Are you really going to have that beautiful wedding dress in a tree ??????

Thats what Claire my assistant said to me Friday morning when I could not find anywhere to shoot the dress in the hotel room………here is the story……

I had a busy weekend with 2 weddings and then a whole day in the studio, but if your a regular to the blog you will know I have a penchant for wedding dresses, I think the wedding dress has its own personality and brings so much game to the wedding day, I always try if the client is willing to create something magical with the wedding dress.

I always have an assistant / 2 nd shooter with me at a wedding and for a while now I have been working with Clare who also works with me on family and baby portraits in  the studio.  Clare is fairly new to weddings but is a great photographer but for some reason she cringes when it comes to the wedding dress shoot – Brides that book me know (especially if they have been to the studio or seen my portfolio) that I love creating something special for the wedding dress photo and that if I cant find somewhere great inside I often take the dress outside and hang it on Trees, Flag poles, Lamposts etc etc etc,

So on Friday Clare and I were shooting the wedding of Charlotte and Jonathan at the beautiful Hair and Hounds hotel  in Westonbirt Tetbury, Gloucstershire and there was nowhere in the room that would give a great shot, so after checking that no other guests had checked into the hotel where Charlotte was getting ready and no one who was going to the wedding was around, I asked Charlotte if she would mind if I took the dress outside and hang it in a tree. – Nope she said without a doubt, the mother of the bride however took a big gulp and said outside……  as I was running off to get the dress.

So we moved the dress in his bag, we found a perfectly dry tree although the ground was wet and made sure the dress was securely on the hanger and that we covered the floor with plastic (see pic below)

hanging wedding dress in tree

The plastic you see also cover the back of the dress and an up lighting light that lit up the hotel at night, there was nothing that could get the dress dirty or wet !

so the shots looked like this, after we had photoshopped out the bag on the floor !

wedding dress in tree

charlotte and jonathan wedding, hair and hounds

one of the reasons I love working with assistants and second shooters is that shots like the above would not happen without someone else to bounce ideas off, someone to help hoist the dress up in the tree and someone to stand just out of shot ready to run grab the dress if the wind suddenly pics up etc.  Normally I am also known for lots of off camera lighting but the above shots of the dress were taken without any extra light, just the sun and light reflecting off the building.

Another reason I love working with assistants and 2nd shooters is that you really get to maximize the shots of important little moments.

Here while Charlotte was putting the wedding dress on, we covered every angle.

here for example is a shot I took while the back of the dress was being done up, Charlotte had one bridesmaid holding her veil up while another looked on in amazement at the dress, its funny but you cant see anyones face clearly but you can almost feel the excitement and the hairs on the back of your neck standing up with anticipation that this image captures.

bride getting dressed

While I was taking that photos, Clare my amazing assistant was taking this photo

back of wedding dress

ignor the photo by david purslow bit, its our company brand. !  I might need to change that.

Then after I had left the room and left the room, it was all just girls alone and Clare grabbed this shot of the bride, dressed and waiting to head off to get married !

bride at the hair and hounds Westonbirt tetbury


A few more shots that shows off what the wedding dress go’s through

confetti wedding photo

first dance wedding photos

bride and groom ouside hair and hound tetbury

hope you enjoyed !


Tetbury Gloucestershire Wedding Photography – Wedding of Charlotte and Jonathan

Very quick sneak peek today as I am shooting out the door to my 2nd wedding in 2 days.

Yesterday I was in an amazing part of the country, the wedding took place in Stroud followed by a lavish reception at the amazing Hair and Hounds, Tetbury, Gloucestershire

Here is a pic from inside the church

Hair and Hounds wedding photography

and here is a shot we took late at night in the reception of the Hair and Hounds Hotel in Tetbury,

gloucestershire wedding photography


Hope you enjoy the sneak peek, off to wedding number 2 !



Photo of the Week Backlog – catching up slowly

Hello World !!!!

I hope your all well and enjoying life, if you are a regular follower of my blog like EMMA – Best Bird (Mrs P’s maid of honor) you will have noticed that over a very busy summer season I was a bit lax in posting to the blog, well this week I am trying to make amends and to that effect I am working on the backlog of Photos of the Week.

