Manor Hotel Solihull Wedding photography – Alison and Rob

Hey there boys and girls,

I am on a roll today,

here is a quick sneak peek at one of my wedding this week, it was a very busy weekend with 2 full day weddings back to back followed by a full days studio shoot.

I had been looking forward to the wedding of Alison and Rob for about 12 ish months, as it was about then that they booked me, when I heard the couple were getting married at The Manor Hotel in Solihull I was excited because I had always wanted a great shot of a bride and groom on the staircase with the amazing chandelier they have there.

The Manor Hotel in Sollihull is a fabulous wedding venue which  looks amazing from the outside

solihull wedding venue manor hotel

But the real charm of the venue is the inside, I will share more images with you when I post the couples wedding story but in the mean time, here is one from the stairs

manor hotel wedding photography

What an amazing day and what an amazing wedding, so much to tell, so many great photos to share, and something I have never seen in my 16 years as a wedding photographer.

cant give too much away but this is a clue !

manor hotel solihull wedding photographs




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