Photo of the week – 27 November 2011

Hello there,

This weeks photo of the week actually comes from a wedding I shot this past Friday.  The wedding of Lesely and Adrian to be exact.

I was mooching around during the lull between the speeches and the first dance for something to inspire me and as I walked around the corner I saw on the walls (of the smoking area of all places) down lighters – simple LED lights that pointed straight down the wall and lit up the back wall – they were around 15 feet apart and just put out enough light that you would see the wall.  I took a couple of test frames and decided I like this light a lot.

The lights were on swivels so I turned one of them around to create a dramatic shaft of light on the wall

this is what I got

photo of the week - creative wedding photography

In essence this was a very simple shot but it created very dramatic results.

ciao for another week !

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