Alive and Kicking – Getting Back to work……

Hello there,

For those of you who are regular followers of my blog you will have noticed around 4 months I stopped posting updates as often as I normally do – the reasons for this were two fold.

In the past 4 months I have been working on opening a Studio and I am proud to say the new studio is now ready and is open for business, this is where I now work each and every day, no more locking myself away in the spare bedroom and meeting clients in the dining room. – I will post about the studio shortly.

Around 6 weeks ago I also started to feel unwell, after a few doctors visits, a CAT scan and being poked and prodded pretty much everywhere its possible to poke and prod both inside and outside of the body and after having a camera taking a good look around inside of me I was diagnosed with a serious Kidney Infection – So serious I needed to have 1/2 a Kidney removed.

Last week I underwent surgery to remove the effected area and I am very pleased to say it was a total success and apart from being a bit sore and tender I am now well on the road to recovery.

I visited the studio today for the first time since coming out of the Hospital and starting tomorrow I will be back there working for a few hours each day – over the next 2 – 3 weeks I will build up to working full time and getting caught up with my outstanding Albums and blog posts – WATCH THIS SPACE as there is going to be a HUGE flow of new work to come.

I just quickly want to say a few thank you’s – more in the next post

First off I want to thank ALL the staff at Redditch Alexandra Hospital – From my consultant to the people who clean the wards I can honestly and whole heartedly say I have never every seen such a dedicated and professional bunch of people – it was very inspirational.  The cleaners were so meticulous (I had hours to sit and watch them) that every single square inch from the inside of each and every bedside lamp to insde of the rails the curtains on were cleaned on a daily basis.  The Nursing staff were fantastic apart from waking me up every hour for 36 hours to poke, prod and check all my vitals etc were fantastic, The ladies who delivered breakfast each day were so friendly and took great pleasure in presenting you with a cup of tea just to your liking.  There are so many people to mention that I cant pick out one person on their own but I was totally blown away by my treatment – you hear horror stories all the time about the NHS but even if I tried I cant think of a bad word to say – I would like to add that the food given to the patients is outstanding – it was always hot, large portions, you got exactly what you asked for and it was super tasty – Nikki (Mrs P) had a hospital say in Pembrokeshire following the birth of Joshua and the food she was served was terrible to say the lease – one day it was a single cold boiled potato the size of a cricket ball and a dried out boiled ham slab that tasted like it was fake skin right from the operating theater – This was my expectation and I was so pleasantly surprised by the difference and the amazing quality of the food at Redditch I am going to see if i can book a table once a month for dinner !

Mrs P did take some nice photos of me in my stockings and when the back of the gown didnt quite cover my bottom but I will save those for another day.

Second off I want to thank all of my past brides and the future ones who this effected – I had in the time I cannot work 4 weddings I could not cover – well with talking to the couples these were all resolved so thanks to all of you, it has made my life a whole lot easier and stress free.

For all my brides waiting for blog stories, proof’s, albums etc – over the next month I will be working on all of that – the only work I can do is computer work so rest assured every second I am working, I will be working on catching up – again thanks to each and every one of you for your understanding and more importantly for your best wishes and notes of support.

I dont want to make anyone blush but one couple in particular really made me feel very special and brought a tear to my eyes.  Two weeks ago or there abouts I visited London to shoot the Engagement Session of Niamh and James, it was a GREAT shoot (pics coming soon) and the couple were so understanding to say the least, their wedding was this weekend and was the first one I missed – (more in the next post)  Well the day I woke up after having my Kidney removed Mrs P brought in a beautiful hand written card from the two of them that was filled with amazing best wishes and really kind words – I was speechless – Thank you guys.

Its GREAT to be back, and watch this space for lots and lots of new posts over the coming weeks !

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Emily and Nick JamesAugust 15, 2011 - 10:16 pm

Hi there David, we’d been thinking of you this week and my mum told me that you’d just updated your blog )she checks religiously!) and I just wated to say that we are all are so pleased to hear it was a success and you’re back home safely. I agree with you about the food up at withybush! Take it easy and don’t rush back into work, we can all wait for our albums! Love and best wishes, Emily and Nick James xxxx

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