Photo of the Week – May 27th 2012

Okay, this is a bit of time travel magic, I missed a couple of weeks so this photo actually came from one of my 3 weddings over the weekend of June 2nd 2012.

Something quite simple here, Rebecca my bride for the day had a marquee for her wedding breakfast, it was a nice day albeit slightly damp outside but nice and light and bright – this made for great light quality inside.  The photo was taken during the grooms (Michael’s) speech and was at an emotional part – As a manual shooter to me its all about getting the skin tones right, so I spot metered off the brides face – this naturally caused much of the ambient light to blow out slightly but gave me fantastic tones on my bride.

She is just dabbing away a tear that is running down her face here, and I love the feeling of the moment.

The black and white conversion was done with Yervants Black and White lab colour technique

The technicals of the image are – ISO 3200  1/125th sec, F4 – Custom W/B – Focal length was 200mm

hope you like

emotional wedding photography

Just to put it into context, and I am sure Michael wont thank me for this one 🙂  but here is a shot of the groom around 2 seconds earlier.

black and white wedding photo

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