Photo of the Week 26th February 2012

Hello there,

This weeks photo of the week comes from a shoot I actually did on Thursday – I ran a 1 on 1 boudoir photography training session for Neil, we used a new model to me, Hollie.  The purpose of the one on one sessions is for photographers to get a better understanding of posing and lighting to create beautiful and dramatic high class boudoir photography images.

This shot of Hollie was simply lit by 3 lights

The first is the key or main light, this is a 70cm beauty dish with the honeycomb grid in place

The second light was a 3 x 2 white lined softbox placed to camera left about 1 1/2 stops under the key light

The third light was a kicker or rim or separation light which ever you want to call it – this again is camera left behind Hollie about 4 feet away and using a very tight grid to just accent the top of her head and pull it off the background a little.

Neil wanted the workshop to be focused around speedlights so the whole thing was list with 3 Nikon SB800 speedlights in the vein of a strobist type studio setup.

Worcestershire boudoir photography

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David Purslow
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