Pregnancy Bump Portraits for Worcestershire and the West Midlands

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Today I had the great pleasure of shooting a fantastic couple’s baby to be ! The couple had wanted some portraits that showed off the “BUMP”. I arranged for the shoot to take place inside the studio rather than outside where I generally like to shoot most of my portraits. The couple had requested a white background so a studio based setting was needed.

The idea was to create some funky and fun photos which generally showed off the bump. I had asked the couple to come wearing similar colours or tones as this always works well for portraits. Its a good rule of thumb that if your shooting casual portraits try to get all the members of the family or portrait group to wear like colours or tones – I say tones because black and white’s dont care about colour but a dark green and a dark blue will pretty much look about the same in a b/b if the tones are close – you get the idea.

In the first photo, its a general establishing shot of the couple and the bump – It sets the scene as its not too formal, looks relaxed and in my humble opinion is a great pregnancy portrait bump shot !


I am avoiding naming the couple until I have spoken to them so will continue to refer to them as “The couple”

In the next shot (possibly my favorite shot of the day) you loose a lot seeing it only this small. I spent a lot of time in photoshop editing this image to get it to look how I like it. The big full size image has fantastic grain structure in it and looks like an old 400 or 800 ASA black and white film grain – in this little picture you miss so much detail. This image would make a fantastic canvas wrap or large format photographic print. Anyway I love it and its going into my portfolio.


The rest of the images pretty much speak for themselves so since its WAY past my bed time and Nikki is keeping the bed warm for me, I shall just pop them up without descriptions for you.

Pregnancy portraits are great fun, very personal and something that when the bump is gone gives the mum’s great pleasure looking back over. I get more letters from Mum’s than any other form of photography expressing how much they enjoy the photos – normally its about a year or two before I get the letters but its an amazing percentage of the mums from my pregnancy tummy portraits that do drop me a line.

As I said before, here are a few more. Just out of interest, the shoot lasted about 45 minutes and I took about 75 photos during that time.

Hope you like, remember either post a comment or drop me a email as Feedback on the blog is always great to receive.

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Karen and Williams Wedding Pic

Tonight I am off to deliver Karen and Williams Photos. I was just looking through them again and it reminded me what a good fun day it was. This was one of my weddings at Lamphey Court Hotel in April 2008. Karen and William were great subjects to photograph and helped me no end in making there photos fun and turn out great.

Here is another one taken on the day, this is the front of the Lamphey Court Hotel, a quite spectacular entrance way leading into the hotel reception.

Just following the wedding I managed to snag Karen and Will for few minutes to shoot just a couple of pics before I let them loose on there guests. The first few minutes following the wedding is when the bride and groom have a fantastic smile on their faces that you just cant get rid of.

I hope you like.


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Canvas Art or Canvas Wrap ?

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Today I was cleaning out my office 🙁 not a pleasant task ! so I took a little break and went into the living room. Of of things I love about being a photographer is being able to enjoy my own work – what I mean by that is Photos bring back fantastic memories for me and this week arrived a new canvas for our walls.

I have been slowly building up a collection of different sized canvas art print from photos, these large canvas images are samples to show clients when they come over. In the photos here, I just grabbed a camera and took a few pics of the canvas photos prints on the walls of our living room – I included the chairs etc for scale.

There are many places online that can turn your photos into canvas art prints however I like to use the professional labs I deal with, they may charge a little bit more but I feel the attention to detail and the quality of the product is worth it.

So why not spoil your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or your self and get one of your own photos made up as a large canvas art print for your walls. Photos look SO MUCH better when they are seen big.

Naturally I would love to shoot a professional canvas wrap portrait for your canvas or have you choose me for your wedding photography and use one of them but (and this is aimed at the guys really) choose your partners favorite photo and have that printed HUGE on canvas – your partner will think your the best partner in the world.

The pictures here have meaning. 1 this canvas wrap arrived this week, Joshua is actually only about 60 – 90 seconds old in this photo and its one of Nikki’s favorites – she cried when it was put up on the wall. (on a side line, in the West Wing when Toby has his babies, he tells the president later that he had learned that babies came with hats – its TRUE)


The next photo, has two canvas wrap’s in it, the black and white canvas is Joshua again, this time he is about an hour old, he was lying across Nikki when I took this one and its one of my favorites.


In the colour photo, thats our nephew Oliver, this was a stages portrait photo I shot about 5 or 6 years ago – I had it mounted onto canvas after it was published in a photography magazine.

In the last photo, this really shows the sizes you can print up to on canvas without loosing quality. This photo is 4 feet by 3 feet – its HUGE and as a guide the couch underneath it measures 7 foot in length. This was the first real portrait I shot of JD just after he managed to hold his head up. I will post a story on this later with a tutorial as I think everyone should have photos like these and they are so easy to shoot.


Well I hope that gives you some neat present ideas for your loved ones, or some ideas of what you can do with a portrait shoot and a canvas wrap photo.

Enjoy, and as always, comments welcome.

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gurlywundaApril 28, 2008 - 9:56 pm

Thanks for letting me move the washing first!

Joshua in the garden

Another very quick post,

Today I have been working on the blog for around 8 hours, so Nikki and JD when to Carmarthen to do a little bit of holiday shopping.  When they got back, it was a pretty nice afternoon so Nikki took JD out into the back garden for a while.  It seemed like a great time to take a break from working so what did I do, naturally I grabbed a camera.

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you will know a little while back I posted another post all about practicing a new technique.  If your new, you can see that post by clicking here.

Well today I carried on practicing for about 5 minutes before I came back inside and then carried on!

The photos below are the result.  I still have some way to go until I am totally happy with the results but all things considered I am really happy with my progress so far.  Again these shots were taken totally in manual mode but for more info visit the previous post.

Hope you enjoy.



Anyway, thanks for stopping by, hope your having a great weekend,

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Graphistudio Wedding Album / Storybook Wedding Albums

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JUST AN UPDATE – I have totally redone my website so if your looking for a wedding photographer in Pembrokeshire West Wales or a wedding photographers in South Wales why not visit my all new wedding photographers wales website

Very quick post tonight, one of 3 I will post today.

Tonight I was working on an album from a wedding I shot last year. The wedding took place at the Nant-Y-Ffin Hotel (nantyffin hotel) as most people would type it.

I have pretty much finished the design of there Graphistudio story book wedding album and will post the finished preview once Rozlynd and Jamie have had a chance to take a look at it and approve it.

In the mean time I wanted to share a double page spread from the storybook album.

I now offer a fantastic line of Story Book  Wedding Albums and designer fine art coffee table books  – If you would like more information about them just go here – Storybook wedding albums / coffee table wedding books / fine art wedding albums


I am going for a clean design using images chosen by the couple. Naturally the copyright wont be on the photos in the album.

Hope you like


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