A Christmas Wedding at Hotel Du Vin Birmingham


Yesterday I was very fortunate to be asked by my very good friend Sean O’Shaughnessy who is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Sollihull his website is http://essayphotography.co.uk/ 

Sean was asked by friends to photograph their wedding at the very popular and beautiful wedding venue, Hotel Du Vin in Birmingham, a venue Sean knows I have wanted to shoot for a long time.  Sean asked if I fancied ‘coming out to play’ After a bit of grovelling to Mrs P, I had a hall pass allowing me out for the day and hopped on a train armed with a very limited selection of kit to play with.

Hotel Du Vin in Birmingham is an amazing wedding venue however parking is limited so I carefully selected just 2 lenses (although I only used one all day long) and 2 lights, all of which I managed to pack in my my much loved Lowepro travel pak mini back pack. Snow Hill station is about a 4 minute walk from the hotel so it worked out perfectly.

Hotel Du Vin Wedding Photos

The wedding itself was very informal and the couple – Martin and Sara wanted a few ‘great’ photos and just some shots of guests enjoying themselves.  Between Sean and myself they got this and then some, the coverage of the actual wedding ceremony was amazing, the wedding took place at 4:30 so there was no natural light to speak of, but Sean and I both have top of the range Nikon Cameras and very fast lenses that allow beautifully for low light shooting.  The Registrars at Birmingham were amazing and allowed us free Raine as long as we didn’t use flash, its so refreshing to find such understanding and willing to work together registrars, so thanks to then.

My brief for the day was to show off the venue and create some of the ‘Signature’ style images I love to shoot featuring the Hotel Du Vin.  The inside of the hotel is like a 1940’s New York City hotel, its full of amazing features but its very dark, if your (as a photographer) not careful you can loose all of the attraction and character of the venue by using flash that just sucks all the ambiance out of the place.  Because of this I got there an hour early, met up with Sean and we sent that time working out how we would  approach the lighting.  One thing we wanted to do was capture the fact it was Christmas and some of the Christmas trees and decorations around the hotel

I left at 8pm as there was no formal speeches or meal and Sean was staying to cover the evening.  I could not wait to get home to view the images we created, and I was not disappointed !!!!!

The following images are some of the Signature images from the day and have been edited on my laptop therefor the colours might not quite be as crisp as they should be !

Many thanks to Sean, Martin and Sara for allowing me to play and spend some time shooting at a truly amazing wedding venue.



A few wedding photos from Hotel Du Vin Birmingham


groom and best man at hotel du vin birmingham lobby

wedding dress photo hotel duvin bham

bride wating to get married at hotel du vin

The Ceremony Room at Hotel Du Vin

wedding ceremony room hotel du vin birmingham uk

wedding photo hotel du vin birmingham

bride and groom lobby hotel du vin

For the group shot we utilized the double stair case in the lobby

group photo at hotel du vin

Then it was time for some Bride and Groom Signature Images

Christmas Wedding Photography Birmingham

I love this shot, its in the TINY lift !!!!

(reminded me of one of Soukie’s stories – a Squish and a Squeeze)

wedding photo in the lift at hotel du vin

bride and groom outside hotel duvin birmingham uk

winter wedding photography birmingham

from the pig sty at hotel du vin birmingham

Hope you like,





Hotel Du Vin Wedding Photography

Sneak Peek

The wedding of Martin and Sara at the amazing Hotel Du Vin Birmingham.

Hi,  I just got back from the amazing wedding of Martin and Sara, more about the fabulous wedding tomorrow however the wedding was taking place at a hotel I have wanted to shoot at for a long time, the Hotel Du Vin in Birmingham.

If your getting married at Hotel Du Vin, your in for a real treat, the venue is a dream come true for couples, its full to the rafters of beautiful wedding photography opportunities and lucky for me, Martin and Sara were up for creating some killer images.

I want to thank Sean for inviting me to tag along with him and letting me play, more about that tomorrow also, just so tired now need to go to bed !

So here is the sneak peek for tonight, it was taken in the lobby of the hotel, on the double staircase that featured so much in the photography during the day.

Here are the happy couple.

wedding photo hotel duvin birmingham

More tomorrow, catch up soon



BREAKING NEWS **** We are cutting the number of weddings we will shoot in 2013 *****

Hello there,

Just a quick update, we have decided that in 2013 we are cutting the number of wedding we will photograph from 30 (the number we have photographed for the past 6 years) to 25, this is due to the continuing success of our studio.  This means we are currently 75 % fully booked for 2013.  We are also cutting the number of weddings we will shoot in 2014 and are looking at either 15 or 20, that number still has to be decided.

We still LOVE shooting weddings and will continue to shoot them but we are just limiting the number.

have a GREAT new year !

worcestershire wedding photographer



Merry Xmas !

Well as its Christmas Eve I thought I would post one final picture before I took off for the festive break.  December has been a bumper month for Boudoir photography with clients coming from as far away as Essex, Sussex, Cheltenham, but also local from Stourbridge, Kidderminster, Worcestershire and also in my very own village of Hartlebury.

So with this in mind, I thought I would share what one lucky fella is going to be getting in his stocking this Christmas.

local boudoir photography

I hope you all have a fantastic time over Christmas and the new year,

I will be revamping my wedding, boudoir, and portrait prices over the xmas period so watch this space !

thanks for visiting us in 2012 and see you in 2013


dp, np, jd and smp

Family Portrait Photographer – The Twins


just a very quick update, yesterday was a great day, Baby Oliver came back to the studio to see us again after his last shoot around 3 weeks ago, he had grown so much in such a short time, it was great to see him again.

boys being boys, he brought along a bit of backup, it was in the shape of his two older cousins, two amazingly well behaved young boys and twins to boot.

Not missing the opportunity to take a few fun photos, and with Mum’s permission I wanted to share one of them with you,


family portrait photographer

Remember we offer amazing studio portrait sessions at our boutique studio located in spectacular countryside in the heart of Worcestershire.