Photo of The Week – April 1st 2012

Hi there,

This weeks photo of the week comes from the wedding I photographed yesterday, Mrs P saw it and said Oh, I like that one, so I thought, thats it, thats the one.

It was the last shot of the ‘formals’ – we had just wrapped up and before heading off to shoot the room setup and details, the last shot had been a shot of the boys and I figured why not do the ‘reservoir dogs shot’

wedding photography tenby, pembrokeshire


This shot was actually taken at 200 iso, 1/125th sec at F18, the ambient light was spotty and bright with dappled overcast skys (see post below) so I had Tom use off camera lighting to light the shot – it was lit with a Lencarta Safari Li-on Portable Flash unit  pumping out 600 Watt/Seconds of power into a wide reflector.  I triggered the flash with the Radio Popper JRX receiver and the PX transmitter.

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