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Hey there,  some of you may have noticed over this week that the blog was all messed up – On Sunday I was working on the template of the site and happened to totally screw it up 🙁  It took until today for my webmaster to sort out my mistake – he was busy with other stuff and being as it was me that totally screwed it up – I had to wait.

Oh, its so nice to be back.

Just a little update I have my mini albums complete, tomorrow I will post some pics, I am going to set up a nice little display.

I have just ordered a  new screen for my Apple Mac computer – I run both Mac’s and PC’s – 4 machines in total in my office.  The mac is what I build my website with etc and since I now have tons of new album photos etc and since I need to update the whole website (portfolio side)  I needed to use the mac.  Hopefully the monitor will be here tomorrow and then I will be able to update the website.  The monitor that was on it is currently being used by this (my main PC) and the mac is running via Ultra VNC – the problem is I cannot do website design via the UltraVNC window – there is just too much to do.

Anyway, The blog is back – David Purslow Photography is back and I can keep you updated in my Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, West Wales and South Wales wedding photography.

Stay tuned for more wedding albums from some of my recent weddings, including weddings at The Beggars Reach, Burton in Pembrokeshire and also a couple of weddings at Warpool Court Hotel in St Davids, Pembrokeshire.

May is going to be a great month on the blog,  hope to see you here.  Remember to sign up and leave comments or drop me questions or comments,

Take care,

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Another little Brag Album

Hello there, David here from

Okay, I know its sort of funny, but here is the second brag album – the reason its funny is the first one is below this one !

For the full story, scroll down and read the post below this one first !

This brag album uses images from the wedding of Sian and simon. This was a wedding at The Beggars Reach in Burton, Pembrokeshire.

The brag albums are all vertical only, so the landscape images you see below are spread across 2 pages. The white line is a gap between them.

Hope you like them




Working on a little Brag Album

Here there, David here from

First off, to read all of this post you will have to click on the link below as there are 10 photos and it would kill the blog page. From now on, I will make the posts pages by themselves with partial “teasers or snippets” – if you like what your reading you can just click on the link to read the rest.

One of the things I am constantly working on is what I show to brides or at wedding fairs. Last year I saw a lovely little album – its pocket sized (I will photograph it once its finished) and will hold 10 photos. They are SO CUTE that I knew I would be offering them one day. A couple of months ago I found a source of these albums and since I had a little spare time, today I started putting a couple together.

The idea of this little album or Brag album is for the Bride / Groom / Mother of the bride or whoever really (can work for portraits also) can carry around with then a nice looking album containing a snapshot of the day.

I have put together a couple of these now (made the files – going to the lab on Monday) and will have them finished by the middle of next week. One they are finished I will show you the finished album.

But I wanted to share with you the images I have used for each one, and would love to hear from you on what you think

Here is the images from the first one.

The photos are from the wedding of Ben and Zena – it was a wedding at The Elms, just outside of Stourport on Severn, Worcestershire.




Bridal Portrait – From a wedding at the Beggars Reach

Hello there, David here from

UPDATED March 18th 2009 – You can view lots of my photos from this wedding on my whole new gallery section on my website – The website is all about wedding photography for west wales and Pembrokeshire.  Click here to visit my west wales wedding photographers gallery page

Working on a few pics today, I just wanted to share one with you, I am going to use this one in a demo album, when I had finished it, I quickly created a web sized version.

Its a shot of Sian from the Simon and Sian there wedding at the Beggars Reach Hotel, Burton, Pembrokeshire. I shot this weeding a couple of weeks ago.

Hope you like it.


Joshua in the garden

Hello there, David here from

Just a quickie today. Over the past few weeks I have been talking to a lot of other photogs (photographers), reading other photogs blogs and following tutorials on professional photographer websites such as Digital Wedding Forum.

A couple of my favorites are

Cory Ann Ellis Brookings SD USA website

Jessica Claire southern California USA website

Kelly Munce Australia website

Rob Heyman Australia Website (my favorite portrait photog)

I am particularly talking about portraits here and mainly kids portraits.

One of the things I have learned over the past couple of weeks is a technique where you use a wide or ultra wide angle lens and get right up close with the subject (in this case Joshua) Typically this goes against the grain of what you generally do.

As always, the best way to get kids portraits is by being at there level (not in this pic but there is a reason why) Normally when parents take photos they always do it from a standing up position or kneeling but again way above the subject. Try to get yourself at your kids eye height unless there is a reason why not.

In this photo 1 of 7 I took, Joshua is in the garden, its about 20 minutes before sunset and he is in the shade. I knew (just habit) that I would be shooing at ISO400 so between when I went to grab a camera and take the photo I put the camera on that. The reason Josh was out there was Nikki was bringing in the washing from the line, she had taken Josh out there with NO intention of a photo. I had been working outside and decided I needed a break so seeing him there, thought what a great time to practice the new technique I had been reading about.

I took the camer, put it into program mode (fully auto) put the metering on center spot (not little spot and not full screen metering) and pointed it at the grass just to the right of Joshua, I filled the screen and looked at the readings – 80th sec / F5.6. These were the settings I then programmed in Manual mode (I like to shoot in manual mode as the exposure does not change or get influenced by the colour of clothes, backgrounds etc) Grass is always a good place to take a meter reading from, especially if it has the same lighting as the subject.

So armed with my camera in Manual 80/5.6 I opened up the zoom (Nikon 24-70mm) all the way to 24mm and then snapped a couple of shots to test it out – Why I like this way of shooting is the subject fills the screen and the wide angle lens makes the background appear to be way off in the distance, telephoto or longer length lenses shorten the distance between the background and the subject.

After I liked what I say (it was only a test) I got up and then Josh started reaching for the lens – thats when I snapped another 5 shots – Not looking through the viewfinder (something I do very often – read other posts on this) and this is the shot I liked.


Sorry about the bib its something I was TOLD to buy by Nikki when I was over in the States – normally it would not have been on him for a portrait shot !

Hope you like, try it for yourself, take your meter readings off the grass, set your camera to manual and blast away.

Happy Snapping,

thanks for stopping by,


David Purslow –

gurlywundaApril 19, 2008 - 12:08 pm

Do not blame the bib on me! I wouldn’t have known anything about it if you hadn’t told me! hehe