Drumtochty Castle Wedding Photography


The winter wedding of Susie and Chris

Okay, this weekend saw me travelling almost a thousand miles for a wedding.  I drove the round trip of 911 miles to just south of Aberdeen in Scotland to the breath taking Drumtochty Castle for the wedding of Susie and Chris.

What makes this even more exciting is that Susie and Chris actually live in Australia and traveled over here for the wedding, so my 17 hours in the car pale into insignificance to the journey they made.  I was assisted on the day by Tom Astley an up and coming photographer from Manchester Tom can be found at http://www.tomastleyphotography.co.uk/

Okay, this is a sneak peek, I am totally knackered after the weekend, I set off at 9 am on Friday and got home at around 6:30 pm on Sunday and shot on Saturday from around 9:30 till around 10:30 in the evening, so I am taking today off !

I wanted to do a quick sneak peek as the couple are jetting off for their honeymoon and I am sure they would love to see a few of the pics before they go.

I only met the couple after arriving at Drumtochty Castle, as we checked in Chris heard our name and came running over to say hello.  The Susie came around the corner with a HUGE infectious smile on her face, that smile never left the whole time we were there as you will see.  One of the first things Susie said to me was she could not wait to see what I did with her wedding dress, she said she is a bit of a blog stalker and has seen some of my wedding dress shots so wanted me to top them – a challenge was set down, so off Tom and I went to scout the whole castle to see where we could shoot the dress.

This is what we came up with

drumtochty castle wedding photography

here it is a little closer, I should point out that when I asked her who’s dress she was wearing she looked at me with that HUGE smile and said, Oh, its an Ian Stuart wedding dress – as anyone who follows my blog will know I have a huge penchant for Ian Stuart wedding dresses, they are just so beautiful.

photos of ian stuart wedding dress

Here is a shot of Susie running down the stairs

bride on the stairs at drumtochty castle

and the piper at the church

drumtochty church piper

during the wedding

(LOVE LOVE LOVE this one)

church wedding drumtochty castle

The little lad in this photo – Master ‘M’ was a super star all day long.

another (as seen in my photo of the week)

inside the church at drumtochty castle

and outside the church

getting married at drumtochty

Something a little fun

fun wedding photography

during the speeches – that infectious smile I was telling you about

very happy couple on wedding day

my last photos of the day

chinese lantern wedding photos

thats it, it was only a sneak peek, hope you enjoyed it.

off for a bit of a rest

Congratulations to Chris and Susie

Photo of the Week – January 16th 2012

This weeks photo comes from a wedding I shot yesterday, it was the wedding of Susie and Chris.  The couple both live in Australia but Susie returned to her homeland for the wedding – Susie and Chris got married at Drumtochy Castle / and the church just down the road.  I have dozens of amazing wedding photos from their wedding so choosing one was hard.

While this might not be the most amazing photo from the wedding (just you wait to see what I did with Susie’s beautiful Ian Stuart Wedding Dress) it is a photo I am incredibly delighted with.

The Church at Drumtochty castle is an amazingly beautiful little church, its also in a valley and the whole time I was up there it was never above freezing.  The day of the wedding (see second photo) it was about -4 and there was a killer frost on the ground – why am I telling you this, well its because the church was in shadow the whole time, as you can see it only had little windows and big thick stone walls.  This made it very very very very very very dark – you get the picture.

Getting this shot was a huge challenge – I had to shoot at ISO6400, I was shooting hand held at around 1/20th – 1/40 th of a second most of the time and I was only getting an Fstop of between 2.8 and 4

Here is it

inside drumtochty church, drumtochty castle, scotland

Getting married in the Church at Drumtochty Castle had to be an amazing experience, thanks to Reverend Thomas for allowing us to capture these photos during the service.

Just to show how cold it was, here is a shot with Susie and Chris and Dad (father of bride)

the churct at drumtochty castle


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Photo of the Week – January 8th 2012

Hello there,

This is my photo of the week for today, its from a wedding I shot late last year.

The wedding was of Vicki and Lee (coming soon to the blog) and this couple were probably my favorite couple last year.  Their wedding was for private and personal reasons the most emotional wedding I attended in years, they had not the greatest year putting it very very mildly and to be honest throughout the whole day I had so much admiration for the couple.

Vicki had arranged the camper van as a surprise for Lee and she had asked for a photo with it, well time ran away with the day and we never managed it, just before I left, I asked the couple if they could have it pulled up to the venue and if they minded going out for a photo – it was SUB 0 and very windy but I spent some time setting up a bunch of lights for this photo and we took around 5 minutes to shoot a range of photos.  This one the couple love to bits, it made me so happy to be able to make Vicki and Lee so happy and to be able to do something special for them.

here it is.

Vicki and Lee Wedding at The Old Library

Photo of the Week January 1st 2012

Hello there, dp here – Todays photo of the day is actually almost a year old to the very day – it was taken December 18th 2010

Its my daughter Soukie, it was her first time playing in the show, that winter we had a hell of a snow storm and it was fantastic.  The photo is one of my all time favorites – its simplicity itself, I just used a long focal length 200mm and shot at F2.8 to capture and isolate Soukie from the snowy wilderness.

My wife and I refer to this as The Bag Lady photo


snow portrait

Photo of the Week – December 25th 2011

Hello there, this is a bit of a cheat, I am going to pop up 3 pics this week, and date them from Xmas day and New Years day and then today.

I had every intention of doing them over just after new year as I actually took from Christmas eve to Jan 4th off  – Family Christmas.  Then as luck would have it Jan 3rd I got MAN FLU and spent 4 days in bed not even getting up or eating – the good news however (everything has a sliver lining) is that I lost all my Christmas weight, actually over that week I lost over 11 pounds.

So I am going to post this photo which is actually from a wedding on December 29th 2011 but who knows ?  dont tell anyone.

This photo was taken at Hampton Manor in Hampton in Arden Warwickshire, it was my last wedding of the year and its a shot I have wanted to get at this venue for a long time.  Hampton Manor has an amazing chandelier which covers almost 3 floors in a normal building but two stories here.  I really wanted to create a shot that made good use of the venue and chandelier – The bride and groom gave me the time to set up the shot and this is the result.

Lighting is actually simplicity – its a 500Watt studio light on a stand with a reflector and grid to control the spill of the light, and then I underexposed the background slightly.

Hope you like it.

chandelier at hampton manor