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Wedding Ring photography.

So this past weekend we found ourselves in Staffordshire at the amazing Barton Marina.  We were photographing the wedding of Dan and Tracy and we had a fabulous day.  We had as we always do a good long chat a few days before the wedding and got an idea from the couple what shots really floated their boat  (sorry for the pun!!)

We find one of the most requested shots from our brides is a great ring shot.  Not actual shots of the wedding rings themselves but shots of the ring that started the couple on the journey that brought them to this moment in time and in becoming husband and wife.

Last weekend we managed to produce three different looks in around five minutes.  All shot were taken within the same location.  All the photos had the same ambient lighting conditions and we only used props that we found laying around..

For the first photo, we took a mirror off the wall, popped the wedding ring on it and put her flowers in the background.

Worcestershire wedding photography wedding rings

for the second shot, we place the ring inside one of the roses from her bouquet

beautiful wedding ring worcestershire

and the third and final image, my personal favorite is one with the top of her make up bottle, I wanted this to be dramatic so placed a black marble cutting board as the background.

All 3 of these shots were actually taken on the kitchen sink.

In Picture 3, you can see the white stripes, well they are Venetian blinds in the kitchen window.

versace purfume wedding ring photo

Interesting colors and textures are things we as photographers are trained to always be on the lookout for. But on a normal, non-macrophotography basis, we’re usually thinking of walls, sunsets, or other large backdrops. Keep in mind that, with your ring shots, you now have the luxury of taking almost anything and making it a background, from a piece of cloth to a purse to a party favor to a bouquet.

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