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Solihull Glamour Photography

Glamour Makeover Photography – The Beautiful Amy

A few days ago I got a very excited call from a very good friend and great Solihull based wedding & portrait photographer – Sean O’Shaughnessy – Sean has a great website which you can find here

Sean had been shooting a commercial job a few days before and stumbled across a beautiful young lady called Amy, Sean instantly knew Amy would make an amazing model and as he is in the process of totally re-branding his boudoir and make over photography marketing materials did the typical photographer thingy – he said “Hey baby, I am a photographer and would love to take your picture”  but in his own words with his soft Irish lilt.  To cut a long story short Amy said yes and yesterday they invaded my studio and asked if I would be interested in collaborating on a photo shoot.

So Amy turned up with a girlfriend, Sean hired a very talented make up artist and I worked as the studio lighting tech and digital tech for the day, helped out with posing, lighting, making tea and coffee etc.

The images are amazing, I have a few to share with you, as the rest have not yet been processed.

We split them in into 3 main sections,

1 – Photos for mum and dad or the family.

glamour photography solihull

2. Photos for the boyfriend

glamour photography west midlands

3. Photos for Amy

We had an amazing half day, we ventured into the woods and those photos are amazing, and in time I will share a few more with you once Sean chooses which ones he wants to work up.

Hope you like,

Remember we offer a full range of Make over and Boudoir photography at our studio in Worcestershire and regularly have people traveling from all over the UK for photoshoots. – If your looking for a make over photoshoot or boudoir photoshoot check out our boudoir photography page




Glamour and Boudoir Photography – The beautiful Miss E.

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Hey there,

What a roller coaster of a week this has been.

Just when your feeling down, you get an email like this and it picks you back up agian – The email was from the georgous Miss E, a boudoir client who visited me a few weeks ago.

Miss E kindly let me share a few pictures with you and sent these very nice words to discribe her Boudoir / Glamour photography photo shoot.

Worcestershire boudoir photography

West Midlands Boudoir Photography


glamour photography west midlands

midlands boudoir n glamour photography

sexy real wives photo shoot

and here are the very kind words from Miss E

When I arrived at the studio, almost half an hour late I was greeted by David and was made very welcome straight away, however I was extremely nervous as I had never done anything like tho before and for a split second questioned my sanity of actually getting into my underwear and baring all! I am very conscious of my body. David could obviously sense I was nervous and put me at ease with a little banter. I remember standing in my underwear and heals and literally shaking, two hours later, I was a completely different person, music pumping, positions changing, pouting my lips, it was just the confidence boost I needed!

The shoot went so quick and I came out feeling like a model thanks to the fantastic work from David and his make up artist!

I am that pleased I have booked a boudoir photoshoot party with some of my girlfriends in a hotel!! I can’t wait to add more to my collection!!

I recommend this to everyone!

You can visit our Boudoir Photography for Birmingham, The west Midlands and Worcestershire & Gloucestershire page by clicking here.

West Midlands Boudoir Photography – Beautiful Miss M in black & white

Hi there,

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Just one quick one for today, I just had the stunning and amazing miss M come for her viewing.  Miss M came to see us last week for her boudoir shoot, this stunning lady comes from South America and has that Latin sensuality oozing out of every pour.

More and more of my boudoir clients end up choosing what I call my Boudoir Noir images, these are sexy, sensual and artistic black and white boudoir photos and Miss M LOVED her Noir images.

I asked if I could share one of my favorites from the shoot with you lot and she graciously said yes

so here it is,

Miss M – Boudoir Noir by David Purslow

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black and white boudoir photo


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Merry Xmas !

Well as its Christmas Eve I thought I would post one final picture before I took off for the festive break.  December has been a bumper month for Boudoir photography with clients coming from as far away as Essex, Sussex, Cheltenham, but also local from Stourbridge, Kidderminster, Worcestershire and also in my very own village of Hartlebury.

So with this in mind, I thought I would share what one lucky fella is going to be getting in his stocking this Christmas.

local boudoir photography

I hope you all have a fantastic time over Christmas and the new year,

I will be revamping my wedding, boudoir, and portrait prices over the xmas period so watch this space !

thanks for visiting us in 2012 and see you in 2013


dp, np, jd and smp

Beautiful, Stunning, Classy and Classic Boudoir Photography

About 7 months ago, we had a client walk into the studio for a boudoir shoot, well as it turned out it was a match made in heaven.  Gemma one of our make up artists (our primary one) happened to be pregnant and at this moment is as big as a house and we are just waiting to hear the pop sound as the baby is due any day now.  Anyway, Miss C as we shall refer to her as came in for a boudoir shoot and  in chatting to Gemma took note that she was pregnant, well at her viewing she happened to let slip she was a fully qualified make up artist and would be interested in joining the team after having a great shoot with us already.

Its pretty unique to have a make up artist that can expertise with the clients and know exactly how they are feeling etc, Miss C has been working with is now for around 4 months and is proving to be an invaluable member of the team.

Miss C so enjoyed her shoot that at any opportunity to get in front of the camera and she is there and she has also started modelling for other photographers also with her new found confidence and ever expanding portfolio.

Today we had a great boudoir shoot for a client and afterwards we managed to grab about an hour to shoot some ‘stock’ images for use in our Valentines promotion that we have just started working on.

Here are a couple of the images from today.

worcestershire boudoir photography

boudoir photography kidderminster

boudoir photography kidderminster

And the next couple of photos were inspired by the Scottish Widows television adverts that were on TV years ago, I never forgot them !

scottish widows inspired boudoir photo shoot

scotish widows inspired photo shoot

Remember we are currently running an offer on Boudoir Photography and have gift certificates for Christmas and Valentines day !