Couple of venice yervant pictures

Hi not posted from the iPhone for a day or so -so here go,s

Last night having a beer and a photo of my bed after the chamber maid turns the bed down – the teddy is joshua that I packed to keep me company.

markOctober 9, 2008 - 3:06 am

Did you notice that behind you it says Florida?

That is all we get for today? WTF!!! What ever happened to smoozing the models to shoot them after all the morons left? Ah the good old days…

Shooting all day in Venice – Yervant Style

Hello there guys, I will post an Iphone image here later however its now 2:40 am here in venice and I have been working on the 700 + images shot today with 5 spectacular models. I am the last man standing – everyone else went to bed already and I am off too ! Nothing to say about the images but we had to shoot something a little different so here we go, Enjoy, dp

markOctober 8, 2008 - 3:54 am

There is something slightly different here. I haven’t quite put my finger on it but I do like it a lot. The 3rd image is mad nice! The 4th is almost there. If I were you, I’d add them as shots to do for the right person. One thing that I will say is having true models, and they are good looking and you have a great location, there is a lot working for you there. Take a regular woman, who might not quite be as good looking, then what would the images look like? That is the question that will be answered when you get home. I do like what I am seeing though.

Street shooting in Venice with Yervant

Okay, first day came and went in a blur, Yervant is the best is what Poppy said and I think I have to agree, he is amazing, he can see things that just arnt there and he sees light like no one I have ever met.

This course has so been worth while, and its only day 1 – Vivanco, you should have come on this one, you were asked but turned me down ! – we could have even shared rooms, I know how much you like to cuddle in the mornings………..

Today has been great, the images posted up are processed on my laptop which is not colour managed so for all I know the images could look like crap on a monitor – hope not.

Since I want to do the images justice, I am only posting one here and the rest will be on the link that FOLLOWS this picture, I hope you like, I think prices may be going up – SO BOOK NOW if your thinking about using me 🙂

Here is a shot from early in the day,

Enjoy, and if you like leave comments

The rest of the pictures can be found at

Many thanks to Yervant and the gang for the great day, the man really is a Master and thats why he uses the ‘M’ on his camera !


David Purslow
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markOctober 8, 2008 - 3:56 am

I would have loved to come to this for sure. However, you must remember, for me this is a hobby. An EXPENSIVE hobby!

Remember what spooning leads to…. FORKING!!!

Besides, if Nikki saw us sharing another dessert she would be very angry with you.

It all starts today

so today it all starts for real. Last night yervant and annie took us all out for dinner. There was a surreal moment for me after about an hour or so, I was on a table with 2 American and 2 german photographers and naturally we were talking and networking – I had forgotten where I was and was just enjoying the company when I looked over my shoulder and saw yervant -fir a second I had that oh my god there’s …… Feeling.

This morning I took a walk into st marco square before breakfast.

markOctober 6, 2008 - 7:55 pm

post some more pics! I am so jealous of you right now! I can’t wait to see the pics from this workshop.

Wow arrived in venice

Hello there dp here

Arrived in Venice itself today and had to take a boat ride to the hotel – here are a few pics from the iPhone

The first one the view as soon as you get on the boat

Next is a “taxi driver” ok his cell phone

The next 2 just show how amazing this city is

I will end each post with a few tags for search engines

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