Photo of the Week 20th May 2012

(a little bit late but photo of the week for may 20th)

I will move this in a few weeks into its rightful place in time but for now its out of sync,

May was a crazy month for me with 6 weddings that I am just catching up now !

This photo was actually taken around 18th months ago, its of Tree and Tom who’s wedding was at Gelli fawr in Pembrokeshire.

This was a technically difficult photo to pull off as there are 5 lights lighting the couple and the rocks, The whole photo was lit with speed lights (nikon SB800’s) and radio poppers to provide the wireless triggering.

The main light on the couple comes from a beautydish above them by about 12 feet, there is also one light to camera left lighting the side of the rocks and proving spill light on the couple to add some fill

There are two more lights lighting the rocks 1 from the front and one brom behind to give me a nice cut out from the sky – rim lighting for rocks if you like.

The last light is about 30 feet from the couple to camera right which rims them and also picks out the very right hand side of the rocks.

I have always LOVED this photo, it was from a great series and the sky colours combined with Tree’s dress just rocks if you ask me.

The shot took about 15 minutes to set up but its a shot the couple wanted and were willing to wait for

The sun had technically set so the exposure was long but since the flash would freeze the couple I didnt mind,

1/8th  second at F8 ISO200

anyway, here it is.

Gellifawr wedding photos

Nataliya {akira photography}June 14, 2012 - 5:03 pm

I love this & bet they do too!

Essex Wedding VenueJune 20, 2012 - 6:50 am

Wow That’s really Awesome and stunning Picture Specially the stone effect is looking really good view. Nice Photography Thanks for sharing Hope to see the next update soon.

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