Boudoir Photography – Stunning at 55 +

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David here for a quick post – Todays post is all about Boudoir Photography, We offer it, and when I say we I refer to myself and Gemma – Gemma is my amazing make up artist who stays around for the whole shoot making the girls feel GREAT, she really does more than just apply a bit of makeup – she calms down the clients as pretty much all of them come here saying they feel a bit apprehensive or nervous – she looks out for thing that pop up during the shoot such as hair out of place or twisted bra straps etc and takes really good care of the girls the whole time they are here.

A couple of weeks ago Miss ‘S’ visited the studio, she came as a recommend from another client and admitted that she almost called several times to cancel the shoot – Miss ‘S’ is not your typical 20 something year old honey, actually she’s not in her 30’s or even her 40’s but she is over 55 – I wont give away her exact age as that should always be kept a secret but she really proves that Boudoir photography is not just for the young, its for the YOUNG AT HEART

Miss ‘S’ visited me yesterday and ended up ordering 1/2 of all the photos she saw – she was thrilled with the photo shoot – I even think she is talking about splashing out on a new wardrobe and booking up again and coming again !

Miss ‘S’ also very kindly allowed me to post a couple of photos, so here you go

The Stunning Miss ‘S’

Worcestershire Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir Photography


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