Photo of the Week – December 18th 2011

Hello there, 1 week to go before Christmas so I have started to wind down a little before the festivities begin,  The photo of the week this week comes from an Engagement Session I shot in London.  I traveled down on the train for a whole day of shooting around London, I must have walked miles that day.

One of the shots I wanted to get was of the couple on the London Underground, I checked before hand and you are allowed to take photos on the underground so that was okay, however they do slightly frown upon great big cameras so I had to shoot quickly.

I know this shot is a bit cheesy and cliche but its LONDON, a cute couple and what tells a better story.

The shot was fairly easy to do thanks to great lighting on the Underground platforms – I basically had to choose my Aperture  and ISO to get me a shutter speed where I would get movement on the train but freeze the couple, I asked James and Niamh to kiss and hold still and then shot at about 1/20th of second to create the motion blur on the tube.

I had the camera set to High Speed Continuous shooting mode to make sure I got a good shot of a blurry London Underground logo

here is the result

december 18th photo of the week

The technique is very similar to the one I used above ground to capture this photo

On this photo however I was shooting at 1/10th of a second at F22 to allow me to get motion blur on the people crossing the road,  The challenge here was getting the couple to the center of the road and kissing without anyone bumping into them, then getting in place and capturing a few shots before the lights turned green again and the traffic started moving again.

I used to Live in New York for 10 years and there is a saying that the shortest measurable length of time is from when a traffic light turns green and the car behind you starts honking on its horn in New York City – well its a bit like that in London also.

London Engagement Photography

Next weeks photo of the week might be a day or so late with Christmas day falling on the the same day I should be posting – I have a feeling I know what the subject matter is going to be.

Till next week



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