DPT website – He also links to a million other fantastic websites and its a great place to find articles.

Online Marketing Tips Website

So there  I was taking my normal Tuesday look at David Zisers Digital Pro Talk blog, about 3 posts in was a link to marketing site, naturally I clicked on it and spent 5 minutes reading the post – It was fantastic – gave me an idea right away that will generate between £5000 & £10,000 extra income this year – that’s the power of reading other blogs and visiting other websites.

The link to the article is here and the website main is called Marketing Essentials International

Short and sweet for today, but really powerful – check out both sites and make it part of your weekly marketing stratergy to visit at least 5 informational blogs relating to photography and wedding photography each week.

If you need help finding a few here are some links for you.

  1. Possibly the worlds best website on the web for small flash users – non studio stuff – Strobist
  2. One of my favorite websites for learning and reinforcing what I already know – Planet Neil
  3. A page I visit each week just to be inspired – its called the Still Image by Crash Taylor
  4. When I feel like making something strange I visit this site – another very inspirational site –
  5. Dave Hill Photographer – my hero – watching this guys behind the scenes videos makes me cry –

Then as you already know there are sites like Digital Pro Talk, Digital Wedding Forum (although I am no longer a member, its a great site)

A few newer sites that are starting to take my interest and ones I visit on a regular basis are

Photography Web Tips – a great new site from a friend of David Purslow Photography – Kevin Mullins –  although new its filled with useful information and GROWING pretty fast.

And then there is the new site from Rosie Parsons another great UK wedding photographer – her new site is called The Photographers Parlour – again full of great information and worth a weekly look at the very least.

Hope this list helps you out a little, do your self a favor, read, learn, network, grow but DONT STAND STILL



David Purslow

What a wonderful website

The Ultimate Wedding Photography Directory

Hello there, David here from

This post is just a quickie, its aimed at Wedding photographers but will be of interest to brides also.

Brides to be – forgive me if I rant on a little here, this post was originally aimed at my fellow wedding photographers but then like a bolt of lightening it hit me, this site is exactly what your looking for as well.

I just found this amazing website – Photographers for Weddings. –

If your anything like me you get dozens of requests and spam emails a week about this wedding gallery or that wedding gallery. You spend your time visiting them only to find them hard to navigate, hard to find what your looking for (which means your clients wont find what they are looking for either) and more interested in advertising themselves rather than you.

Well tonight I found the holy grail of wedding photography directory listing pages – they list photographers by area, town, type of photography, budget, and just about anything you care to mention.

While looking around the site I noticed that they list some of the top photographers in the UK so it must be good !

Hope this helps – I submitted my listing right away as I can see the value.

Oh, did I mention its got a really high page rank ! – that means very high listings and good traffic in return.

Whats even better, if you like you can join for free.

I know I sound like TV informercial but I am so sick to death of of phone calls and spam email from crappy sites that have nothing to offer me that this has me very excited

take care, off to bed now !



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