Gloucestershire Wedding photography – New toys and a hard working couple

Hello there,

Just a quick update this week,

On Sunday I was photographing the wedding of Katie and Martyn at the beautiful Dumbleton Hall Hotel in Gloucestershire, everything was perfect apart from the weather, but the couple were Troopers in more ways than one, and sucked it up and ventured outside with me in the pouring rain to get some amazing photos.

The new toy to which I am referring is a new light, those of you who know and follow me will already be aware that I pretty much always work with an assistant / 2nd shooter who helps me create the signature images with the aid of vairous lighting techniques, well this weekend I had a new toy – Its a BIG light panel – hundreds and hundreds of tiny daylight balanced led bulbs in a long thin panel – Clare bless her spent 1/2 they day with this thing and at one stage she was balanced on an end table 6 foot up in the air giving me a downwards direction of light  – the result was this photo, taken in the entrance way to Dumbleton Hall just before we left for the night, I had seen the light sconses ???? and pondered what I could do with them, well I am very happy with the results.

dumbleton hall wedding photography


by moving 10 feet inside the entrance way and having Clare come back down to earth, we managed to pull off this look

dumbleton hall gloucestershire wedding photo

But back to the couple, so what do I mean when I say it was wet and raining, well the ground was as soggy as hell, the rain was coming down fairly hard and it was windy, but as the couple said (They didnt hire me for my devastatingly good looks) they wanted something special, so we made a deal, if they gave me 10 minutes in the rain, I would get them some images that looked great and in the years to come, you would never be able to tell it was raining.

So here is a bit of an outtake photos

wedding photos in the rain

if you look at the water in the background you can see the as forrest gump would say – Big Fat raindrops hitting the water, Clare is holding up the all important dress while the couple get into position, The umbrella to the right is the one I was carrying over the couple as we talked to the spot and the bride is wearing my coat – yep, I got wet !!!!! – but as Dan Dan the fireman used to say all the time, Your Skin Is WaterProof !!!

So we trecked off the spot chosen and then carefully positioned the dress on the ground, just avoiding the duck poop  – had the couple assume the pose and snapped a few photos, – with slower shutter speeds you manage to hide the rain and bring out all the beautiful colours, and end up with photos that look like this.

dumbleton hall grounds wedding photos

wedding photos at dumbleton hall gloucestershire

The we moved to the fire escape at the hotel, I liked this feature of the hotel on the old conservatory the very first time I saw the venue, so had wanted a picture or 2 on there, again we explained very carefully what we wanted and how the photo would look, Katie and Martyn were up for it so up the went, 1/2 way up the fire escape in the rain,  you should have seen the 4 of us trying to squeeze Katie and her dress up the steps, it was pretty fun !

The floor is the only give away that its actually raining here.

dumbleton hall wedding photos

Taking photos in the rain is one of the reasons I LOVE using Nikon equipment, my cameras are water sealed and can stand up all day long to being used in the rain – the lenses have special o ring seals on them that when attached to the body stop water getting in, its another reason I carry 2 cameras with me, the fire escape photo was taken on the Nikon 70-200 VR2 lens while the 2 wider angle shots were taken using the Nikon 16-35mm VR F4 lens – I didnt need to swap lenses as I had configured them before we went outside, I simply picked the right camera & lens combination to grab the shots I wanted.

Right, one more photos featuring my new toy, I LOVE this light,

As you will know I LOVE wedding dress shots, and we struggled a little to find a location for the photo of the wedding dress, after Clare and I looked around for a good while, we decided together there was only one spot to photograph the dress at, it was too wet to even suggest taking it outside (as you know I LOVE to do) so it was in the living room, in the window.  I wanted the light to look natural but we were shooting up against a very strong back light, so again using the Nikon 16-35mm and with Clare JUST out of shot, she lit up the whole of the dress and let a little light spill onto Katie  – I LOVE the result.

Bride looking at wedding dress

Hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek – many many many thanks to Martyn and Katie for choosing us to be a part of their big day – it was such an honor shooting the wedding and as a military brat myself,  I am always in awe of the men and women who serve our country and its such a joy to shoot the weddings of our heros !

ciao for now


This was my last wedding for 2012 and I wanted to thank from the bottom of my heart Clare, Caroline, Mark, Tom and Paul G and Simon R for helping me out this hear, for second shooting, for assisting and putting up with me.  I really could not do what I do without the help of my fantastic assistants and fellow photographers – thank you one and all – A special thanks to Clare who has been my number 1 assistant  and has been by my side for much of the year, who has cooked me bacon butties, fetched my drinks, indulged my whims, climbed walls, trees, on top of furniture, moved tens of thousands of pounds of wedding dresses, who has taken amazing photos for me, driven me around and generally looked after me – You are a star, thanks so very much.

