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The Wedding of Carl and Jo


Hello there, something TOTALLY different from me today !

Yesterday saw me ‘Second Shooting’ a wedding with PAUL ALEXANDER PHOTOGRAPHY –  The wedding took place at the fabulous Holdsworth House in Halifax in Yorkshire !   A second shooter is not the lead photographer and grabs shots while the key photographer does works his or her magic.

One of the reasons I second shoot if I dont have a wedding of my own on a certain day is it keeps my hand in, I get to try stuff that I would not normally do at a wedding that a client is paying me for – Yes as a Second your job is to provide the lead photographer with useable images that they can use.  Once I have the useable stuff in the bag I then try stuff – sometimes it works and sometimes it does not – This time it WORKED SO SO SO SO SO WELL !

I have always wanted to shoot an entire wedding from start to finish in Black and White – I LOVE black and white photography and especially Black and White wedding photography.  I am waiting for the day a client comes to me and asks for 100% black and white coverage on their wedding day.  Because I was shooting mainly black and white I was also able to shoot at a much higher ISO – this is term that basically means how much light you need – the higher the ISO the less light you need – Since I shot 90 % of this wedding at an iso over 1000 – I didnt need to use much flash – this is something I love playing with.

I want to thank Paul for inviting me on his wedding and offer a very special thanks to Jo and Carl for allowing me to play and practice on what is probably the biggest day of their life – thanks guys – I had a GREAT time, loved every second of it and didn’t once think the people up north spoke funny !

Enjoy the photos


The Amazing Holdsworth House, Yorkshire

Holdsworth House Halifax Wedding Venue

Jo’s Bridal Preparation Photos

Bridal Preparation Photos

getting married at Holdsworth House yorkshire

yorkshire wedding photography

black and white wedding photos

black and white wedding photography birmingham

Carl Getting Ready

black and white only wedding photography

beautiful black and white wedding photography

artistic wedding photography

A few shots of Carl with Mum and Dad

cotswolds wedding photography

classic and timeless black and white photography

Jo and Dad take a long walk to the ceremony room !

gloucestershire black and white wedding photographer

black and white wedding photos worcestershire

wedding photographers who shoot black and white

During The Wedding

halifax wedding photographers

Holdsworth House wedding photos

Some of the Guests

wedding photos shot in black and white

Holdsworth House wedding pictures

yorkshire wedding photography photographer

wedding photography photographer

The Rings

wedding dress detail shots in black and white

black and white photo of wedding rings

Carl getting a swift one in !

The bar at Holdsworth House Halifax Yorkshire

Speeches and the Reception

OOOH I got a present – What is it ?

A few more creative / artistic wedding photos

Waiting around for the first dance !

One last one !

Well I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek at the wedding photos of Jo and Carl who got married at Holdsworth House, Halifax in Yorkshire.

Thanks for visiting my blog, come back soon



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Andrew FowlerMay 10, 2011 - 7:33 pm

Hi David

I’d love to think that you copied my idea of doing a full wedding as second shooter at Holdsworth House all in black & white but unfortunately, having looked at the stunning quality of your work, it seems to just be a coincidence 😉
Oh well!

David PurslowMay 10, 2011 - 7:40 pm

Hi Andrew, thanks for the nice comments, I dont know why I did it, maybe its the venue but it was crying out for it.

just had a peek Holdsworth House photos and its interesting to see another photographers take on the same venue – GREAT images.

keep up the good work


Andrew FowlerMay 10, 2011 - 10:07 pm

Well, thank you for your comments! Looks like we’ve got a bit of a mutual appreciation society going on here!
I think you’re absolutely right. It must be something about the venue. Generally, colour is such an integral part of any couple’s special day that an all-monochrome album just wouldn’t do it justice. It could really only ever be seen as a self indulgence on the part of the Photographer, which it clearly was for both of us.
BTW, they do talk funny up here! I was “exiled” to Yorkshire from the Midlands over 20 years ago and I still never get what I ordered when it’s my turn to go to the bar. I’m sure they do it on purpose!
I look forward to following your work from now on.

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