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Beautiful baby and family photography

Hi there,

I feel like one of those guys off the radio or TV but what can you do about it…..why do I feel like that….. its because I have to say……….

Not a lot of people know that…………

David Purslow Photography not only specialises in Wedding and Boudoir Photography but we also shoot really really cute photos of newborn babies, babies and families.

Just such an example if Baby Bella who came to visit our studio last week.

We had shot Bella and the whole family a few weeks back, but last week it was all about Bella, well Bella and Mum.

there is not a lot to say about baby photography other than the photos you get very quickly become some of the most treasured of memories.

Hand on my heart, as god is my witness today Nikki (my beautiful bride) ‘Pop-pops’ (The father in law) and I were looking at some photos from Joshua and Soukie when they were little (remember they are only 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 years old) and the changes and differences between then now and then was mind blowing.  I had forgotten exactly what they looked like just a short few months back and thats why photographs are so important, they bring back and trigger memories that would forever be lost otherwise.

anyway, enough of my taking a trip down memory lane, here are a few shots from Baby Bella’s visit to our studio.

If you would be interested in family or baby portraits please contact the studio on 01299 253844 or drop us a line.

For the month of December we are offering a Christmas Special offer – £25.00 only Sitting fee’s – that right you get to come to our studio and spend up to a whole hour with us having beautiful photographs take of your loved ones, and then come back a few days later for your viewing / ordering session.  We will even include a gorgeous 10×15 inch photograph to say thanks for trying out our studio.



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stunning baby portrait

Thanks to Lizz for stopping by with Bella


First Birthday Photo Ideas

Hello there,

This week Sarah popped in to visit with me, Sarah is a good friend and has two beautiful little boys, it only seems like a few weeks ago I was shooting baby James’s newborn portraits and got one of my all time favorites – this one

worcestershire baby portraits

Well baby James is just knocking on the door of being 1 years old, so cake in for his First Birthday Portrait session with his big brother.

Here is baby James


baby cake smash first birthday portrait session

first birthday portrait ideas

and his big brother – Jack

birthday portraits worcestershire

and the brothers together !

family portraits worcestershire

WOW they grow up so quickly !!!!



Photo of the Week – December 4th 2011

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Welcome to this weeks Photo of the Week – You can see more photos of the week by visiting the Photos of the Week Section

Posting this one a few hours early as I am running photography workshop tomorrow and probably wont have time to get around to posting tomorrow.

The reason I have picked this image is because it came from another teaching day of sorts.  I was lucky enough to be mentored in baby photography by Sarah Wilkes from Sarah Wilkes Photography, Sarah is a good friend of mine and one of the top baby photographers in the UK.  When baby James came into the world, I called Sarah and asked for help – she asked for help in return as Sarah only used to shoot all natural light.  So we did a trade, I spent a day teaching Sarah about lighting for baby portraits etc, and she spent the day teaching me about baby whispering.

During one such exercise Sarah had just put James into ‘The Pose’ as its called or ‘The Frog Pose’ as some others call it, I was about to start taking photos when I noticed James slipping a little so while Sarah waited to stop him lolling about I snapped this shot.

photo of the week

The reason I picked this image today is that tomorrow as I said, I am running a workshop on photography lighting for portraits and weddings.  Sarah has come along for a refresher (actually she just moved a lot closer to us so guess if it were the summer this would be a bbq weekend but she is hanging out at the workshop)  and my model for tomorrows workshop happens to be Roxanne who is baby James mum  –  so its kind of a big happy reunion !

You can find out more about the photography course I run by visiting my Wedding & Portrait photography workshops page.

You can see some of Sarah’s amazing baby portraits or find out more about the one on one mentoring sessions offered by Sarah (one of the UK’s top baby photographers) by visiting her site at

Thanks much,

see you next week !



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