Mari and Jo’s Wedding

Hello there,  David here from

This will be a quicker than normal posting as I have just got back online and am WAY behind on posting updates.

The wedding of Mari and Jo took place a few weeks ago and had all the elements thrown in to make for a very interesting day.  This was my second wedding in a couple of months to take place at Cleddau Church.  This is one of my favorite churches as its so pretty from the outside and inside its very moody which is great for photos.  Mari and Jo have been great customers, they are the kind of customer a photographer loves to work with, very easy going, a good looking couple, a ‘different’ kind of reception venue and a sit down dinner to die for.

Before I start talking about the day I just want to thank Jo (Giuseppe) to give him his real name and Mari for the little present I got at the wedding.  For longer weddings, ones where I am going to be there all day, I do ask my clients to provide me with a meal, I dont expect much and am happy  being dumped somewhere out of the way while the wedding party and guests enjoy there dinner, Well on this occasion  I was seated at one of the tables and eveyrone at each table got a little present, it was a genuine slate coaster with there name engraved on it.  These come from The Slate Workshop ( and it now proudly sits next to my keyboard as I type. – Thanks guys !

Okay, Mari and Jo shot off on Honeymoon quickly after the wedding so before they went I picked out a random selection of images and sent them over to them, the images I am going to post today are the same images.  I have not selected them for posting on the blog so the story will not be up to what it should be but time is against me here, as its been weeks since the wedding and I wanted to get some new images up – I will come back to this post once I design the album and update it then.

So for the first photo of the day, is a totally unstaged pic, I always like bride mirror shots or bride reflection shots as some people call them.  The idea is simple, a photo of a bride looking in a mirror, well when I walked into the bedroom at the house, Mari had already started having here makeup done, while I was pulling my cameras out, I noticed a little makeup mirror on the window sill and it had a perfect reflection of Mari just sitting there, so once I was ready to go, this was my first picture of the day ! – a really nice bridal makeup shot to start thigs off !

The reason I say the reception venue was strange is that on first glace it looks like the inside of a Marquee however this is actually the inside of Mari’s Dad’s Shop / converted Cow Shed – The Marquee was put up INSIDE and as it turns out it was a great idea as that night there were Huge Winds and torrential rain !

I also took a couple of cake photos (if you look carefully at the pic above you will notice that one of the flowers is missing off the cake) during this time, but this was before the whole setup was complete !

I love wedding cakes and love to photograph wedding cakes, no cake ever seems like the next and its one part of the day that seems really personal to the couple – TIP – I always shoot the cake cutting photos before the guest enter the reception venue, that way the couple look there best and you dont have 30 people all trying to take the same photo and spoiling your light !

All the above shots were taken pretty early in the day, from here I went to the church and started to take pics of the guests arriving

First to arrive were “The Boys”

I love taking Portrait type photos at weddings, detailed people photos, snap shots if you like of guests at the wedding, Why ?  I dont really know but I like using longer lenses and snagging a few photos of people who dont really know they are being photographed, you see the best in people at weddings and you can always spot those who are totally relaxed and just enjoying they day, take a look at this chap, I dont know who he is apart from a guest at the wedding, but he was sitting there, watching the day go by without a care in the world – I just love the tranquil feeling in this picture

and then this young lady arrived, and it reminded me why I LOVE wedding photography – its because weddings bring the families together, generations of them, from near and far.

Here is Mari’s Dad walking here down the isle

Here are a couple from the back of the church

and then one when I got a little closer

After the wedding, we setup for the confetti shot, I have about a dozen different images from the confetti shot but love the look of the hand here, naturally for the couples album, I will use one without the hand but I liked the pic and since its one of the ones sent to Mari an Jo before the honeymoon, it gets posted on the blog !

As I type this I am starting to remember lots about the day, thats the power of photos.  In the group shot below this was being taken from an upstairs bedroom window, the window was propped open by a mop handle as it was an upwards and outwards opening window and it had just started to POUR with rain, the second I took this picture everyone ran for cover !  If you look at the top few mm’s of the photo about 1/3 of  the way from the right hand side, you can seet he mop trails haning down !