P.P.S –  A special hello to best bird, I will be interested to see if you actually read this bit 🙂

Iain GomesNovember 8, 2012 - 2:17 pm

As always David amazing work. You’re one of the innovators in the wedding photography business, always looking to try new techniques…

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Why I love expensive Nikon Glass (lenses)

Hey there,

Just a very quick sneak peek,

Saturday saw me shooting the 2nd wedding of the weekend for me, it was at the stunning Ettington Chase hotel in Stratford on Avon, it was the first time I had photographed a wedding there and what a beautiful place to get married at, well after the formals etc Caroline and I shot off to shoot the room and when I walked in my jaw hit the floor, it was amazing !!!!!!!

I decided that I needed to shoot this with NO added light, I wanted to capture the spender and magnificence of the room the wedding breakfast was to take place in, so opted for the Nikon 24-70mm F2.8 – my go to lens for general photography but what I love about this lens is its tack sharp wide open and distorts very little.  because the room was actually very very dark I took this photo at 3200 ISO hand held at around an 80th of a second at F4

I LOVE it, its NOT been through any noise reduction software and is pretty much straight out of camera, I just grabbed it as I was offloading from the laptop to the desktop.

The ball room at Ettington Chase

Ball room at Ettington Chase Staffordshire

more soon……





Are you really going to have that beautiful wedding dress in a tree ??????

Thats what Claire my assistant said to me Friday morning when I could not find anywhere to shoot the dress in the hotel room………here is the story……

I had a busy weekend with 2 weddings and then a whole day in the studio, but if your a regular to the blog you will know I have a penchant for wedding dresses, I think the wedding dress has its own personality and brings so much game to the wedding day, I always try if the client is willing to create something magical with the wedding dress.

I always have an assistant / 2 nd shooter with me at a wedding and for a while now I have been working with Clare who also works with me on family and baby portraits in  the studio.  Clare is fairly new to weddings but is a great photographer but for some reason she cringes when it comes to the wedding dress shoot – Brides that book me know (especially if they have been to the studio or seen my portfolio) that I love creating something special for the wedding dress photo and that if I cant find somewhere great inside I often take the dress outside and hang it on Trees, Flag poles, Lamposts etc etc etc,

So on Friday Clare and I were shooting the wedding of Charlotte and Jonathan at the beautiful Hair and Hounds hotel  in Westonbirt Tetbury, Gloucstershire and there was nowhere in the room that would give a great shot, so after checking that no other guests had checked into the hotel where Charlotte was getting ready and no one who was going to the wedding was around, I asked Charlotte if she would mind if I took the dress outside and hang it in a tree. – Nope she said without a doubt, the mother of the bride however took a big gulp and said outside……  as I was running off to get the dress.

So we moved the dress in his bag, we found a perfectly dry tree although the ground was wet and made sure the dress was securely on the hanger and that we covered the floor with plastic (see pic below)

hanging wedding dress in tree

The plastic you see also cover the back of the dress and an up lighting light that lit up the hotel at night, there was nothing that could get the dress dirty or wet !

so the shots looked like this, after we had photoshopped out the bag on the floor !

wedding dress in tree

charlotte and jonathan wedding, hair and hounds

one of the reasons I love working with assistants and second shooters is that shots like the above would not happen without someone else to bounce ideas off, someone to help hoist the dress up in the tree and someone to stand just out of shot ready to run grab the dress if the wind suddenly pics up etc.  Normally I am also known for lots of off camera lighting but the above shots of the dress were taken without any extra light, just the sun and light reflecting off the building.

Another reason I love working with assistants and 2nd shooters is that you really get to maximize the shots of important little moments.

Here while Charlotte was putting the wedding dress on, we covered every angle.

here for example is a shot I took while the back of the dress was being done up, Charlotte had one bridesmaid holding her veil up while another looked on in amazement at the dress, its funny but you cant see anyones face clearly but you can almost feel the excitement and the hairs on the back of your neck standing up with anticipation that this image captures.

bride getting dressed

While I was taking that photos, Clare my amazing assistant was taking this photo

back of wedding dress

ignor the photo by david purslow bit, its our company brand. !  I might need to change that.

Then after I had left the room and left the room, it was all just girls alone and Clare grabbed this shot of the bride, dressed and waiting to head off to get married !

bride at the hair and hounds Westonbirt tetbury


A few more shots that shows off what the wedding dress go’s through

confetti wedding photo

first dance wedding photos

bride and groom ouside hair and hound tetbury

hope you enjoyed !