Speed light / strobist style photography workshop – Lighting tutorial

NEXT COURSE – December 4th 2011 – Fast track course on speedlights and studio lights

DATE: Sunday December 4th 211

LOCATION: Our studio – Hartlebury (just outside of Kidderminster in Worcestershire)

COST: £195.00 including lunch and refreshments – LIMITED TO ONLY 4 PHOTOGRAPHERS

TIMES: Doors open 9:00, Starts 9:30 ends between 5&6 pm

Content: Using on and off camera flash, using studio lights, how to which lighting modifier to use when



To be notified when our next course is announced please email us as Studio@davidpurslow.com

This is not a shoot day but a whole day of education each photographer will have plenty of time to shoot one on one with the model for each and every setup. When not shooting you will be watching the shooting photographer and learning from their mistakes and what they do really well.

We will be shooting tethered to the 50 inch plasma so you will see the SOOC results right away

I will be providing a model for the day (Roxanne – photo below) who will also sign model releases included in the price for portfolio use.

The basic theme of the workshop is get to know your lighting equipment, what it does, how to push it a little.

What will be covered is

1 light setup, 2 light setup and 3 light setups.

I will start off using speedlights (on and off camera) flashes – I will be walking you thru setting flashes in manual and ttl modes (based around the Nikon system) but you will be able to use the same settings for Canon pretty much.

I will be starting off with on camera flash, bounced flash into reflectors, foofing flash – then taking the flash off camera, triggering it and using light modifyers.

I will be talking about and showing and using

Reflectors – white / silver / zebra / black !! and translucent

Umbrella’s reflective and shoot thru

Soft boxes from the lastolite / ebay pop up softboxes for speedlights to bigger softboxes to octoboxes, deep octoboxes to huge softboxes again all using speedlights and being triggered manually

Strip boxes


Damian Mcgillicudy beautydish



I will show you how to use a white background and make it white, gray and black, blue, red, and so on

Later in the day we may switch to Studio lights just to get a little more punch but by then the principles will be well known.

I will be talking about light in general, size, quality, quantity, direction etc.

A lunch will be provided and knowing mrs P I am sure home made cakes and the like will also be on hand throughout the whole day, we have a fridge full of soft drinks and a coffee machine on the go all day. Lunch will be sandwiches and a few hot snacks.

Time and weather permitting we may venture outside and play by the lakes or in the woods around the studio but that all depends on how the day runs.

I am looking at a WHOLE day of education – we also have a great indian round the corner which is an old fashion balti house where you can bring your own drink if you so wish and afterwards we can carry on there and talk the night away.

The doors (door) will open at 9:00 am and we will start at 9:30 and will finish at around 5 – 6 PM – Roxanne will be on hand from around 10 am ish as the first hour is all about the equipment and will be with us till it finishes.

We have a travellodge 2 miles away for those thinking of coming from a long way away.

This is a lighting workshop from the very basics to working with off camera flash to create dramatic portraits.

The fine Print.

Once booked no cancellations as this is a very limited space workshop.
If you die before the workshop I will give you your money back
You can sell your space if for some reason something pops up
If I die, Mrs P will give you your money back
If I break my leg and cant make it or for some reason beyond my control then you get a full refund

The Serious fine print.

I will be on hand to answer any and all questions
I will be shooting behind the scenes video and still throughout the day
You are free to shoot the lighting setups etc
The DEAL BREAKER when another photographer is working with the model under no circumstances whatsoever will you be allowed to take photos – you will have all the time in the world to work with your model and will do so knowing there are no distractions going to take place.

I will supply all the lighting equipment – be sure to bring your own if you like but dont loose it.
Your more than welcome to use my equipment (camera / lenses etc) and just bring your own memory cards

Interested please let me know either by email to david@davidpurslow.com or below.

The cost will be £195.00 per person.

Limited to 3 Photographers.

Sunday 4th December

Lastly let me know if afterwards you would be interested in taking the meeting more informal at a pub or indian.

thank you


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