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Hello there, David here from – I am a UK wedding photographer covering the West Midlands and the Birmingham area’s as well as West Wales.



This page has updated information about story book wedding albums as well as links to my wedding photography in general – Please note I am available to cover weddings throughout England and Wales with NO extra travel costs.


Okay, Todays post is all about wedding albums.  I know lots of brides have seen the Graphi Wedding Albums and even in my sleepy part of West Wales, Wedding Photographers are using the Graphi album.  Altough I cover the whole of the UK a vast majority of my wedding work is based in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigionshire and people think of me as either a Pembrokeshire Wedding Photographer, a Carmarthenshire wedding photographer or a Ceredigionshire wedding photographerand to be honest I am fine with that.

When I started in wedding photography I wanted to be different and to this day I continue to learn new things and try to offer different products to everyone else.  Thats why I am SO EXCITED by the album company I use.  All of my story book albums are hand made in the United States and not Italy, I dont use ANY templates and design each and everyone by hand, myself, remembering what I saw at the wedding and trying to tell the story.

Dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the Graphi album infact thousands of photographers all across the UK and the world for that matter use it, Graphi make it really simple and are a good company to work with.  They have standard designs that if you cant be bothered to design your own album, they will pop your photos into and they look really quite nice.  That the problem for me.

Since I am at the upper end in terms of cost for my area my clients expect a product that is a little different and an album that no matter how many other albums they look at they will never see the same design.  I am proud to offer a nich product and am so over the moon with it I wanted to share some pics wiht you.

The reason I am so happy is today 3 albums turned up.  I designed them over the past couple of weeks, ordered them last Monday and today, 1 week later here they are !

I just sat drooling over them.  I am a romantic at heart and LOVE weddings and wedding photos.  I look at each and every wedding album I produce many many times before I am happy to hand it over to the bride and groom – I check it, double check  it and then check it one more time before I let them know its here.

The albums I use are printed on fine art very thick photo paper and are water resistant, fingerprint resistant and look amazing.  I honestly beleive the story book wedding albums I offer art the best story book wedding albums available anywhere in the world bar NONE.  My clients demand the best and I strive to find it for them.  I continue to check out all other wedding album companies and work with several however this type of album is my most choosen by brides and groom’s alike.

Okay enough drivel from me, on to the photos.  There are going to be lots of photos of these wedding albums to give you a flavour but in all honestly the web just cannot capture how good they look in real life.

If your thinking about getting married and are looking for a UNIQUE wedding album, give me a call and come see for yourselves – you will be really glad you did.

Take care, thanks for stopping by.


David Purslow

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1. The Storybook wedding albums in both Square Format and Portrait Format



All the covers are totally custom, here is a closeup of one of them.


and another


and here is a shot showing the detail – as I said before, I feel the photos dont do the albums justice


The backs of the albums have my details on them, very small and discrete


So what do they look like inside, here is a full page spread from one of the portrait albums


Phone is there for size indication

Here is a closeup to show you the center fold line – these albums have fold flat pages that look amazing.


Look at the brides eyes, the detail is amazing, the tears seem to roll off the page – GOD I LOVE THESE ALBUMS

Here is another full page spread, this one a black and white with a colour insert


and here is a shot showing the same three albums as you saw above all open showing you just how big the photos are


Just one more showing how fantastic the Black and White photos look.


Here are a couple of photos of the spines of the wedding albums





Well I hope these pics have given you a feeling for the quality of these albums, if you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email to  you can also see full albums by clicking on the links below (both of these are albums shown in these photos)

Remember to book your wedding photographers early, about 12 – 18 months in advance is recommended to avoid disapointment !

Take care



Sarah and Rhyans Wedding Album Preview

Katie and Simons Wedding Album Preview

Ben and Zena’s Wedding Album Preview

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professional album designMay 18, 2009 - 8:20 am

Nice shots!!!

Corporate Event Photography – Palmer Sports Track Days

Hi there, David here from

Something a little different from me – as normal its gone midnight and I am sitting here burning the midnight oil working on photo’s.  This week I had the fantastic pleasure of shooting a Corporate Event.  Event Photography is another aspect of the photography work I carry out, I have a seperate website dedicated to to the Event Photography called Event Photography Speialists – or EPSPHOTO.CO.UK –

This week EPS was booked to shoot a hospitality day for CPL Interiors –  CPL had invited guests to a track day at the world famous Palmer Sports race track in Bedford – (see travelling is not a problem for me, I travel distances like this for weddings all the time)

I was assisted on this event by fellow photographer Tim Driver (thats his real name and very fitting for this event)  Tim who I think captured the two of best photos on the day (I spent most of the afternoon working the computers and printers) one of Tim’s photos was so great it even impressed the Track and Pit crew’s.  I will share that one with you later however between Tim and myself we shot over 4,000 photos.  My job now is to take that 4000 + photos and turn it into around 150 photos for the client (CPL)

The reason I have decided to share this picture with you is simple – boys toys !!!!!

