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Photo of The Week – June 10th 2012

Hello there,

Todays photo of the week actually was taken about 90 minutes ago.  I had a young lady visit with Gemma and myself at the studio today for a boudoir / make over photo shoot.  Miss ‘V’ was very nervous so we let her see a couple of images directly out of the camera – she picked one she really liked and we quickly gave it the treatment and she emailed it to her boyfriend while we were still shooting ! – pretty good going.

At the end of the shoot she said ‘I cant believe thats me, I cant believe I look that good’  I told her she is gorgeous and its all her and asked if today’s shooting session had done anything to boost her self confidence or belief in herself – she said yes with a GREAT BIG SMILE on her face.

I never cease to be amazed how often I hear that and it leaves a warm feeling that you did something really good for someone.

After talking to Miss ‘V’ I asked if I could make her my photo of the week and she said I could share it with you, technically the first one is my photo of the week

The stunning and beautiful Miss ‘V’


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