Very quick update !

Hello there,

It seems like I have been Missing in Action over the past 6 weeks, well I am still here and been shooting like a mad man.

I have been having major internet issues associated with moving into our NEW STUDIO !!!!! – this should all be sorted out tomorrow afternoon and I will start to catch up on the blog, so in the mean time, here are a few images from a few of my past weddings over the past 6 weeks.

The Wedding of Chris and Anushka – actually 2 weddings in one day !

The Wedding of Amber and Chris

The Wedding of Hannah and Dan

The Wedding of Emily and Nick

The Wedding of Stephanie and Chris

A Production Out take from the shot above – in this shot, Sarah my assistant shoots me holding the light she was holding in the above photo and showing how we get the veil flying

Dummy Run in the studio – I asked Top UK baby photographer Sarah Wilkes (Sarah Wilkes Photography – ) to come to the studio and show me how its done – I had a fantastic mentor session !

This is Baby James

Worcestershire Baby photographer portraits

As you can see I have been a busy boy – I will be posting full blog stories starting next week as with any luck my internet issues should be sorted out this week 🙂 – Oh well I cant drink yet another cup of this McDonnalds coffee so better run – see you all soon,



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