World famous ‘Tennis Girl’ photographer dies :-(

Hey Everyone,

First off I should say a big thank you to Mike Patterson, one of my facebook friends and fellow photographer whos blog I was taking a peek at today when I found out about this.  Mikes website and blog is located at Mike is a talented photographer from Galway in Ireland.

When I was a lad like many others I am sure I fell in love with a poster, it was a simple poster of a girl walking up to a tennis net lifting her skirt with her hand on her bum:-)

Remember I said I was a young, impressionable lad – Funnily enough this poster and the good work done by the good folks at Playboy was one of the reasons I wanted to become a photographer – who would know what it would all lead to.

Recently news came thru that the photographer – Martin Elliot had passed away.

Here is a link to the story – CLICK HERE

Here is Martins world famous image.

Photo by the Late Martin Elliot

Thank you Martin for all you did for our industry and for my family.

David Purslow

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