Bridal photo shoot at Hurst House

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Yesterday saw me taking a break from album processing an marketing to shoot three stunning young ladies in amazing wedding dresses at the phenomenal Hurst House in Laugharne Carmarthenshire. Hurst house is in my humble opinion one of the very best secret wedding venues in West Wales – The decor is amazing and the whole place is a photographers dream – you can visit the Hurst House Website and find out about wedding at Hurst House here.

I was asked to do this shoot by Natalie from Courtneys Bridal in St Clears – Natalie a very good friend of ours runs this boutquie wedding dress shop and lots of my brides have visited her and have fallen in love with her dresses but more importantly with her attention to detail and going the extra mile for her brides – I know of one bride that has brought two wedding dresses from there for same wedding !

The theme of the shoot was something just a little bit different, not your normal run of the mill brides in dresses – so armed with only that information and a whole car full of Nikon Speedlights as I wanted to light this using the Nikon CLS (Creative Lighting System) & Video light (Lowell I-Light) off I went.

The staff at Hurst house were very welcoming which if your planning your wedding bears very well indeed – if they treat me (the hired help) that way just imagine what they would be like with you – We were met and provided with Coffee – A mug the size of a bucket and boy was it good coffee – I was bouncing off the walls shortly after.

I was introduced to Kate, Rachel and Katie – if that gets confusing then I shouldnt tell you we were being looked after by Katie from Hurst House (I think) as well and off we went to the aptly named Green Room – its a room and its green – we used it as our staging area and I left the girls to it – Rachel at this point (well when she arrived really still had her curlers in – that girls got style)

So I am only going to post a few pictures since They are for Natalie really but I just had to share a few with you.

First shots of the Day – Kate in the Penthouse


and another


Katie in the penthouse



Rachel in the big red chair



Kate again on the spiral stairs



Katie on the spiral stairs


Rachel in a hall way as we walked along, just spotted this out of the corner of my eye


The Pink Room !





I hope this gives you an idea of what a fab venue Hurst House is.

My thanks go to Kate, Katie, Katie, Rachel & Natalie from Courtneys for supplying the dresses and organizing the day  and special thanks to Hurst House itslef

a couple to leave you with 🙂






MarkJanuary 28, 2010 - 1:22 pm

Hello David, Great work, looks like you had a great day. The pink room images stand out very well. I am sure the models and Natalie will be very pleased.

kind regards


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