New Blog Sections – For Brides & For Photographers

Hello there guys,

As though I don’t have enough to do, over the next few weeks I am going to be totally making over my blog – I will be cutting a lot of the sections out and adding a couple of new ones.

The two new sections are going to be For Brides and For Photographers

For Brides

This section will be were I post interesting stuff for couples planning their weddings. Its going to be a wedding photography free section with no plugging of my services but will be a way to give back to the people who let me live the life I live and who have allowed me to follow my dreams – YOU – my clients.

To give you an idea of the kind of stuff I will be digging out for you to take a peek at, this is the kind of stuff I will find for you.

Personalized Coat Hangers – wait its not as boring as it sounds, How about something really special to hang your wedding dress on or even some really funky gifts for the best man, the father of the bride or just about anyone you can think of ……. take a peek



Pretty cool yeah ? – You can find out more about these hangers by CLICKING HERE – this link will take you to their website.

For Photographers

This section of the blog will be information for both people who just want to take better photos and want to learn how to use their cameras better as well as newer wedding photographers.  It will be a general information and technique section with detailed photoshop tips, advanced lighting tips using off camera lighting and using the Nikon CLS system.  I will also take you thru what its like to shoot a wedding, the process of the day and how I go about creating the slide show on the night kind of stuff.   I will also use this section to inform photographers about my off camera lighting courses that I run.

Stay tuned and over the next few weeks these sections will start to appear.

Take care,



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