We had to do the group shots inside in one corner of the ‘Marquee’ but thats what wedding photography is all about, being able to adapt to the situation, no wedding is the same as another wedding and each wedding has its own little mini drama’s – you either go witht he flow or let them turn into major headach’s which I was not about to do – Yes the images need a little bit of work in Photoshop but thats all part of the fun !

and then one of my favorite parts of the night the first dance, this is where I get to play at being creative as you never know what the lights will look like till the dj turns them on !

Well thats the selection of images I picked out to send Mari and Jo before they went away on honeymoon.  I really would have loved to have the time to choose a more ‘blog friendly’ set of photos as this wedding had it all – from the most original way of identifying each table to pasta decorations for each table, A dinner that lasted almost 3 1/2 hours to the new custom I learned that takes place in Italy – the glass tapping custom but more about that when I post the album pictures.

I hope you enjoyed the images and the story – more soon and BOY its great to be back

more soon


David Purslow
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I am alive !!!!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone, David here !

Phew, dont want to do that again.  Nikki and I moved a few weeks ago and it took 3 – Count them, not 1, not 2 but 3 whole weeks to get broadband connected at the new house !

Lots of back log to catch up on and I will be doing that in the next few days as I have a wedding tomorrow but for now, here is a picture of Joshua HELPING us move !

Oh, glad to be back,

more soon,



Dave and Laura’s Wedding @ The Conrah

Hello there, David here from

– Technical Tip –

Before I start let me point out that the photos in this review of the wedding of Dave and Laura are UN CROPPED that means they shots you are looking at are exactly as they were taken in the camera. – Each time I post a wedding story I like to do something different, this gives you an idea of the kind of photos I take and the importance of cropping in camera – The more information you have in a picture the better the quality of the image, if you have to crop too much out of the photo, you loose detail – as you can see I try to crop in camera as much as possible.  Next time your photographing a wedding or someone, try to get on the image you want to end up with before you take the picture it ends up as a much sharper image in the end

– End –

I remember meeting up with Dave and Laura outside a fish and chip shop in Aberystwyth on a cold and wet day last year, I had been booked by Dave and Laura via the website and we met up in person when they were visiting family near by.  Nikki and I had gone to Aberystwyth to meet Nikki’s mum and dad for dinner and guess what, the chip shop was closed 🙁

Anyway I had been looking forward to this wedding for a very long time, the wedding was taking place at The Conrah in Aberystwyth a spectacular wedding venu with an awsome Marque (see photo below) – The wedding was going to be a low key in terms of photos with Dave and Laura both saying they did not like having photos taken and just wanted a relaxed style of photos.



This year has been one of the hardest I can remember in terms of weather for weddings, and the day its self was pretty much dry with a few rain spots here and there but quite windy.  The weather yet again did nothing to spoil the day which is a huge credit to Dave and Laura and there guests.

As I arrived I bumped into Dave and snapped my first photo of the day, The groom photo.


And then quickly went about my business of snagging all the detail shots like the flowers and the cake etc – As a “Green” copule the flowers were quite important and very impressive but were natural and carefully selected.



All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw a nice looking Jaguar with ribbon driving off and thought OOOOPS the bridesmaids have arrived, I ran (okay I dont run but I shifted myself) and made my way outside waiting for the bride to arrive, I saw a group of girls all dressed in nice dresses and thought before the bride arrives I should take a quick group shot – At this stage I was on autopilot adn was concentrating so hard on getting a shot of the bride arriving that I had not noticed Laura standing right there – OOOPS – I took a shot of the girls – Laura included.


Then I asked the girls “when do you think she will be here”…………..  Oh, Oooops, Duh………. thats about all I could think of when Laura said Hello David here I am 🙂

Well I missed the arrival of the car but had decided I could shoot it later, it happens from time to time in weddings that your planned shooting goes out the window and you have to go with the flow – its all part of the fun – no wedding is the same and very very few ever go exactly as planned, My job as a photographer is to go with the flow and make sure I get it all covered.

Anyway back to the flowers – Laura had a really pretty bouquet, as did the girls but Laura’s really stood out, the colours were so vivid, the photo has not been touched up in any way.


