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Hello there,

One of the things I like most about the job I do is that I tend to make lots of friends – these are not the kind of jump infront of a bullet for you friends but these are great people who whenver you meet up say hi and have a good chitchat or who add you as facebook friends and keep in touch.  This is really nice because when your not well you get lots of hope your feeling better comments etc and it really does make you feel better – when I post a photo of Joshua, Soukie or Nikki or talk about my latest wedding etc – all my friends comment on them.

Well one such friend actually two friends are Imogen and Stephen – These guys are a couple whos wedding I am shooting in 2010.  Like many of the couples getting married these days they have embraced modern technology and have put up their own website and Imogen sent me a link to it and pointed me at a certain portion of the site – the portion that talked about their wedding photographer – that would be me………..

Here is an extract 🙂    I love reading this it gives me goosebumps all over.

Ever get that feeling, when someone tells you how much something is going to cost, that someone just switched off the gravity? That’s roughly the sense that I (Stephen) had when we found out what a decent wedding photographer was going to cost us.

Actually, to be fair, that is how I felt when I discovered what an indifferent wedding photographer was going to cost; when I found out what the cost of a really good one – one like David Purslow, for example – was going to be, I think I passed through the storm of panic and into the still waters beyond.

But then you only have to look at the work to realise one thing for sure: you don’t want an indifferent photographer. To our jaded tastes, as we went round wedding fair after wedding fair, it became easier and easier to spot the indifferent ones: the same tacky camera angles, the same – frankly – hackneyed poses, and so on, to the point where just a glance was enough to tell you most of what you needed to know. Which means that when you look at something that’s just that bit different, it’s hard to miss, as it just jumps out at you.

And David’s photographs do just that.

There’s no doubt about it, as well as being very good indeed, he’s also a relentless self-publicist! His customer relationship stuff is second to none – he has a Facebook presence, as well as an excellently designed website, with his own blog, and gallery of wedding photos. Sure, lots of photographers do that, but the impression you get of David’s work is that this is a man with a following. Prospective and past customers alike respond to his updates as they give us a hint of the life of the professional wedding photographer, and what’s even nicer is that he responds back. This is clearly someone who cares about his customers long after the cheque’s cleared in the bank and the last mother-in-law’s family group print has been posted off.

Thanks guys, Glad you feel that way.


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