Photo of the Week – December 4th 2011

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Posting this one a few hours early as I am running photography workshop tomorrow and probably wont have time to get around to posting tomorrow.

The reason I have picked this image is because it came from another teaching day of sorts.  I was lucky enough to be mentored in baby photography by Sarah Wilkes from Sarah Wilkes Photography, Sarah is a good friend of mine and one of the top baby photographers in the UK.  When baby James came into the world, I called Sarah and asked for help – she asked for help in return as Sarah only used to shoot all natural light.  So we did a trade, I spent a day teaching Sarah about lighting for baby portraits etc, and she spent the day teaching me about baby whispering.

During one such exercise Sarah had just put James into ‘The Pose’ as its called or ‘The Frog Pose’ as some others call it, I was about to start taking photos when I noticed James slipping a little so while Sarah waited to stop him lolling about I snapped this shot.

photo of the week

The reason I picked this image today is that tomorrow as I said, I am running a workshop on photography lighting for portraits and weddings.  Sarah has come along for a refresher (actually she just moved a lot closer to us so guess if it were the summer this would be a bbq weekend but she is hanging out at the workshop)  and my model for tomorrows workshop happens to be Roxanne who is baby James mum  –  so its kind of a big happy reunion !

You can find out more about the photography course I run by visiting my Wedding & Portrait photography workshops page.

You can see some of Sarah’s amazing baby portraits or find out more about the one on one mentoring sessions offered by Sarah (one of the UK’s top baby photographers) by visiting her site at

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