Photo of the Week – June 3rd 2012

Hello there,

A slight change this week for my photo of the week – this photo actually taken yesterday (on the 3rd of June) is not one of my signature images, not one with lots of creative lighting or one that showcases the bride and groom, its not an amazing detail shot.

Yesterday was my wettest wedding in years, it was also the wedding with possibly the biggest bridal party in a long time.  When I say it was wet, I am not joking it was belting down all day – well actually it started in the morning, stopped for the actual wedding itself but started again less than 10 minutes after Victoria and Andrew left the church so all the group photos had to be shot inside.

so after careful consideration we picked the best window in the venue (where the string quartette had set up – sorry ladies and gents) after talking it thru with the couple we asked the string quartette to move and then setup for the photos.  I used a 600WS battery operated studio flash and got a reading of around F 11 – I then went thru the group photos.

Then it came time for the Bridal Party shot and I have to say I am delighted with how it turned out, 19 people in one photo, shot inside on a dark and wet Sunday afternoon – I have to thank all of the girls who where amazing in putting up with me all day, honestly I was in my element surrounded by such a happy bunch of pretty young ladies to photograph all day – the guys, well they looked great too !

So as I still sit here watching the concert outside of Buckingham Palace – Peter Kay just came on and Mrs P has run me a bath – so here it is – enjoy

group photos inside

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