I dont have time to post them individually today, but here are  the first batch ! and posting them in no particular order, just as I find them. – I wont go into too much detail about each one here as will do so when I post them as the photos of the week, so here go’s

solihull church wedding photos

From the wedding of Alison and Rob – Solihull Church – 29th September 2012


Nuthurst grange wedding photos
From the wedding of Catherine and Matt – Nuthurst Grange Country House Hotel – 22nd September 2012


granary hotel wedding kidderminster

From the wedding of Hayley and Dan – Granary Hotel – Kidderminster – 28th September 2012


granary hotel wedding photos kidderminster

From the wedding of Hayley and Dan – Granary Hotel – Kidderminster – 28th September 2012


granary hotel wedding photography worcestershire

From the wedding of Hayley and Dan – Granary Hotel – Kidderminster – 28th September 2012


dancefloor manor house hotel solihull

From the wedding of Alison and Rob – The Manor House Hotel – Solihull – 29th September 2012


warwickshire wedding photography

From the wedding of Catherine and Matt – Nuthurst Grange Country House Hotel – Warwickshire – 22nd September 2012

Well I hope you like the first selection,

More coming in the next few days, stay tuned



David Purslow

Wedding Photographer



Nuthurst Grange Wedding Photography – The Matherine

Hello there,

A few quick sneak peeks today,  just under 2 weeks ago I shot an amazing wedding for a fantastic couple an the truly magnificent Nuthurst Grange Hotel in Warwickshire.

Warwickshire weddding venue - nuthurst grange

I was very excited when Catherine and Matt  – or collectively as their friends refer to them, the Matherin let me know they were getting married at Nuthurst Grange Country House Hotel, its a venue I have heard a lot about and one I have wanted to do wedding photography at for a good while.  A very good friend of mine (non mafia related) and great wedding photographer Sean O’Shaughnessy had told me lots about this venue and about Vanessa the wedding events manager and just how good they are at looking after the couple and the photographer.  It far exceeded what he had said, nothing at all seemed too much.

As this is just a sneak peek, I get to pick a few of my favorites and will keep the descriptions to a minimum.

I love this little nook I found at the top of the stairs.

getting married at nuthurst grange

We (my assistant and I) try not to monopolise the couples time at a wedding, we find spots like this and then steal the couple away for 5 – 10 minute little photo sessions before sending them back to their guests.

Often I hear photographers say I dont like very sunny days, the light is too bright, well I LOVE bright sunshine and nothing to me makes a wedding better than if the couple are madly crazily in love (as with The Matherine) and if its a wonderful sunny day for them.

This shot was taken just using reflectors to light the couple and the refleciton of the sun bouncing off the side wall of Nuthurst Grange.

couple outside nuthurst grange after getting married

but this shot was lit with the sun directly behind the couple and Clare (my assistant) holding a light just out of camera shot to light them up, I LOVE this photo !

on the lawn outisde Nuthurst Grange

Last but not least is a photo of the girls, The bridesmaids dresses were beautiful as were the girls themselves and although when I arrived they were all running around in PJ’s without makeup on etc, I knew this photo, the bride with her girls would be a stunner

Nuthurst grange wedding photos

right back to editing the wedding, hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek,

ciao for now


David Purslow
Wedding Photographer.



Manor Hotel Solihull Wedding photography – Alison and Rob

Hey there boys and girls,

I am on a roll today,

here is a quick sneak peek at one of my wedding this week, it was a very busy weekend with 2 full day weddings back to back followed by a full days studio shoot.

I had been looking forward to the wedding of Alison and Rob for about 12 ish months, as it was about then that they booked me, when I heard the couple were getting married at The Manor Hotel in Solihull I was excited because I had always wanted a great shot of a bride and groom on the staircase with the amazing chandelier they have there.

The Manor Hotel in Sollihull is a fabulous wedding venue which  looks amazing from the outside

solihull wedding venue manor hotel

But the real charm of the venue is the inside, I will share more images with you when I post the couples wedding story but in the mean time, here is one from the stairs

manor hotel wedding photography

What an amazing day and what an amazing wedding, so much to tell, so many great photos to share, and something I have never seen in my 16 years as a wedding photographer.

cant give too much away but this is a clue !

manor hotel solihull wedding photographs