Spring Grove House Wedding Photography – Photo of the Week

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When a couple come to see me prior to booking their wedding, I put on a slideshow for them to see, towards the end of the slideshow we show some of our so called Signature Images, these are typically the images we pull off using our portable battery operated studio lights.  Just one such example of from the wedding of Carina and James, with a fantastic night time at Spring Grove House at the West Midlands Safari Park nr Bewdley.

The image above was created using my newly purchased Nikon 16-35mm F4 lens which is a dream come true but more about that amazing lens on another post later.

The image was shot just after sunset at 400 ISO, 1/60th second at F5.6 – The couple (as you can see by the floor) were in total darkness and were lit using our portable battery operated studio lights and a Photoflex Octodome Small softboxx, this softbox is very expensive as softboxes go and added to that we had the equally expensive egg crate grids fitted to it, which brings the cost of the softbox to over £360.00 but the light it produces is beautifully focused and fantastically controllable.

Heres the image,

spring grove house wedding photo

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