I am a Jag Lover, one of the cars the guests get to race around the track at Palmer Sports is a Jaguar XJ-R – Fully race tuned and with professional instruction – a sight to behold and the sound the engine makes is so sweeeeeeeeet.

I will post more photos later however this is one of my photos, its of the XK-R in action and I was really please with how it turned out.


** I kept looking at the pics and just before I go to bed, I wanted to post this one up also. **added 12:46am


I hope you like,  If you would like to know more about my Event Photography please visit  We cover the whole of the UK and specialize in captureing fantastic images of your events.

If you live on the East side of England and are looking for a great wedding / portrait photographer be sure to check out Tim’s website at

Thanks for stopping by


David Purslow
07799 666808

Sara and Ryan’s Wedding Album Preview

Hello there, David Purslow here from

As you know, if your a regular visitor to my blog my name is David and I am a wedding photographer based in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.  One of the things I love about being a West Wales Wedding Photographer is being able to offer a totally different product than most of the other photographers in the area.  As a Pembrokeshrie wedding photographer I hear all the time from brides that they  have never seen albums like the ones I show them.  A lot of the wedding albums I show are albums I found during my 10 years in the United States.   I have a product range of around 5 or 6 different album companies and dozens of different styles within those.  I try to keep away from the same albums every other photogrpahers are providing as I like an edge !

Naturally I travel all over the country for weddings and portraits however the majority of my wedding photography is based in and around West Wales, Pembrokeshire, Ceredigionshire and Carmarthenshire as well as Swansea and Cardiff.  Most of my albums end up as Story Book Albums and thats the reason for this post.

Recently I posted a blog entry called – The rain does not stop play, it was (as I always do) a few preview photos from the wedding I had shot that weekend.  Today I have just finished putting the album together and have sent it off to the Bride and Groom and I just wanted to share it with you also.  This album has ended up as a 37 page spread (74 pages side by side)  its a pretty big book, larger than 2 sheets of A 4 Paper side by side – it looks spectacular.

Anyway, I hope I have waffled on enough to drop the photos below the frame on the right hand side ….>  over there !

Naturally, please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email – my email address is

Enjoy and more soon……………



[…] Sarah and Rhyans Wedding Album Preview […]

Mandy and Alan Get Married !

Hello there, David here from

Its been a week or so since I posted as its getting to my busy part of the wedding season. I have been really fortunate this year to have had the great pleasure of photographing many really spectacular weddings. Well this weeks wedding was no exception and a true pleasure as it happened to be one of Nikki’s school friends.

Mandy and Alan asked us to photograph this last year, bribed us with a curry (madras always works well on me) and it was booked. I remember sitting over the table that night thinking I could not wait for the wedding to come around as not only where they so very much in love, they make a great looking couple. Add to this that Alan is an Army man and was getting dressed in his Dress Uniform, I knew this was going to be spectacular and it did not let me down.

I had to travel up to the midlands for this wedding as the service took place at St Mary’s Abberley, in Worcestershire. The wedding reception was at Worcester Rugby Club, if you are a frequent reader of the blog you may remember I popped up to the Worcester Rugby Club ground a few weeks ago just before they took away all the grass….. I wont bore you with the details now but search the blog and you will find it.

As always it seems I find myself writing my blog around midnight and to be totally honest with you, I an knackered and in need of some sleep, its been a very busy couple of weeks. So what I am going to do is post a small selection of images up here tonight, and then finish it tomorrow for you.

I will start off with Amanda getting ready. I arrived at the house to be greeted by a scene of pretty much tranquility and seemingly no worries in the world. All the girls were still in their PJ’s and time was not really a consideration (soon to change 🙂 Anyway, I got set up and started blasting away.

Mandy allowed me a lot more freedom than a lot of the brides I work with, I covered her bridal prep pretty much fully but very respectfully. I think this will make the start of the album very special. We also shot a couple of bridal portraits ‘since time was not an issue’

Here are a few pics of Mandy getting ready.

1. The calm before the storm – pondering the rest of the day.


The next shot is one of my favorites of the day – This is the kind of photo I LOVE TO SHOOT – totally candid, Mandy was unaware I was watching thru the camera, she was taking a look over her wonderful wedding dress and to be honest if this was a studio setup, it could not be better, the light was fantastic, the location was fantastic and everything fell into place – I called her name, she turned and CLICK – a wedding album picture if ever I have seen one !

This was the moment I think Amanda realized that I would be photographing her ALL DAY


And here are a couple of the bride getting dressed for her wedding day – being helped by Mum, Sister and Best Friend.




I just wanted to throw this photo in, I kinda like this one, its a mirror reflection shot – something very popular, its a shot of the bride looking in a mirror at the camera. I really like the way this one was framed.


Anyway back to the wedding……….

Since Alan and Amanda have gone away I am not posting dozens of images here yet, I always like to update you as to what I am up to, but I want the bride and groom to get the first real viewing so the photos are going to jump here to much later in the day !