In keeping with the day never going exactly as planned, take a look at the ring shot, here you will see the best man is holding the rings but look at his cuff – nice cuff links and guess what – there mine – yep I wear a nice dress shirt when shooting and always have my camera cuff links on – one of my superstitions – unfortunately the best man had forgotten his cuff links so I offered him mine if Dave and Laura did not mind me just rolling my shirt sleeves up.


One of the things I am always aware of when putting photos online is making sure they have a reason to be here, its easy for the bridal party to look at a photo and instantly remember what was happening etc, The two photos below are just such a story – For some reason Laura’s dad’s Jacket was missing buttons, but Mum came to the rescue with needle and thread to hand and popped them right back on – If you didnt know the story the pictures would seem out of place but its all part of the normal activity that takes place at weddings and photos like these bring back memories for the bride and groom but maybe not to you as a viewer



Weddings always bring out the best in people and always put them into great moods and they pose for photos they would normally never do – I walked out of the reception of the Conrah and spotted a guy wearing a facinator and thinking thats a bit different shot a snapshot


I should point out its his WIFE’s hat I think – but then the guy next to him said “hello handsome – give us a kiss” and guess what ?????????????


Right around here time was getting close to the wedding itself so it was time for a quick couple of shots before the wedding takes place and then into my place ready for action.



The pic above is the last photo taken before the wedding itself.

Due to the layout of the room, I was in a great position to be able to grab shots of both the bride and groom as Laura walked down the isle – Here is the shot of Dave just as Laura starts to walk down the Isle


and here is Laura walking towards him, arm in arm with Dad.


As with the rest of the day, the wedding service was very relaxed and only lasted a few minutes, got a good few pics but chose this one to share with you because Laura is beaming with delight and looks so happy – this was just after the exchange of rings.  The registra was looking at me while I was taking photos for some reason – I had asked and was told I could take pics but each time I did she looked at me ?


So after the wedding I snapped from the sidelines – remember this was to be informal photography so I concentrated on Dave and Laura enjoying their day and capturing the happy moments that took place


So here’s a question for you, What happens when you throw an entire basked of confetti at a couple ?


Answer – you end up with a confetti shot to remember !


Then what happens of someone standing behind the photographer lets off a Confetti canon ? – First the photographer almost has a heart attach but then you get a great photo of people’s reactions – if you look at the guests it sounded like a bomb had gone off and confetti shot into the air, it scared the hell out of me !


At this stage it started spitting with rain again so we decided that the few formal photos that would take place would take place in the marque.


Just one of the group shots – followed by the cake cutting photo



Following this was the fake car photos



And an artistic shot as Dave and Laura walked back to the Conrah


The last two photos now but before the last photo, this was a shot Dave and Laura asked me to take, any time a bride, groom or both ask for a specific shot, you better believe that its an important photo.


The last shot of the day, the group shot – originally I was going to shoot this from an upstairs window but with the ground being wet I shot it inside the Marque, not the best place for the shot but it worked well here, the stage really helped as it gave me just enough to work with to get everyone in the picture !


This was the first of my weddings at the Conrah hotel in Aberystwyth this year and it was great fun which returned some great photos in my mind, Dave and Laura will be the final judge of that and I am sure I will hear soon what they think.

Congratulations Dave and Laura, good luck in your new life,


David Purslow
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markSeptember 18, 2008 - 4:00 pm

The “hello handsome give me a kiss” was OK until they closed their eyes 🙂

Childrens lifestyle portraits

Here is another one from the same shoot as the photo below, this was for a brother and sister and was shot up in the midlands – Although I am located and based in pembrokeshire I do travel all over the country should the need arise.

Again, not really a story to this photo, but aiding in pushing the wedding album a couple of posts below this one down a little, that and its nice to some some portrait work during August.  Generally August is my busiest month and this year I am fully booked for weddings.  I do have a couple of portraits thrown in for good measure also, I guess everyone wants photos taken when the weather is so good !!!!! – JOKE – this is the wettest wedding season I can remember.



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Sophie and Oliver – Kids Portrait

Okay, as I said below, I am quickly popping this photo here to push the post below down just a little,

This was taken a few weeks ago in the days when we still had sunshine !

Sophie and Oliver

Childrens Portrait – Lifestyle kids portrait !



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