Photo of the Week – 11 December 2011

Hello there,  a little late in the day to be posing but wanted to get the photo of the week in.

This shot was actually taken around 18 months ago, I was inspired by the venue and the dress to create something a little different so what I did was turn the camera into tungsten light balance which has a side effect of turning day light into a beautiful blue colour of light.

I placed a flash inside a small folding softbox (24 inches by 24 inches) just out of camera shot and put a tungsten gel over the flash to colour balance with the camera.  I had Vicki run towards the camera lifting her dress a little – I deliberately underexposed the background by around 1 1/2 stops which made the blue all the more pronounced and took the following shot.  It took around 2 – 3 short little runs from Vicki to get the shot used here but so worth the effort.

photo of the week 11 december 2012


Ciao for now


David Purslow
Wedding and Portrait Photographer

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