Amanda’s final few seconds as a single girl – here about to be walked down the isle by dad


This was also one of the fullest church weddings I have been to in a long while, a tribute to the happy couple – Here is a shot I took using the Nikon 14-24mm F2.8 Lens – this is a fantastic lens and when used along side the Nikon D3 camera produces some fantastic wide angle view of the church and the wedding service.


This was also one of the funniest and teary weddings I have attended in a LONG TIME – people were bursting into tears left, right and center and then spontaneously bursting into laughter – it truly was a joy to photograph this wedding. Here Amanda’s best friend is TRYING to get thru her reading but had a few problems…….


Just as a side not for any photographers or budding photographers out there, this image was shot at ISO4000 using the Nikon 70-200 VR lens – I have NOT removed any grain, as if you expose correctly grain should not really be an issue.

Okay, back to the wedding, here is the exchanging of the rings shot – its one of the shots I always TRY to get – its not always possible but for some reason I find it one the images I always use in albums, it seems to symbolize the moment 2 become 1


Here the bride and groom are listening to the service in full flow


The deacon was a family friend so again it made it all the more special.

Here the happy couple are walking down the isle after being pronounced man and wife


Once everyone had left, I snuck the couple back into the church to shoot a couple of posed fancy shots, the church was so beautiful that I wanted to maximize the use of it.


After a few photos outside, the confetti shot was arranged, we had to be quick as the sun kept going in and out behind clouds, I normally try to let the day unfold without directing it too much, but when you need to keep changing your settings, sometimes you just have to take a little control – The guest did a FANTASTIC job of timing the confetti shot and I am really pleased with how it turned out.


Following the Confetti stuff we did some shots with the cars but I am saving them for the couple, so off we jump to Worcester Rugby Club – Sixways the home of Worcester Worriers. This was the first of my weddings at Worcester Rugby Club this year and it turned out great !

Here are a couple of shot from the cutting of the cake section – I have skipped the rest for the reasons mentioned above !

A nice closeup of the B&G just after the cutting of the cake



followed by the actual cutting of the cake – I have to mention the flowers on the day – AMAZING flowers – everywhere you looked. Here a closeup of the cake cutting and a crafty way of showing the bridal flowers.


Well I hope you enjoyed this little sneek peak – remember I am available for weddings anywhere in the UK at reasonable prices !

Last but not least is the First Dance shot – I hope you like


I am sure there will be the odd spelling mistake in this one as its NOW way past my bed time – so off I tootle, enjoy looking around, thanks for stopping by.

Take care,


David Purslow
07799 666808

gurlywundaJune 17, 2008 - 4:03 pm

i am welling up just looking at their photos. I am sure they will be over the moon with them. It was a fantastic day.
But where are the shots of Joshua?

timJune 17, 2008 - 11:06 pm


These are really stunning images of a great looking bride and groom, no doubt your images will provide them with many happy and emotional memories for years to come. The standard of your work and other images on your Blog is impressive.

A new toy for David

Hello there, David here from

Its been a really hectic week for me, I have finished 2 albums for couples I shot either last year or earlier this year.  I will post up some photos soon.

The week has been so busy infact that  I had to wait 3 whole days to play with my new toy.  Last week I managed to get my hands on the seemingly illusive Nikon 50mm F1.4 Lens.  This  is not a professional lens and costs under £200.00 – This is the cheapest lens in my camera bag.  I brought it after reading reviews about it and how well it preforms on the Nikon D3.

The 50 1.4 a prime lens – meaning its not a zoom lens in photographer speak.

There are 2 main reasons I wanted this lens.

  1. Its ability to take photos in very low light  (thats the F1.4 for you)
  2. the Bokhen – This means how much it throws the foreground and background out of focus

I decided to test both of these out using my ever willing model – Joshua or “THE BOY” as he has become know as.

Knowing I wanted to how well it preformed in both categories above, I knew there was only one place to shoot photos – the stairs !!!!!!

The boy LOVES trying to climb the stairs, in the first photo below, you will notice that he is clambering over the stair gate at the bottom of the steps.  All I have done to the photo is resized it for the web, no colour correction or photoshop tricks have been applied here.


One of the interesting this here is that the image was shot by hand holding the camera over the bannister without looking thru the viewfinder.  I held it above JD and snapped a couple of photos.  You can see how quickly the focus drops off – that black thing at the bottom left hand side of the photo is my foot in black socks ! – notice also how his shoulder is our of focus – AMAZING BOKHEN.

In the second photo, I have converted it to black and white, this one I laid down at the top of the stairs while the boy FLEW up them towards me.  Both of these shots were taken at ISO 800 apatature priority F1.4   I am amazed by this little lens, I cant wait to use it for a wedding or portrait session.  I have a feeling that the Nikon 50mm F1.4 will give fantastic results when photographing a wedding in a dark church or dark venue.

Here is the shot of the boy climbing everest – well his little everest.


Well, bed time, but I just wanted to share whats new this way with you,

take care, more soon,


David Purslow

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