Why I love Nikon CLS + Radio Poppers

Hey guys,

At my wedding this weekend I got to play around with something I had been wanting to do for a while,  The Groom and Best Man were sitting in the best mans car which naturally was calling out for  a few photos to be taken.  I sat back and let everyone go mad taking photos and when they finished I snapped a few.

nikon cls and radio poppers

Seeing the background was a bit cluttered I wanted to create sharp edges so later I can cut the photo out and put it on a more pleasing background, I under exposed the background by a stop ish and then cross lit the car, this gave me great edges that will allow me to get  a good clipping path.

The bit I wanted to play with was inside the car, sitting on the grooms lap is a Quantum Qflash with a Radio Popper wireless TTL trigger on it, I dialed the Q down 1/32nd power which just lit the two guys nicely for the photo.  Had I been using traditional CLS the signals would not have made it, if I had been using Pocket Wizards I would have to have kept going back and forth to change the settings on the flash till I had it wrong.

In this setup I was using a Nikon SB900 as the master set to — or not contributing to the exposure value.  The side lights were on Channel 1A and the inside light was on 1B.

It took me 4 shots to get the inside exposure correct or less than 90 seonds, I started at 1/4 power, then went to 1/8 then to 1/16 and at 1/32 I was happy I had a nice balance to the image.

What helped with this shot was knowing what I wanted to do before I started, right after this shot the wedding breakfast started and thats why there was no one around with us, I had to work quickly so as not to hold up the day and thanks to CLS and Radio Poppers I pulled it off without a hitch.

Hope this helps, more photos from the wedding soon,



BarryMay 31, 2010 - 10:53 am

David; What can I say, Apart from a massive thank you for everything this weekend. I love this shot and cant wait to see the rest. A huge diolch yn fawr from My Wife and I. Barry

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