Best Bird – AKA Miss Emma – and friends around the world

Okay, all year and for many many years on the blog you would have seen me refer to Best Bird or Emma in vairous posts, Well BB is my wife’s best friend and was naturally my wifes maid of honor or her BEST BIRD or cheif bridesmaid

Best Bird is also my ultimate stalker and blog fan, and the one who kicks me in the ass when I get lazy and dont update the blog,

So I think its time we put a face – Sort of – to Best bird.

This photo taken on my wedding day, features my beautiful bride (left as you look at the photo) and Best Bird, its my wife’s favorite wedding photos (including the ones with me in them!)

This is BB in all her glory !

Hey BB, missing you honey !

best bird

The photo was taken by Mark Vivanco, one of my best friends in the whole wide world, he is currently huddled up in one room with his whole family in his house in Pennsylvainia where he lives,  with no power currently thanks to Tropical Storm Sandy, they also have no showers although he has been to the YMCA for a shower (betting Mrs V is happy about that) and surviving off a generator that is heating the living room (family room our our US friends)  and keeping the fridge cold, but on the bright side he still has internet via his cell phone so not all bad.

My thoughts are with Mark and his family, Warren and his family and all my friends over there in the states at this time.

Absent friends can simply be as far away as London (BB) or the other side of the world including some brits (Tim and his family) who happen to be vacationing in New York this week !

God bless you all and god bless the internet for keeping us all in touch.

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